The Official Launch of Ask◇Seek◇Knock


Good afternoon on this Easter Sunday, 2018!

It was important for me to launch my New Service, Ask◇Seek◇Knock, today, for a couple reasons.

Number one, Easter symbolizes a time of renewal and rebirth.  I feel like I am personally going through such a time and I am being led down this path that I must follow.  When we listen to that voice from our soul, we walk IN and ON PURPOSE.

Number two, I just passed my four year anniversary of starting my blog.  I noticed that I have only had three months in which I did not post.  Last July and April 2017, and April 2016.  I looked back into the chronicles of life and remembered how hard life was in April for the past two years.

So this April, 2018, is my own little resurrection, my own renewal! And the fact that it coincides with Easter Sunday is a serendipitous blessing for me.

We create our lives whether we realize it or not…


I have decided to follow the voice of my soul and to make my world a place filled to the brim with love, peace, and compassion.

They say God helps those who help themselves and I can think of no better way to help myself than by offering help to others.

So today is the launch of my new Service, Ask◇Seek◇Knock, here on my blog.


It is my belief that in his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus outlined a process we can all use to improve our lives.

  • When we ASK for help, providence moves and opportunities become available.
  • Then we have to actively SEEK, or sort through what is presented.
  • Once we have found the best option or answer, we have to KNOCK; physically take action.
  • Then watch as the doors are opened!

I’m not saying that prayers aren’t just automatically answered, because sometimes they are and miracles happen.  But we can play an active role in the process and when we do so with confidence and determination, we move forward with the good feeling that we had something to do with it.  And moving forward is a good thing! (And feeling good is a good thing too!)

I see my service, Ask◇Seek◇Knock, as a tool that can be used in the SEEK portion of the process. So if you have a problem and can use a little guidance, please check out the service HERE.

I send you all Sweet Blessings from The Garden of Blessitude.  May your Easter Sunday find you filled with love and light from your soul!


Lorrie ❤




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Once a broken soul who only reacted to what life handed me, I am now in charge of my life. Garden of Blessitude is a safe space to explore a past filled with pain and abuse. Read my words and let the healing energy touch you as I shine a light on the possibility of healing. Claim your power! You have the ability to overcome your past and finally live the life of your dreams. Go to the ASK◇SEEK◇KNOCK page (above) on the blog ( if you would like to go deeper in your own journey with me. Move from 'It's all wrong' toward 'It's all right,' and you will HEAL AND FREE YOUR SOUL!

52 thoughts on “The Official Launch of Ask◇Seek◇Knock

    1. Hi Ka! Thanks so much my friend ❤ I feel so happy that I was able to do it exactly on the day that I wanted. The last two months of life have been very busy so I wasn't sure I would make my deadline…but I believed. And I truly feel guided down this path!
      Much love and many blessings to you. I hope you are swimming in light and love ❤

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      1. Thank you, Lorrie, and a Happy Easter! Every day I am grateful for another day to be in whatever condition 💗 cheers to you for meeting your personal deadline and what a relief! 💞 when we can bask in each other’s accomplishments – oh yeah 🙂🌸🤗


          1. I tried really hard to talk myself out of it!!! 😉 And the funny part is I don’t have any judgment attached to it. It isn’t like I will have doubt if no ones ASKS…I truly believe that WHATEVER happens is truly meant to be.
            Blessings sweet friend ❤

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  1. While, as you know, I don’t follow religion, I do respect “them” – and everyone’s own belief system – as well as know of them through my inquisitive nature throughout life in reading most of the writings in the most known religions. I think your correlation to this Easter’s resurrection and your rebirth (from April, to April – to this April) is a very significant and energetically charged choice and time to launch.

    Congratulations sweetheart, I wish you so much success, connection to source and all things love on your new journey. ❤ You go girl. 💗 💞 💗


    1. Thank you, Kimba!! 🙂 When I tried to set a deadline to get all my ‘stuff’ together and I saw Easter Sunday…it just felt right. I am amazed that I was able to put it all together. Had to learn a lot of new things computer wise…all stuff I am sure I will forget in no time 😉
      Thanks for you help with the logo!! You helped to make it so much better and I am grateful for your connection.
      Hope you are feeling good…and thank you for your kind words…isn’t it amazing how nice it is to hear kind words?
      Much love ❤ ❤

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      1. Don’t doubt yourself, if this takes off as much as we’re both believe it will, you won’t be forgetting any newly learned computer skills, you’ll be using them more and more. As a creative person, which you are, even if not necessary for this work, now that you’ve “found them,” I have a feeling that you’ll find reason and desire to continue to. play with them. 😉

        ❤ Love that you considered my input valid. I'm humbled, especially under my current circumstances. xoxox Yes, kind words are like chicken soup to the soul … warm and healing. ❤

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              1. Do you know that you look like a Fairy or an Elf in your profile picture? I’m not quite sure which one, but both are lovely, one more mischievous than the other at times, but both fabulous beings. 🙂 And, have you seen Tree Jubilee yet? It’s very “make you feel happy” … but only if you’re playing the music while seeing the post, and I think you’re viewing through a phone and/or the Reader, neither of which show you the layout of my posts, paragraph layouts, or well … none of it really, aside from the words – they’re MUCH different on a computer and directly from my site itself. Yes, both of these subjects were totally off topic. That’s because unlike you, I’m trying to avoid making dinner lol. A Felf – there ya go – half Fairy, half Elf. 😀


              2. Oh…the mischevious one…FOR SURE!! 😉 Hehe!

                No, I have not seen it yet…and I will not tonight because I won’t turn my computer back on (I try hard to view your posts from laptop 😉) and maybe because I had a little beer with dinner…which only makes me want to go to sleep!!!
                So…all “work” done tonight (I can hardly call it work…cause I love it so much!) And time to veg on the couch!!
                Sweet dreams…sweet blessings!

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              3. Have you tried Millers Hard Black Cherry beer? Ion’t like beer, other than an ice cold Corona with lime and salt on a very hot FL night, and only on rare occasion, but OMG, it tastes like Black Cherry Soda with a buzz LOL. And yep, I’d probably be sleeping after that too. You’ve had a long day, sleep well angel. ❤

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  2. May this April be the start of many better Aprils. November used to be a hard month for me. The holidays were ahead and we always ran short of grocery money and had no gift money for the holidays. That’s not happened again once we turned it around. Lets hope this is your turn around. There have been many struggles along this path called life, even the struggle of death knocking at the door but I always listen to that higher voice that knows all. No matter which way we go, all will be well. Happy Easter, Lorrie.

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    1. Hi Marlene! And Happy Easter to you too!! 🙂 Thanks for your kind thoughts…and I know exactly what you mean…and I know that ‘all will be well’! I have no idea why I was brought along this path…but it was one of those things that you just can’t ignore. And it’s funny…try as I may have…I couldn’t talk myself out of it with fear and doubt!! That’s how I KNOW that it is right!
      Much love to you…I hope that your day is filled with love and laughter. And that we always listen to that voice…I don’t think we can ever go wrong!!
      Much love ❤

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    1. Hi Hariod! Thank you so much! Your kind words have touched me and made me realize how much I miss you here!
      I hope that you are well and that life is full of wonderful things. I also hope that you are busy creating!! 😉
      I owe you an email…and will write soon.
      Much love 💜

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  3. Kudos Lorrie on rising again. I know you will help many others and flourish. I too believe one of the best ways to thrive than to help others. May your enthusiasm and wisdom bless many people with Ask-Seek-Knock. Happy Easter and rebirth!

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    1. Hi Brad! Ah! Happy Easter to you as well! I am so grateful to be in this place…and you know what Brad? It will be whatever it is meant to be 😁 No matter what, the whole process of putting this together and having a deadline (self-imposed) has been a great experience and a freeing one at that. It has made me realize how to move forward…and if I keep listening to my soul I will know exactly where I go next.
      Wishing you all good things…and I really want to hear about your new experiences 😁

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        1. I’d bet you hear it, Brad. I think what happens is the voice in our head drowns out the voice from our soul. It takes practice to single them out and then more practice to let the one be louder!
          Hope you have a great week, Brad!

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  4. Woohoo! I love the synchronicity! Happy Easter, Happy launch, Happy renewal! I believe all prayers are heard and eventually answered in some way. Sometimes, the answer is wait. God may have something even better for us. But while we’re waiting, we can learn and grow. That’s what you’re going to help with. I feel so proud of you! ❤ Best wishes!

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    1. Awww…thank you so much, Joanna 💜💜 I agree with you wholeheartedly…and I finally learned that even though our prayers may not be answered how we want them to be answered…they are ALWAYS answered! Faith in that is a very strong process.
      Have a super week!!

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  5. What a great idea to launch your Ask◇Seek◇Knock on Easter ~ perfect. There is not a great service than giving as it makes both parties move up to a higher level of humanity. Wishing you the best Lorrie, and look forward to your successes.

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