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 “A Sweet Blessing from the Angels paired with the endless wisdom of the sea.”




If you found an Angel Wing Message, look below to find your message number and then click on the link to read it. You will find a message that was divinely intended for you to read at this time.

If you landed here for any other reason and feel inspired to read a message or two, be our guest! You can intuitively pick a number and click on the link, or you can read the tags associated with each number and choose one that pertains to a topic in which you could use support.


Angel-Wing-Message-1     Self-Doubt, Encouragement  CLICK HERE

Angel-Wing-Message-2-Blue      Sadness, Perfect Love CLICK HERE

Angel-Wing-Message-3-Orange-background       Belief, Manifestation CLICK HERE

Angel-Wing-Message-4-Green-Background        Relationships, Take Action CLICK HERE

Angel-Wing-Message-5-Yellow-Background        Self-Care, Warnings CLICK HERE





Angel Wing Messages make a great gift!


TO PURCHASE AN ANGEL WING MESSAGE:  If you would like to purchase an Angel Wing Message (Shell included) there are two options:

1).  You can request a specific shell and “Message #” by visiting that message page…the links are above.

2).  If you prefer to receive an Angel Wing Message that is intuitively chosen FOR YOU purchase it here and specify that you would like the wing chosen for you.



One ANGEL WING MESSAGE intuitively chosen just for you!

An Angel Wing Message chosen just for you will be delivered with the corresponding shell.


*$15.85 Includes shipping. If you are purchasing more than one shell please contact us at for a reduced shipping rate.

Each shell is handpicked off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to this there may be times that the shells will be back ordered. You will be notified at the time of your purchase if this is so.

Each shell is unique and will obviously be shaped differently, but each one will be decorated the same colors that correspond to the message number. 

Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂


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