Greetings fellow traveler. Somehow, you were directed to this message at this time in your life. I send you light and love as you receive this blessing. 

You found this shell because the Angels believe that you can use a little help in regards to a relationship that you are currently experiencing a few bumps with.

The first thing is that you have to realize that there are no absolutes. Neither party is completely right and neither party is completely wrong. There is a truth that runs somewhere between the two.

You may perceive that this person hurt you or doesn’t care enough about you to see your side. This is NOT TRUE! This person does care about you, in fact, this person is afraid of something for you.

Maybe they perceive that you are going to do something that won’t turn out well for you. Or maybe they have fear that they are losing you.

The best thing you can do is sit quietly and think about what this person truly means to you. If you want this person in your life, try to see their side and hear what they are saying.

If you think that it is time for you to move on, that this person no longer fits in your life, then it is time to amicably cut ties.

No one can make these decisions for you, but the Angels advise that you need to make a decision and then take action.

Most disagreements between humans are because each one wants their position to be heard and understood. It can be helpful to agree to disagree about what happened, but to make a commitment that you both want the relationship in your life. Once you do that you can talk about how you will do things differently in the future.

Respect is a pillar of good relations.

Blessitude <3

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