Greetings fellow traveler. Somehow, you were directed to this message at this time in your life. I send you light and love as you receive this blessing. 

Are  you running yourself a little ragged? Are you trying to meet all the responsibilities you have in your life and you feel overwhelmed? Do you find yourself tired all the time, even when you first awake after the night’s sleep?

The Angels are telling you that you need to stop and take a good hard look at your life. You can not continue on the path you are currently taking and expect that your health will not be impacted. 

The number one rule in taking care of others is that you absolutely, positively, must take care of yourself first!

There are subtle warnings from your body that you choose to ignore. These subtle warnings can, and WILL, turn into problems that could have been avoided if taken care of when first noticed.

This message is not designed to make you feel bad or to add guilt to an already full plate. This is a warning, on top of the ones you have already received. This is a wake up call.

The Angels ask you to know that you are loved beyond measure and that it is time to extend a little self-love and self-care…TO YOU!

Remember…you can not pour from an empty pitcher. Take a step back and take stock of how you are treating yourself. It is time for you to schedule “ME” time and to make sure that you adhere to it. Listen to the messages your body is sending you and if necessary make appointments with those who can help.

You have one body and you need to treat it like a temple!

Blessitude <3


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