From my soul to yours _/\_




If you find yourself in times of trouble and in need of a little assistance, you’ve landed in the perfect place!  I am so happy to offer my services to help you and to provide you with a tool on your journey as you navigate life.  Sometimes we feel so alone, but I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.



It is my belief that Jesus outlined a process we can all use to improve our lives during his Sermon on the Mount.

When we ASK for help, providence moves and opportunities become available. Then we have to actively SEEK or sort through what is presented.  Once we have found the best option or answer, we have to KNOCK, physically take action, and watch as the door opens.  And…the door will always open!



I was born with a gift that can help many people and while I have used this gift extensively in my personal life, I have been guided to offer my service here.  I have a deep intuitive perception to see, hear, and feel, other’s pain.  Once I understand where the pain is coming from I am led to offer suggestions that help.

I know, that those who need to be here…will be here.



The way this works is you send me an email that explains your dilemma to whatever extent you feel comfortable sharing.  You ASK your question, and then I read your letter and write back to you what I feel from my soul.

I understand you may be skeptical, and that is okay.  What is important is that  I AM POSITIVE that what I will write to you will have merit to your situation, and it can be used as a tool during the SEEK part of your journey.







Level 1


One (1) Question WITH One (1) Answer



Level 2


Level 1 PLUS One (1) Follow-up Question WITH One (1) Follow-up Answer


Level 3


Level 1 PLUS UP TO Four (4) Follow-up Questions WITH One (1) Answer each


Level 4  


UP TO Three (3) Different Level 1 Questions WITH One (1) Answer each PLUS UP TO Four (4) Follow-up Questions WITH One (1) Answer each


*Level 5


MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION Maximum Two (2) Hours Per Day Monday - Friday For One Month


*Limited number available


Levels 1-4 expire two months from date of purchase

Level 5 expires one month from the date of purchase


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After your purchase, email me with your name, receipt, and your description and question to:

I will respond to let you know I received your information and then your ANSWER will follow as soon as possible.



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It is my sincere pleasure to offer ASK ♦ SEEK ♦ KNOCK here on my blog.  It feels right to my heart ♥  If I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to working with you and offering my help.  Remember, it all starts when you ASK!


Lorrie ❤