Ask Seek Knock
...the door will always open!

I was born with a gift that can help many people and while I have used this gift extensively in my personal life, I have been guided to offer my service here.  I have a deep intuitive perception to see, hear, and feel, your pain.  Once I understand your pain, I am led to offer suggestions that help.

Introductory Offer:

Email with your situation/question and the first comprehensive response will be emailed back to you. (Subsequent questions and responses may be subject to additional fees)


Some of the worst times of my life were when I felt so all alone, like a prisoner stuck in the bottom of a well!

It was dark.

It was cold.

It was frightening!

I didn’t know how to climb out. I wasn’t big on asking for help because I had a self-limiting belief that replayed on a loop:

No one cared and no one ever helped me.

I was destined to live my life alone.

I had to navigate the dark places alone.

I eventually learned that as humans we weren’t designed to live alone; to face our problems surrounded by fear. I knew I needed help…

And so I asked for it!



The healing journey is a magnificent one, full of lessons that one by one strip away our layers of defense so that what becomes exposed is the truth of our souls.

Come into

The Garden of Blessitude



With a little beam of light that shines on the rungs of freedom, you will lift yourself, one by one, out of the darkness and into a life that is rich with possibilities; a life designed and driven by the passion of your soul’s purpose!

I am just one of many people who want and are willing to help you. If you feel a connection here, please


I know that my intuitive guidance will help!


Introductory Offer:

Email with your situation/question and the first comprehensive response will be emailed back to you. (Subsequent questions and responses may be subject to additional fees)


After your purchase, email me with your name, receipt, the description of your situation and question to:

I will respond to let you know I received your information and then your ANSWER will follow as soon as possible.

It is my sincere pleasure to offer ASK ♦ SEEK ♦ KNOCK here on my blog.  It feels right to my heart ♥  If I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to working with you and offering my help.  Remember, it all starts when you ASK!


Lorrie ❤

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