The energy emanates Out into the ether The truth can not be obscured The truth will resonate To those who see it And those who see it  Will send it back trifold You can fake it till you make it You will reap what you sow You will be what you believe You will […]

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I look under a rock Over a rainbow Into the eyes of a lover SEEK Hands reaching Expecting a miracle Fumbling in the dark Waiting SEEK Wondering where it will appear How it will present Who will be involved SEEK Where is my light How did I get lost in the battlefield of dreams Left […]

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And the birds suddenly stopped singing And the silence was stark And the news that was spread Touched the hearts of all who had them open Listen to the voice of love And feel the truth of creation that wells up inside your soul This is when you know That you have touched that place […]

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First, I’d like to say that it feels so good to be back amongst the loving energy you all bring here! It was such a beautiful day yesterday. I wanted to take my little doggie on a beach walk…he loves to run in the waves and he is a very good swimmer.  My partner said, […]

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Who Am I?

I have been many things, held many jobs, answered many questions, and asked a million or two. I have felt many feelings, and tried not to feel, made myself numb in ways I care to forget! But through it all, every step of the journey, there has been a constant thread, one discerning element that […]

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The Magnificence of Creation

My pity party is over And I am washed in the love of The Magnificence of Creation This, my new word for God Feels right to my soul And I honor the love That is felt here I believe no matter how bad times may feel, There is a set amount of time that you […]

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Haiku 4/26/15 & Dragonfly

Mister wonderful Has a secret to tell me In all his glory! I saw you looking at me Dancing in the air Prancing Showing off your iridescent beauty So I followed you You didn’t have a finger to beckon But your heart was screaming “Come here…come see me!” “I have a message for you.” I […]

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