BAM! There’s The Truth!


  There’s the truth It was sitting there the whole time I chose to ignore it I chose not to see it Not to hear it Not to feel it Not to deal with it THERE’S THE TRUTH! BAM!! Uncovered Unwrapped Standing in its nakedness  Nowhere to hide Sometimes it is hard to pull back […]

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Providence…and Hurricane Matthew

I’ve felt this fear before. It’s hard to tell if it is the fear of the people, or the voice of my soul forewarning of impending disaster. The force of the storm grows in intensity and the level of fear rises right along with it. Cars stacked along the highway waiting for pumps… that no […]

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Poetic Challenge ~ “Love in Ten Sentences”

My dear friend over at Psychopathsgetbored28 tagged me in a challenge about LOVE!  Almost impossible to resist…yes?  Please check out Psychopathsgetbored’s poem…it is fantastic (in fact check out the WHOLE blog while you are there…you won’t be disappointed!) 🙂 The challenge is to write a poem about love and title it “Love in Ten Sentences.” […]

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