The Place that Holds the Pain


I see you I see your struggle and I want to touch the place that holds the pain I wish to wrap it in a blanket of love and let the light from the stars enter and illuminate from the inside meet the tattered thoughts and replace them with the certainty that love abides and […]

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The light filters through as the leaves gently roll to the ground The time for harvest  the time to prepare for the season of hibernation The long sleep of winter is beckoning drawing near Now I lay me down to dream Dream of all that is possible… Creation… Blessitude! Lorrie ❤ 10/23/17 As we move […]

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BAM! There’s The Truth!


  There’s the truth It was sitting there the whole time I chose to ignore it I chose not to see it Not to hear it Not to feel it Not to deal with it THERE’S THE TRUTH! BAM!! Uncovered Unwrapped Standing in its nakedness  Nowhere to hide Sometimes it is hard to pull back […]

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Haiku 9/18/15 ~ Judgment

The big thing I learned If it exists inside me I see it elsewhere ~ Blessitude! Lorrie ❤ 9/18/15   I have been going through a very accelerated growth of late.  I am sure it has a lot to do with the passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I was supposed to meet him tonight.  Instead, […]

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Haiku ~ 1/16/15 (and photobomb!)

  The winter ocean Sprays her mist with hungry zeal Much to bird’s delight Blessitude Lorrie 1/16/15 I had cabin fever, once the fever from the flu broke!  So I forced myself to walk up to the beach and, of course, I brought my phone in case I saw something I needed to take a […]

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Mission Accomplished

The seemingly impossible task of clearing out the Momma’s home and getting her settled in her new space, all by the end of 2014…December 31, 2014 by the stroke of midnight…was accomplished!   At 10:00pm my SUV, jam-packed with the things I couldn’t fit into her new space but couldn’t possibly get rid of, pulled out […]

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OH! What a Beautiful Morning…

I know my blog has been a bit of a downer lately… I woke to the most magnificent day today and remembered a cornfield I told my dear friend, Natalie, from Sacred Touches, I wanted to visit.  The link is to her blog post that reminded me. Oh, there she is…. The star of the […]

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