Haiku 9/18/15 ~ Judgment


The big thing I learned

If it exists inside me

I see it elsewhere ~


Lorrie ❤



I have been going through a very accelerated growth of late.  I am sure it has a lot to do with the passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I was supposed to meet him tonight.  Instead, Hay House will have a celebration of his life which they will air on their website.  My first thought was to not go.  And then it was almost as if I could hear his voice, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

And in that instant my heart changed and I knew that I was so blessed to be able to attend this gathering where every single person would be filled with love and honor.  It will be an environment that fosters miracles and I will be ready because I expect one!!  I am BLESSITUDE ~ so blessed and full of gratitude!  Thank you, Wayne 😉  I’ve a feeling your teaching has really just begun!

❤ Lorrie

Haiku ~ 1/16/15 (and photobomb!)


2015-01-15 11.40.42

The winter ocean

Sprays her mist with hungry zeal

Much to bird’s delight




I had cabin fever, once the fever from the flu broke!  So I forced myself to walk up to the beach and, of course, I brought my phone in case I saw something I needed to take a photo of.  I decided I had to visit the beach because my friend Brad, from Writing to Freedom, stated in a comment that he missed the beach so much and it made me realize that I did too.


I’m so happy I decided to go!  The ocean was not the prettiest I have ever seen, but there is always beauty if you look for it.  I was surprised how good I felt and was able to walk south much longer than I thought I would be able to.  Then we turned around and I was completely shocked to feel a steady 20 mph wind in my face!! 

And it reminded me of life.  And it reminded me of how I have been walking in my life lately.  When we walk with the wind we move effortlessly with ease.  When we turn around and walk into the wind there is always struggle.  In that moment it was so clear to me that God intended the wind to help us move through life.  Just like a sailboat uses the wind no matter what direction it is heading we need to change our internal direction and use the wind of faith.

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, a surprise visitor photobombed me!

2015-01-16 07.35.56

May you always find a way to walk with the wind!

❤ Lorrie

Mission Accomplished

2015-01-04 00.50.07

The seemingly impossible task of clearing out the Momma’s home and getting her settled in her new space, all by the end of 2014…December 31, 2014 by the stroke of midnight…was accomplished!   At 10:00pm my SUV, jam-packed with the things I couldn’t fit into her new space but couldn’t possibly get rid of, pulled out of her driveway.

I actually saw the ball drop at Midnight because it is an hour drive home and then I had to unload the truck into a giant pile in my living room.  Yes, some things will leave and make the trip up north…the baby grandfather wall clock that was promised to my son…the flat screen TV that will replace an old tube TV.  The rest I’m not sure where it will all fit in my tiny condo that is already bursting at the seams.

This is creating a “forced purge” of my things to make room for her things.  And I stop to ponder things, and our attachment to them.  Do we keep them because we fear we will forget our life at that time?  After all, why do I need a frilly glass cake dish?  I don’t eat cake!  But when I came across it, I couldn’t put it in the “donate” pile.

I don’t know…it, along with many other things remind me of The Momma.  The young Momma…full of life.  Always working hard trying to make ends meet.  She didn’t have an easy life.  In fact, it was at most times very difficult.  But she never complained.  She just kept putting one foot in front of the other and she ALWAYS made sure we were taken care of.  She couldn’t always protect us, heck, she couldn’t protect herself.  But we always had a roof over our heads, food on the table, and clothes on our backs.

Now she is nearing the end stage of her life here on earth.  She is scared.  I want to help her, but the ways that she needs help now are very personal and between her and God.  One thing I can say for sure is she continues to put one foot in front of the other.  She may not like that she has basically lost all of her independence, but she has accepted that “this is her life now.”

I am so grateful that we were able to get everything done.  I was so busy I barely had time to think, let alone write.  Now comes the emotional part.  The time that the energy that lives in all the mementos I kept, release their hold on the psyche of my past.


Isn’t that what a New Year is for?

One thing I know for sure is that life does change.  And in the process, so do we.  This is when I need to take a page out of The Momma’s book and accept that “this is my life now.”

I wish you all Grace in the changes you face in your life…acceptance.




OH! What a Beautiful Morning…


I know my blog has been a bit of a downer lately…


I woke to the most magnificent day today

and remembered a cornfield I told my dear friend,

Natalie, from Sacred Touches,

I wanted to visit.  The link is to her

blog post that reminded me.


Oh, there she is….

The star of the show!


“The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye,

An’ it looks like it climbin’ clear up to the sky.”

(I can remember “The Momma”

singing that to me when

I was a child!)


“Oh what a beautiful morning,

Oh what a beautiful day,

I’ve got a wonderful feeling,

Everything’s going my way.”

 2014-08-14 13.26.25

Stacked neatly in rows,

just how I would like my life to be,

but alas, sometimes it is not.


Yes, sometimes you have to

navigate some weeds

to get to the fruit (or vegetable)

of your labors.


And sometimes,

you can even make art

out of the weeds!


And sometimes,

you just have to lay down

and let it go.





Thanks dear friends for sticking with me through the rough patch 🙂

My energy is great…I feel fabulous….and we SHOULD have hot water tomorrow!! 🙂

❤ Lorrie

** Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II


The Screeching Wheel


If you give me what I want because you couldn’t stand listening to me spurt my words about why I need it, should I be happy?

Happy that I eventually got what I wanted, but you only gave it to me to stop the noise – stop the confusion

Shut Up!  You got what you wanted!


But I feel like I need you to see and to honor the reason I needed it – am I wrong?


The squeaky wheel gets the grease – my Momma always said that – and it was funny because she was not one to let her wheels be not well oiled – her wheels very rarely squeaked – and therefore – she didn’t get what she wanted!  But that was her expectation, so one might argue she got exactly what she expected – it just might not have been what she wanted.

So I say – we should be darn sure of what we want – very clear of what our intentions are and not let our wants be confused with our expectations.


Eventually after squeaking became screeching – I indeed got what I wanted – I think – and if that is the case then why do I feel so bad?

Oh, because what I really wanted was for you to see things my way and do things my way – to understand WHY I wanted it done that way – because of course my way is the right way….RIGHT?

Is what I really wanted was to be right?  To be acknowledged for being right?


Confirmation came that proved my way was “right.”

But it feels a little bad.  I don’t want to be the screeching wheel – I don’t want to have to be right – and I certainly don’t want to have to be acknowledged for being right! This feels a lot like energy I grew up in – energy that I have spent so much time changing.

I think there may be some more work I need to do here!!!





So, I’m a little “crunchy,” as my sister likes to say…it’s a perfect description!

And apparently, I’m a little spoiled too!  We have been without hot water for a week and 4 days.  Due to many mishandled situations from our service company this process has been prolonged, beyond my toleration point.

In the beginning it was, “Oh no! No hot water?”  Then I thought, “Come on, it’s not so bad.  You can do this for a few days.”

Then we got a call asking us to rate our experience with the service company on day 7.  My answer was, “It may be to your benefit to call back when we actually HAVE hot water…I’m sure my answers will be very different!”  The lady couldn’t get off the phone faster and it was a bit of a giggle for me – I thought I was so funny!

So after 11 days of heating water on the stove for a “bath” and 11 days of washing my hair outside…if the hose is full and you leave it in the sun you can have running water for maybe a minute…possibly a few seconds more…I am a little crunchy.  Okay, A LOT crunchy! (Not to mention what my neighbors think about my new hair care regimen!)

Well, the difference of opinion was how to handle the call to the service company today.  My way is finally what got their attention and, “Oh yes…the part just came in at 9:06 am and we will have some one out there today!”


❤ Lorrie

*images from free google images

*** A little update….service man is here right now…and the parts he got ARE NOT FIXING THE PROBLEM! UGH!!!



Haiku ~ 6/24/14 & Standing in My Blue


My blue waits behind

the huge expanse of darkness

waiting to be freed



Standing in my blue

This is where my power is

People spend a lifetime looking for meaning

Looking for approval and trying so hard to matter

I thought if I could control everything around me I could make things happen my way and I wouldn’t be left to experience the mayhem that surrounded me

I wouldn’t have to live in fear

But the truth is, I now realize, that I truly controlled nothing

The harder I held on to things

The more I strangled myself

The more I tried to control every aspect of my life

Every circumstance in my life

The harder they swirled around me in a cyclone of destruction

I was a victim

A victim of life

Things happened to me and I wanted control

I wanted to be able to make it stop

I just didn’t know how

Now I find it ironic that I have learned that the true power is letting go

Open your hands and set the madness free

Now I stand in my blue with the realization that the elusive control I tried so hard to hold onto

Was within my power the whole time

The only thing in this lifetime that we truly have control over is the thoughts we think

Yes – into the blue expanse of my mind the thoughts that float by like clouds on a windy day are the only things that I can control

So standing in my blue I work very hard to notice the drifting clouds of thought and I know that I attract what I think

Standing in my blue I direct the passing clouds

I take responsibility for my life and I am content…free from the swirling forces that I created

Standing in my blue I create what I want to see

And I am who I want to be

Standing in my blue ~ I take back my power






Barnacle, Oh Barnacle

Natural Protection?
Natural Protection?

Barnacle, oh Barnacle

Clinging to life

you grasp as hard as you can

leave sharp edges to fend for the truth that lies inside

does it help you to feel so protected

are your secrets safe

left unexposed


Barnacle, oh Barnacle

I see truth inside you

I see your truth inside me

I see the pain that has burrowed a hole in your body

cemented a wall around your heart

suffocated the secrets from being exposed

sharp edges prevent you from touching me

me from touching you


Barnacle, oh Barnacle

you are stranded on a beach

dried by the sun and lack of understanding

open your arms

let out your truth

feel from your soul

tear down your walls

drink from the wells of the earth

smile from the gates of Heaven


Barnacle, oh Barnacle


wet your lips with the words from your soul

live with honest truth and understanding

come from your center

and soften your edges

melt into eternity

Barnacle Oh!




Written 5/12/14