It Was Noticeable



The stillness was so noticeable.  There wasn’t a hint of breath, nor did a branch move.

My mind looked on in wonder as the thoughts darted in and out, moving effortlessly and raging to a screaming crescendo echoed by the piercing stream of internal sound accompanied by the one that was real.

It was noticeable.  The dichotomy of the scene before me, the one I could see with my eyes but not quite reach with my soul, and the one that has been a constant companion, stitched to my side, unable to break free and handcuffed to my spirit.

It was noticeable.  All I ever wanted was to feel the peace and tranquility, live in the place of trust and truth, and not let any other sound, real or manufactured, break the blessed reverie of the scene placed before my eyes, the scene I had seen before, the place I remembered, the place I loved, the place I felt safe, and the place I felt love.

It was noticeable.

The sound got louder.

And it was noticeable.


Lorrie ❤


“Naked and Unafraid”


“As the eagle, freed from its cage, soars to its native heights, so the soul, freed from the home of heavy flesh, will rise, and return unto its Father’s house, naked and unafraid.”

~ Ernest Holmes ~

The Science of Mind

Oh, to be unafraid in my nakedness

to be freed from worldly blunders

I face myself in a mirror

Am I the person I wanted to be while my feet walked the ground

or did I make excuses based on happenings?

Am I expressing the desires of my soul

or am I allowing a stranger

to guide my walk in this earthly plane?

Is it not our responsibility

to honor the authentic longings of our soul?

Shall we become imposters

living a reality with no road map

driving and making turns

based on other people’s directions?

No, not I!

Not any longer

I feel my passenger become the driver

I feel my soul rise up

and demand to be given the reins

Yes, sweet soul

I am sorry I delegated you to the role of onlooker

I thank you for your patience

But now that you have been given the opportunity to lead

I feel so free

I feel a heavy burden…

that of living someone else’s life

has been lifted

I bow to your feet

In perfect love

I honor your presence

and I will be your faithful servant

Oh, to live an authentic life…

naked and unafraid…

In this lifetime…

will be amazing

will be a gift!




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Lyrics of My Soul


There is a darkness

that pervades the periphery of my mind

I’ve tried to ignore it

I’ve tried to pretend that it isn’t there

I’ve tried to add light to erase it

I never thought it would come to this


Perhaps deep down I always knew it would

No matter

It is here now

the realization that what I was most afraid of being

I most probably am

and that which I thought would never forsake me

never betray

has been the biggest betrayal of all

How does a heart that feels this


What does it do to bridge the gap of reality

versus a dream that it held onto for so long

So long it almost became the reality


The time has come to work with the truth

The truth that was obscured by the lies

that felt better on the superficial skin you wear

But where did that get you?

Your soul eternally exists in the realm of truth

It can only buy into the falsehoods for so long

The falsehoods that the ego would have you believe

The falsehoods conjured up to make it seem better

But which are in direct discord with the melody of truth

that rises in the chorus of your life

Your song is being sung

and the music will portray

the truth of your desires

and the words

will speak to a soul

May it be one of truth

May it be








Why are we here

What are we looking for

We are searching for something

Something that we lost?

Or something we have yet to find

The answers are hidden

Deep inside is truth

The possibilities are rich with love

Why do we see the darkness

What is it that is hiding

Behind the whispers

In front of our mind

The walk is winding

There are glimpses of freedom

Like spatters of raindrops falling from the sky

They tickle my body

And then I believe

Because the touch sparks the love

Deep within my cells

Stretching back to the time of conception

Conception of all reality

What it all means

What we all hope to find

At the core is a window

Not a door

For we can all see where we need to go

Once we get there


Reach out …walk through

Walk into the splendid

Into your fears

To get to your heart’s center

Your vibration of love

The deepest truth

The most beautiful place in eternity

We share this

Every soul has come here

Why did we leave

What did we hope to find

Is the answer available?

Will we ever know it

Will we ever find it again

Or will we search

Until we can’t find it




Written 9/29/13

Which Hurt is Better?


I’m not sure I’ll post this.  I’m not sure why I am writing it.

My ex husband died today…the father of my only son.

I wondered if I should feel something more than what I do?

I suppose what I feel … is what I feel.  And I hate the word “should!”

We were so young when we married and had a baby.

We were babies ourselves…what did we know of the world?

I knew very quickly that being with him was not the life I wanted for myself or for my son.

Someone had to protect him.

I find it one of the saddest things about my life…a recurring theme.

That a child should have to be protected from the people who are supposed to protect him!

It doesn’t make sense.

I ended it quickly, but not before real pain was delivered.

To both of us.

And some people get really good at delivering pain.

And some people get really good at receiving it.

He never touched me or my heart again.

I suppose that is why I am serene.

And even though in the long run it was the best thing for him, my son never had a relationship with him.

But that hurt him.

And I wish there was some way that I could take that hurt away from him.

And I’m not sure if that hurt is better than the hurt he would have had if he had been in his life.

How do we quantify which hurt is better.

And why am I sitting here wondering which hurt would have been better???

Those are the choices I used to live with.

Funny…I didn’t recognize it then.

But I do now.

And I also know I can’t banish the dark, I can only brighten the light.

So I will make sure my baby knows that I have enough love for him to make up for any parental lack.

And I will make sure I treat my own heart with tenderness.

And I will say a silent prayer that his soul be caressed with love.

For in the end isn’t that all that any of us want?

We all want to be loved.

I find it sad the majority of us don’t recognize that we don’t love ourselves the way God intended.

The lack of love is what creates the destructive forces that allow people to be so cruel.

Well, I feel what I feel.

And apparently, I feel a lot.

More than I thought I did.

Thanks for listening. 🙂








The Soundless Voice


Can you hear me?

I am swirling in the white abyss of thoughts turned to words of expression

My lips move and I feel the vibrations pass my vocal chords

I hear my words reverberate into the air waves and I wait for recognition

I wait for you to take a break from your own thoughts long enough to indicate that the sounds of my voice have reached you

That the sounds of my voice actually mean something to you

That the sounds of my voice prove that I am part of the landscape of this moment

There are times when it makes me think that I am vapor hanging on to the fabric of the images in my mind

Something invisible to others but a part of itself

I turn inward and try not to feel alone

I turn inward and try not to feel abandoned

I turn inward and try not to cry

What do I gain by forcing my voice to those who are so busy listening to their own that they don’t even see me?

Must I be socially validated by being heard?

Are you there?

Maybe neither one of us are

Time to regroup and realize that you can’t validate my space in my mind

Is it possible that I can not hear myself?

Is it possible that I have created the lack of attention?

That I have created a voice that is not heard?





There is Peace

One Wing Dipped in Grace
One Wing Dipped in Grace

I have this feeling again. The feeling that I am supposed to be doing something. It feels like my soul is calling to me but can’t quite reach me. It is impatient and frustrated because for some reason I am not able to connect – not able to hear or see or feel what it is I should be doing.

I am happy that I have this feeling because for many years I didn’t feel anything – well, anything except physical pain. But I have stripped the layers of that pain away and it leaves the longing of my soul to be felt.

I feel it in a restless way that makes me want to be angry at myself for not being able to access it. It would be so easy to become angry and impatient because they are the old habits that are ingrained…the habits I work very hard to extinguish.

But I decide instead to sit quietly with my heart open. I decide to be grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. I decide that I AM doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Look at how many beautifully spirit led words come to me that I am able to share on my blog. “My blog” was inconceivable to me even a few short months ago.

I decide that I am so grateful for the world this has opened for me – the wonderful spirits I have met who continue to inspire me on a daily basis. You, sweet people who humble me with your comments of love and support.

And then it dawns on me…my soul feels happier with this pen in my hand putting words on a paper. Is it possible that writing quenches the thirst of my soul, the longing in my heart? Is this what I must do to fulfill my contract with the universe, to answer my calling from God?

I’m not sure. But for now it has quieted the longing hunger. For now I feel satiated. For now I know the words in my heart have come out and there is a release.

There is peace.