Meditation Dream ~ 8/21/15


Old habits die hard.  Or so I’ve been told.  I shrugged and tried to let it roll off my back…pain bubbles that can’t penetrate…

But it was more of the same. The same kind of hurt…the same kind of duck maneuver, and I thought of Albert Einstein and I knew it was insanity.

Time to move on.  Once and for all.  Octopus…invading my mind tells a story.  ‘Detach a limb at will to distract a predator,’  hmmmm….

A meditation bath…a limb removed and buried…cleansing…clearing…

And the resulting poem paints its own picture:


It’s always the same

Hard as I try to change it

It remains


like before

doesn’t matter how I crave it

I’m still ignored


for a change

I can’t keep repeating the same things

I’ll go insane


lowered to the ground

bury the limb that holds it all

never to be found


I can barely breathe

each shovel of dirt may as well

be placed on top of me


to see them go

I bade farewell and bless them all

viewed as friend and foe


them for their role

the molten lava poured on my heart

did not deter my soul


begins to fall

sprinkles the softened earth with life

beginning to heed the call


begins to shine

flowers bloom a songbird sings

step in to what is mine


In the form of knowing

takes me by the hand

it’s always showing


from deep within

send it out to everyone

it’s a beautiful place to begin


that it will come back

as long as you give you will receive

and never experience lack


from all your woes

feel it from the top of your head

to the very tip of your toes


for all mankind

that you know the strength you’re made of

and that you’ll always find


direct the show

I wish you love and kindness

and that you’ll always know

that its all

up to you

have presence of mind

and come from love

in everything you do!


Lorrie ❤



2014-08-09 10.39.16

There are many roads to travel

And there are many choices to be made

There will be times that you feel alone

But you are not

Listen my friend

Hear from your center

The one who will help you speaks from there

If there are times that you feel you can’t hear


Ask for the answers and they will appear

If there are times that the road seems long and you feel you’ve lost you way

Look around you

There is something to learn

There will never be a road that you take

That won’t offer you some kind of gift

To be present

Here in this lifetime is a wondrous gift

Take advantage of every opportunity

Of every day

The journey is long and you control the path

Lead with love in full faith

And receive the abundance that life so beautifully offers

It is all waiting for you

You must believe that you deserve all the good things that are in store for you

Yes – believe in the abundance of our magnificent existence

Unfurl the burning desire






Meditation Writing – 5/12/14 The Light Enters


The Light Enters
The Light Enters

The clear beautiful water crashes my body

Washes my soul

The light enters through cracks in the sky

Into the very being that I am

I ask thee what is it I can do for you

And the answer comes in the touch of a hand

In a whisper to my mind – a caress that gently touches my body

Be free in your heart

Let love rule your mind

Do not ever let the energy that is not pure and true dictate the words you say  the thoughts you think

Idle time has no place in the light

You are here to live – to create the life that is meant for you

Any distractions are not put there by me – they are not real – and they serve no purpose other than to prevent the true actualization of the freedom of your mind and soul

Go to the place in your heart – the place where true beauty rules the governs of your soul

Lead with the light – not the dark

Banish it and keep it down for it will try to come up at every moment that you are not aware – every moment that you don’t honor the light in you

Your life is a beautiful landscape

Touch the laughter with your mind and enjoy the things that are in nature

All is there for the benefit of you

Walk through the doors into the most loving rooms of your mind

Choose correctly and the world as you know it will be blessed with gifts beyond your wildest imagination



Written 5/12/14