There is a sadness in the air.  Even the birds can sense that humanity is hurting, suffering.


I look and I see mourning, and if not mourning I see fear disguised as anger and prejudice.


The coming together eases it a bit, but I wish in time the souls who are here at any given moment could look in another’s being and recognize we are not very different at all…


We all have a place and a right to live our lives while traveling here together.


The ride would be so much nicer if we were surrounded by love and respect.


Stand and offer your hand to your fellow being.  Recognize that they have pain and struggle and they are just trying to get by.


Recognize that “your way” is right for you, just as “their way” is right for them.  Neither right…neither wrong…just different.


If we could honor that the differences we see make up a WHOLE…they fill the missing pieces, and one is not better without the other…rather we are strengthened when we allow and join…


Then we create THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY, rather than the HOLE IN HUMANITY!



Lorrie ❤


I Will Win the War

2014-07-06 09.15.46

What is it I don’t see?

What is it that lives so deep inside that it permeates any thought to change

There is a resistance

Something that had seeds planted

These seeds have grown and put down roots

Roots that are strong

Roots that hold on for dear life while I try to pluck them out

It seems I grab a stalk and pull as hard as I can

And it breaks

Just above the surface

And then just in case I wasn’t sure I didn’t get the whole thing

It gives a full on – in your face – no denying it – reminder

That I’ve tried – and I failed


On a different day

I might have been devastated by this news

But I am not

I have decided to view this day as one of great worth

Because I tried

I may have failed in eradicating these thoughts completely

But I won

Because I have shown a spot light on the area that needs my attention

The light shines on the stubborn root that refused to be pulled

But on this day

I see clearly

And I recognize what I need to do

And I say congrats to the root for winning the battle today

Because I know I will win the war!







Cold Hard Dead Exterior


Are you dead on the outside only…I wonder

You stand alone

No one else in sight

You don’t need anyone

At least that’s what you tell yourself

Never let your defenses down

Don’t let anyone in

Put on the cold hard dead exterior and maybe they will walk by

For who would want to touch a dead one

2014-06-29 15.41.54

Yet in your isolation the dead part is really on the inside

You are creating an illness that is robbing you of your life

Robbing you of your light

Robbing you of your soul

In your attempt to stand alone and look dead you are drawing darkness to you

Every inconceivable violation

All matters of disrespect

Every piece of your soul that is taken

They step over



For you are dead on the outside but you feel it on the inside

2014-06-29 15.42.26

I know it is scary to feel things that you haven’t given your authorization to feel

The funny part is we authorize everything we feel

From emotions

To the sore muscles that won’t work

To the joints that swell with sadness


Become a willing participant in life

Authorize the feelings that are in your mind

I assure you your fear to have them is way worse than letting go and living it

Trade that cold hard dead exterior

To just an inkling of what you want to feel

And one by one the walls begin to crumble

And love starts to flow

And you don’t have to be the one left standing all alone

Hoping and praying that no one comes near you

That no one cares for you

Because you can’t stand to care about one more person

Because they will be just like every other person

They will let you down

And hurt you!


Rub your dead exterior with the anointment of love

Go inside and hold the hand of the scared part of you

Reassure that part with love

Unconditional love

No strings

No condemnation for any thought


Or deed

Melt the hurt with the warmth of joy

Take the chains and throw them off

Unlock the melody of your heart’s song

It is there

I assure you

It is there

You have this light of love


And Joy

And you


The only one

Who can










It is Time

It is Time!
It is Time!

On any journey, it can be just as important to see where you have come from as it is to see where you are going.  I like to look back…I don’t stay there…I just notice.  It is a reminder of where I am headed.

This poem was written 8/15/12


Peace. Quiet stillness.

Gray sky slight wind.

Thoughts project to a time when life was harder.

A time when the path was lost, when the leader was not evident.


I am happy those days are gone.  Poof – disintegrated – melted away – the truly worthless events they were.

Well not exactly worthless.  It has all been a journey and I am grateful for every last destination along the way.


A small raindrop.  No worry.  I am sitting under an umbrella.

The same umbrella that allowed me to weather every storm along the way.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, beatings.


No pain.  I can turn off the switch that allows me to feel it.  Go ahead, hit me harder – I won’t feel it.  Not now anyway – maybe later.


Maybe 30 years later.  What’s that – you say you would prefer not to remember?


It is okay.  It is time to remember.  All you did by burying the pain was create the depth of it – embedded it.


Now is the time to take the keys to the safe – unlock it – feel it – you are safe – you can once and for all be done with the lot of it.


You are safe – oh, so safe.  So protected.  No need for worry.  There is nothing you can’t handle and I promise you I will be there for you.  I will be there for you.  I will hold you while you cry, while you purge the ugliness from every cell of your body.  It is okay.


It is time.




I Swim Like a Manatee – Well…Almost!

You Can Do It!
You Can Do It!

I am not a swimmer. That is what I have said my entire life…and so; I AM NOT A SWIMMER. But I want to be a swimmer. So much of what I do is really hard on my body and the older I get the more I know I need an activity that that is gentler, kinder. That is not the case if you are choking down half the pool water!

I am pretty sure that I am making a commitment to really swim…this time. I know it doesn’t sound like I am completely on board and I’m pretty sure I know why. I just drank a gallon of pool water trying to learn that whole breathing thing. I got the turn my head and look back part, but I think I was still exhaling and then when I put my face back in the water I sucked it all in! Much to the amusement of the eight retired ladies doing their aerobic workout (bad timing on my part) I proceeded to choke and flap my way back to the side with the aid of my girlfriend who is also my teacher. (This happened more than once if you get my drift.)

Well everything happens for a reason. I am sure I brought much joy to the little ladies, and watching their little gray heads bob in and out of the water also brought a smile to my face. (An especially big shout out to my friend who had a heart attack last year…she was one of those lovely heads-so proud that she is taking control of her life!)

So here I go…I AM A SWIMMER! I understand the importance of the words we place after I AM. I have also come to understand that our thoughts create our reality. And, I am very aware of how fear can interrupt us from creating and becoming all that we can imagine.

So I am going to dip my toe in the pool one step at a time. I see myself gliding across the pool in beautiful harmony and I BELIEVE that I am a swimmer. Beautiful!

Next I will work on swimming along the shore of the beautiful aqua Atlantic ocean…that is after I can get rid of the idea of the shark that is sure to bite me! I am a work in progress 🙂

My First Blog Post!!!

Flying to Atlantis
Flying to Atlantis

To be honest, this whole process feels a little like flying to Atlantis! A bit of a paradox for sure, but look how beautiful it will be once I get there. This is my very first blog post, in a website that is also new and foreign to me. I have had fear about this process and so I have procrastinated posting in a huge way. But here I go, I am flying to Atlantis and you are welcome to join me.

I took that photograph from a jet window while flying to Disney World. I can remember how I felt when I witnessed the beauty of that sight. It looked like an ethereal, mythical place that you could only inhabit if you were invited. It was light, and love, and truth and I wanted to go there.

It is a place in my mind and in my heart and I have found that we are all invited. We have an open ended invitation that most of us spend a lifetime ignoring.

I make it my business to be conscious of my thoughts and actions on a daily basis. This was not always the case. I woke from my slumber just before my fiftieth birthday, two and a half years ago. My soul was sleeping while my ego raged out of control. That darn ego got me into so much trouble.

There are many things I am not proud of, but I own them. I can’t change the past but I can, and do learn from it. It would be a shame to go through life’s trials and stupid mistakes and not learn anything.

I invite you on my journey, a flight to Atlantis. The ride may be rocky but there will always be something to learn. Fly with me and I will show you how I healed emotionally and physically from a life threatening disease. Fly with me and release your fear…after writing this I have released a bit of mine!