“It Really Hurts”


  “Ask yourself, therefore, but one simple question:  Do I want the problem or do I want the answers?”  ~ ACIM It really hurts. I know it shouldn’t or rather I know if I could just  stop thinking the thoughts I could make it go away But it’s big. It’s HUGE! It’s standing at a […]

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Silent Words


  Child of my child Do not dwell in fear and cast a shadow  on this auspicious time We all return from whence we came the journey can not reach a conclusion until certain conditions have been met Lying in the dark  with eyes that can not see a spark of grace melted the fear […]

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Haiku ~ 1/15/15

Winter sky mourning Standing strong in nakedness Faith will be restored Blessitude Lorrie 1/15/15  

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There Lives Inside

There lives inside A space created by pain Cultivated by love Sustained by perseverance There lives inside A will so strong That nothing can stop it Nothing can make it weak There lives inside A voice that has waited to speak To let me know the things I’ve been craving my whole life And I […]

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Which Hurt is Better?

I’m not sure I’ll post this.  I’m not sure why I am writing it. My ex husband died today…the father of my only son. I wondered if I should feel something more than what I do? I suppose what I feel … is what I feel.  And I hate the word “should!” We were so […]

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She Stands So Tall So Proud

She stands so tall so proud branches swaying in the wind She stands so tall so proud never telling where she’s been She stands so tall so proud always doing never being She stands so tall so proud always running never seeing She stands so tall so proud no complaints never notices She stands so […]

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