Haiku ~ 9/29/14

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Born with a sixth sense

pilfering fortune cookies

favorite pastime

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                                  2014-09-12 20.21.04 2014-09-12 20.20.35




I was eating lunch on the outside veranda at a local Pei Wei restaurant.  A previous diner had left an opened fortune cookie on the ground.  While enjoying my spicy pad thai bowl, a grackle (Florida black bird) walked right up and took the fortune cookie which was only about 2 feet from us.

I went inside and got another fortune cookie to see if he would take another one. I had a plan that I could get photos and write a haiku to post.  I very carefully opened the cookie and slid out his fortune because I thought I would include a part of it in the haiku.

“You were born with a ‘Sixth Sense’ and superb insight.”

Perfect!!  I put the cookie in approximately the same place and kept my eye on it.  My phone rang with a call that I needed to answer.  I was distracted, and Mr. Grackle found it to be the perfect opportunity to sneak up and abscond with the cookie!  Oh NO!!  I waited so patiently…and apparently, so did he!

He was casually walking away so I told my caller to please hold…and be quiet…I would explain in a moment.  I got the camera ready and stealthily followed him out to the parking lot.  Once he was enjoying his yummy treat, he didn’t mind that I was snap snap snapping away with my camera.  Ah!  Mission accomplished!!  And I only got a few funny looks from fellow diners…oh…and I had to explain to the person I left hanging on the phone!

❤ Lorrie

The Door


There is a door

I see it in my mind’s eye

I have seen it before

but I had fear then

This time the door only gives me peace

This time I feel that as soon as I reach it

I will be able to put my hand on the knob

and twist



walk through

What lies beyond the door is not known to me

but I do know that it has beauty

It has peace

It is light

and it is full of love

So I walk

with no particular destination

Because the door is always there

no matter which way I turn

The journey does not matter so much

because I will reach for the door

the door with the light that seeps through the cracks

the door that is now a place of comfort

yes…the comfort of home




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From My Muse

2014-09-25 08.42.38

Beautiful Muse

where have you gone?

I’m scared and lonely

without you


I though you would never leave

I counted on that

I banked on it

I woke every morning

and just assumed you would

always be there


My journal sits

and it’s getting dusty

the words

seem to have disappeared

It makes me sad


Until I remember


How many hats

can a lovely Muse wear

Only one at a time


I look to my left

and surprise…surprise

There’s another journal

this one does not have lined paper

no this one has lines that I put

on the blank page

Lines that my beautiful Muse guided

lines that create in a different way

Read the words

and don’t forget

the message says it all

I’m always here

I’ll never leave

Have faith in me

I can’t create without you

And my need to create

is all that there is

It lives inside of you

and it must come

for I live inside

I live in the universe

I long to create

I long to express

Trust Me


Be There

I will never leave you

We will always work together!




The lesson I have learned over the past few weeks is that my Muse can change hats, but my Muse never leaves me!!  I have been inspired artistically lately by the art form called Zentangle.  When I looked at it I thought that I have been doing little pieces of this art my entire life.  I find an old envelope or scrap paper with “doodles” all the time.  My dear friend Melanie, from Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic, posted her Zentangle art and it gave me the courage to finally make one myself!

I find it a little “busy.”  But overall, I am happy with my first try 🙂  I was a little obsessed with completing it…and these days I “go with” whatever I “feel.”  I do find it funny that when I questioned where my Muse had gone…the answer was plainly written in my Zentangle Inspired art piece…and I also find it funny that my Muse had to “S-P-E-L-L  I-T  O-U-T” for me!  🙂

❤ Lorrie

P.S.  “I am inspired” is embedded in the art…I know it is there…but I thought it is a little busy and maybe not easily seen.

Double Helix


I see a double helix

rising higher and higher

reaching to the sky

riding on Angels wings

the perfect protection

the perfect inspiration

speak to me now

as my heart is so open

I have been plied

with beautiful gifts

and they have opened

my soul

I see you

I feel your beating heart

the heart we share with




I want to be a messenger

of truth

I want to bring the ideas

to the light of day

bring them to the forefront

of society’s mind

Fly on

Sweet Angels

I am so grateful

I am so receptive






Written 8/23/14


I Miss You My Friends


I miss you my friends

once there…ubiquitous

now gone

barely existent

It is not that I don’t want to see you

Life has a way of getting in the way

How I long for the comfort of knowing you are there for me

as much as I long to give you the comfort that my heart desires

I feel your pain like its my own

and I want to take it away

I want to make you feel better

feel happy

feel love

I miss you my friends

but I’ll be back soon

as soon as I unpack and tend to the humans I see in the flesh

the ones who missed me while I was gone

the ones who need so much right now

I miss you my friends

I knew that my schedule would change

but I will find a way to make it all work

because you all gave me something that is so important to my soul

that speaks to the divine light inside of me

I miss you my friends

and I thank you

for giving me the beautiful gift

that my soul desired




I have truly missed being here!  It feels as though something really important is missing.  I am adjusting to a new life and feel a little overwhelmed at the moment….doing things that need to be done vs. doing things that I WANT to do.  But it is all a balance and I will figure it out soon.  Much love to you all… ❤ Lorrie

A Cloud of Love


A cloud of love

Yes, that is what I wish for you

A cloud of love

to descend from the heavens

Angel’s playground

Envelop you – hold you – caress you

Give you a place for those falling tears to land

A cloud of love

reminiscent of cotton candy dreams

A place where you are protected

A place where you become strong again

A place to lay your head and rest

A cloud of love

unconditional love is expressed

and known

You feel your soul begin to stand up and take notice

This cloud of love offers you a safe haven

The place that just “is”

And you recharge your love

And you know

you just know

And everything makes perfect sense

You know exactly what you need to do

You know the steps that you must take

You know the path leads to your home

Yes, I wish for you a cloud of love…

Every time you need it!