Haiku ~ 5/23/15 ~ We All Return Home

Day of reckoning

unexpected visitor

comfort provided


I thought he was lost

but he was on a mission

sent to remind me


There’s nothing to fear

It’s all made up in my mind

time to release it


He carries his truth

Just like the shell on his back

and then returns home




Lorrie ❤


Ah!  Hello my friends.  I just read a post by my dear friend, Michael, from Embracing ForeverSo many times his writing is an arrow that goes directly to my heart. 

This post just capped off a beautiful week for me, one of trust, love and healing.  It reminded me of an encounter I had at my pool, the day prior to my surgery.  I was reminded I took photos of my visitor and of the feeling of peace and comfort my little friend provided.

When I read Michael’s post it all felt so synergistic!  I was inspired to write this multiple haiku and to share it all with you.  Do, please, check out Michael’s home if you have not already.  Enjoy!! 🙂

Much love…Namaste

Lorrie ❤


2015-02-07 09.02.47

In that space

all by yourself

I try to reach your hand

Left alone to ponder life

Locked away


In a small room

With a small doorway

You cry

And your tears hit the ground

One by one

They splash into the pond

Created by the depths of your despair

I call out your name

And try to break the reverie

Of your mind playing tricks

Telling you secrets you thought were yours

But in fact they belonged to someone else

I tell you

You are not alone

I jump

And I shake

I create a nuisance

In my attempt to get you to see me

To recognize me

To pay attention to the words

That I string together

That I paint on a canvas

That I lay down on a page

A page that is white and crisp


Ready to accept the truth

You are not alone

You were never alone

Not one single moment of your life…

Of any life


Remember the feeling of love

Of connectedness

Of protection

Of life

Reach for my hand

I will take you

I’ve been here before

And I know the way

I won’t leave you alone

We shall walk through the small door

Out of the small room

Hand in hand

And the journey we take

Will be guided by love

The most awe-inspiring love

The kind of love

That will take you



Lorrie ❤


Written 10/17/14

The photograph was taken in the Lobby of the Ritz Carlton, Marana Az.  I don’t know the artist to give credit…it was 3D…made out of silk fabric…almost quilt-like….Absolutely Stunning!!

The Purest Love



Take me to that place of honesty

Built up from a lifetime of connection to my soul

Take me where my heart speaks

Like clear water running over mountains

Icicles dropping one drip at a time

Unlock secrets buried in the vault of time

The landscape of flower lined paths

Traversed by my inner knowledge


Take me to that place

Where love meets me with the gratitude of an open heart

Where it feels every movement of the energy of life

From the beginning

To the end

Extend out over mountain tops covered with snow

Down into the valley of a lost soul

Take me to that place

Where I know I am home

Because it feels right

Because I feel free

Because my soul beats in sync with my heart

And the wind gently caresses my mind

And for just a moment

That moment

I am the purest love

Take me to that place – Oh!

Take me to that place!!





A Cloud of Love


A cloud of love

Yes, that is what I wish for you

A cloud of love

to descend from the heavens

Angel’s playground

Envelop you – hold you – caress you

Give you a place for those falling tears to land

A cloud of love

reminiscent of cotton candy dreams

A place where you are protected

A place where you become strong again

A place to lay your head and rest

A cloud of love

unconditional love is expressed

and known

You feel your soul begin to stand up and take notice

This cloud of love offers you a safe haven

The place that just “is”

And you recharge your love

And you know

you just know

And everything makes perfect sense

You know exactly what you need to do

You know the steps that you must take

You know the path leads to your home

Yes, I wish for you a cloud of love…

Every time you need it!




The Most Beautiful Feeling

2014-05-26 15.03.08

It’s quiet

It’s light and beautiful

I feel so at peace

Drifting on a cloud

Off into space


No worries

No thoughts

Just feeling


I feel my heart beating

The center of my being

The organ which gives life force

The force of love

I am healed

Every muscle in my body is supple

Supplied air with blood that caresses and heals

They move easily and fluidly

Dancing on the air

Every joint is an intersection of hope and faith

And they move unrestricted through the beautiful life that is presented before me


I am grateful for this understanding

I give my heart and my soul

To the energy that shows me the way

To the center of my intuitive mind

The place where there are no questions – only answers

And light beautiful music plays

And the energy is positive and uplifting

And I come to center

Face to face with the most beautiful feeling

The most beautiful feeling

It is someone I’ve met before

In a dream

In another life

No introductions are necessary

For we know one another

I see myself

Surrounded by clouds of crystals

And the prismatic colors dance around my mind

I am lighted from the inside

And I bask in my knowing

I revel in my truth

And I rejoice in my reunion

And I make a pact

Right here, right now

To honor this moment

And to respect this connection

And to cast aside any doubt, any fear

This is my center

This is my home

This is my soul

I honor you





This poem and the previous one, “I Will Win the War,” were both written yesterday after I hurt my leg.  I was disappointed because I am taking an e-course in self-hypnosis and I had just listened to a tape on “Self Health.”

My first thought was, “Oh, great!  I just listened to self health and then I hurt my leg!!”  But then I realized that all that had happened was a spot light was shining on the “roots” of a problem that appears to be a constant in my life.  As much as I thought I had pulled this weed out of my garden, I realized it is still there, needing my attention.

In that moment I chose to view the hurt leg as a beautiful gift.  I wrote “I Will Win the War” and then I listened to the tape on self health again.  Immediately my pencil went to paper and created this poem, “The Most Beautiful Feeling.”

❤ Lorrie

I Am Who I Am

Sunset on a Plane
Sunset on a Plane

If I yell as loud as I can and I only get laughed at – is that a reason to shut up?

If my voice isn’t heard because you can’t hear – is that a reason to quit trying?

If I tell you exactly what I am and you think I’m someone different – does that mean that I’m not who I think I am?

I am who I am, who I’ve been, who I’ll be,

I am who I am and that’s good enough for me

I walk these dusty roads and I’ve seen it all before

I meet the same people different towns, different names

They move their lips, same words come out nothing much has changed

They are who they are, who they’ve been, who they’ll be,

They are who they are and that’s good enough for me

The long journey home many miles many trials

Is it the same for every soul?

Learning to crawl, digging deeper, unleashing the truth, discarding the worthless, coming closer to perfect love

The road has been covered with ice, my heart has melted and the way home is clear

It’s warm, and toasty, and safe, and real.  Wish I had worked harder, sooner

We are who we are, who we’ve been, who we’ll be,

We are who we are…our destiny.



Written 8/31/12

A Shout out to “The Momma” –  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!   You are so loved!