Labyrinth & Bridges…Spring Lake, NJ

Today’s walk was around the Spring Lake in Spring Lake, New Jersey.


This was the first view that made me stop to snap a shot.


Over the bridge,

which was a little creepy

because there wasn’t a spot on it that didn’t have

a beautiful spider web woven on it.


Walk the labyrinth at

St. Andrew’s Meditation Garden & Labyrinth

I set an intention to be open,

heart, mind, and soul

To become that which I Am


I saw so many awesome trees

But this one bent over backwards

to be included in this post


Round the east end of the lake,

closest to the ocean,

and this is a long view

of one of the beautiful bridges


A splash of color

provided by canoes and kayaks

in their resting place


And a lovely view

of a floating canoe


A shot of the town center

from the south end

full of lovely shops and eateries

2014-07-30 12.35.29

 And this is what happens to the puppy after all the excitement!!





Sisters in Sunrises 7/27/14

Welcome to Sisters in Sunrises – part two!  Debi Bradford and I both got up at the crack of dawn to photograph the sunrise.  I have her link attached to her name…above.  She is an incredible photographer, I think you will enjoy her site.   She is in North Carolina, and I am in New Jersey…the last one we did we compared Florida and N.C.  My weather was iffy, but I put out an intention that it would be a beautiful sunrise.

20140727_054240 (2)

No sunrise is complete without a giant lemon on the boardwalk!  This is what I saw when I arrived.


Just cresting the horizon….


A little close up and the sky looked like it was on fire!


Caught a seagull in flight (just to the left of the jetty)…


I think that is the same seagull…


And the view of the boardwalk as I left!

I drove home and as soon as I got inside, the sky opened up and it rained cats and dogs!!

There is something amazing about viewing a sunrise.  The energy it exudes is beautiful, and stays with you all day.  Ahhhhh!






No Border

Photo courtesy of yann arthus bertrand
Seashores in the sun, gardens behind a wall,
Imagination will take its run-up everywhere,
Dreams under the moon and blue prayers enthral
Nothing is impossible for there is no border
I walk along my shore, you seem so far away,
With miles of surging water in between,
It’s so hard to comprehend, that your night is my day,
The difference in my heart can not be seen
Separated, unseparated, tides and backwash,
The law of attraction rules planets and souls,
Horizons outside make walkways inside,
Trees, wind and the sea will pass on our messages!
Whispers in the wind, gently nudge my soul
My heart is open wide, by your candor and your kindness
Your essence is a pillow, for the secrets I have told
a friendship with no space ~ truly timeless
Like a cheering sun beyond the ocean,
Your heart knows the secrets of perseverance
And share their priceless light with sincere words,
Regardless of distances and pains, o my soul sister!

Eternally connected, we shall travel through our days
Never will we walk this earth alone,
Quantum Entanglement:  It’s been written in the stars,
Trust what’s not seen, can certainly be known!
Co-written with Fre’de’ric from Poems & Poemes
I am so grateful to present this, our second co-writing effort, to you.  I honor the beautiful spirit of this man and I know our soul’s are connected and it transcends time and space!!
Writing with Fre’de’ric is a delectable treat!!  Thank you Dearest!!
*Photo courtesy of
Yann Arthus Bertrand


“Versatile Blogger Award” …WOW!


2014-07-17 12.05.43

I have to send out a giant THANK YOU to Miss Ellie, from New Creation Ministries who bestowed this lovely award on me!!  Ellie is a delightful creature and I have had so much fun conversing with her.  Check out her blog, she writes from her heart and I bet you find something that speaks to you!  Ellie has a new book coming out soon called, “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese.”

The rules of the award are to share 7 interesting aspects of my life and to pass the award on to up to 15 other bloggers.


1.   The first vehicle I ever drove was a 1967 International Dump Truck – manual transmission at 9 years old.

2.  I am currently enrolled in a self-hypnosis e-course

3.  I volunteer in the props department for a local theatre.  I have made many interesting props, but my favorite…and most challenging…and time consuming… was vintage Louis Vuitton Luggage for the play “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”  The play traveled to the Paper Mill Playhouse in NJ – so my luggage was in the same play in both states that I live in!

920  919  918

4.  I LOVE to play tennis

5.  I met the Dalhi Lama over 30 years ago.  I mean really met him one on one – face to face.  Too bad I didn’t understand the significance of that back then.

6.  I went sky diving …once.   It was amazing…I wanted to do it more but I thought it was irresponsible because I had a son.

7.  I love to sing and dance

I am passing this award on to (Check these bloggers out!):

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Thank You!!