Thanks For All Things


As I can not see into the future, or “plan” a perfect life The best I can do is give thanks, for everything I see Ban judgment on the superlatives Walk the path that is guided by love Revel in the beauty that surrounds me and find a silver lining in every struggle For it […]

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Poetic Challenge ~ “Love in Ten Sentences”

My dear friend over at Psychopathsgetbored28 tagged me in a challenge about LOVE!  Almost impossible to resist…yes?  Please check out Psychopathsgetbored’s poem…it is fantastic (in fact check out the WHOLE blog while you are there…you won’t be disappointed!) 🙂 The challenge is to write a poem about love and title it “Love in Ten Sentences.” […]

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In that space all by yourself I try to reach your hand Left alone to ponder life Locked away Isolation In a small room With a small doorway You cry And your tears hit the ground One by one They splash into the pond Created by the depths of your despair I call out your […]

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