Poetic Challenge ~ “Love in Ten Sentences”


My dear friend over at Psychopathsgetbored28 tagged me in a challenge about LOVE!  Almost impossible to resist…yes?  Please check out Psychopathsgetbored’s poem…it is fantastic (in fact check out the WHOLE blog while you are there…you won’t be disappointed!) 🙂

The challenge is to write a poem about love and title it “Love in Ten Sentences.” It must have 10 lines, each 4 words long. Every line must contain the word “love.” At the end of the poem, you must include a favorite quote about love. Then challenge ten other bloggers.

“Love in Ten Sentences”

In ‘love’s‘ tender moment

my soul vibrated ‘love

love‘ for all people

love‘ for all things

love‘ so deeply ingrained

love‘ so all encompassing

love‘ that radiates out

I know this ‘love

I need this ‘love

I AM this ‘love‘!




As forgiveness allows love to return to my awareness, I will see a world of peace, safety and joy.  ~ A Course in Miracles

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Should you decide to take on the challenge…have fun!!  If not…no worries 🙂  Have an awesome Wednesday full of love….Blessitude!


2015-02-07 09.02.47

In that space

all by yourself

I try to reach your hand

Left alone to ponder life

Locked away


In a small room

With a small doorway

You cry

And your tears hit the ground

One by one

They splash into the pond

Created by the depths of your despair

I call out your name

And try to break the reverie

Of your mind playing tricks

Telling you secrets you thought were yours

But in fact they belonged to someone else

I tell you

You are not alone

I jump

And I shake

I create a nuisance

In my attempt to get you to see me

To recognize me

To pay attention to the words

That I string together

That I paint on a canvas

That I lay down on a page

A page that is white and crisp


Ready to accept the truth

You are not alone

You were never alone

Not one single moment of your life…

Of any life


Remember the feeling of love

Of connectedness

Of protection

Of life

Reach for my hand

I will take you

I’ve been here before

And I know the way

I won’t leave you alone

We shall walk through the small door

Out of the small room

Hand in hand

And the journey we take

Will be guided by love

The most awe-inspiring love

The kind of love

That will take you



Lorrie ❤


Written 10/17/14

The photograph was taken in the Lobby of the Ritz Carlton, Marana Az.  I don’t know the artist to give credit…it was 3D…made out of silk fabric…almost quilt-like….Absolutely Stunning!!

If Only…I Would


If only I could reach through the clouds and touch you

I would wrap my arms around you

And tell you I love you

I would tell you that you are going to be okay

I would tell you that your heart will heal and that you will learn so much more about yourself.  I would tell you that you stretched your heart and that has given it the capacity to grow.  I know it hurts but it will enable you to go just as far in the other direction.  I would tell you that your little reindeer nose is cute, but that it doesn’t suit you. 🙂

If only I could reach across the miles and touch you

I would wrap my arms around you

And tell you I love you

I would tell you that you are going to be okay

I would tell you that God has chosen you – you worker of light – you wonder of love.  And through your struggles you will become stronger.  You will reach new heights and fly through the galaxies of newborn truth and understanding.  I know you are hurting now but you are so strong.

If only I could reach across your mind and touch you

I would wrap my arms around you

And tell you I love you

I would tell you that you are going to be okay

I would tell you that your need to be loved and noticed is already fulfilled from those on the outside and from our heavenly Father.  The only person missing from this list is the one who peers out from behind your eyes.   When that heart softens it’s judgment, the truth will be seen and you can relax and get back to doing good deeds.

If only I could drive 50 miles and touch you

I would wrap my arms around you

And tell you I love you

I would tell you that you are going to be okay

I would offer the meaning of a life that was wracked with struggle and I would soften the heart that feels persecuted.  I would hold your hand and gently walk into the truth…walk towards the light…and watch as your soul reached full understanding and accepted the love it was missing for eons.

Yes, if only I could reach you all

If only I could take away all the pain and put a smile on your faces

If only…

I would




Guardian Angel ~ Collaboration with Fre’de’ric


I couldn’t be more excited!!!  Fre’de’ric, from Poems and Poemes, and I have worked together and written the following poem.  I have followed him and seen that he often co-wrote.  I wondered how it was done, and if I would ever get the chance to work with someone as wonderful as my dear friend Fre’de’ric.  Sit back and relax…as I present my very first collaboration…Guardian Angel…

2014-07-09 20.02.56


Guardian Angel


My heart stood still when I recognized you

For I had been searching


The deep-blue tone of your melodious voice

The sweet smile of your gentle fraternal soul


It touched me like dew drops on a flowers petal;

gentle yet necessary

I saw a reflection of the magnificent aura of your heart


You, I sometimes had forgotten

You, I so often had dreamt of

You, my guardian Angel!


You surround me with perfect love

Wrapped in your wings I find refuge

Take flight to the corners of my mystical abode


Wherever I’m lost you find me

However I pray you hear me

Whatever I do you forgive me


Out of the confines of my shadow

I can see your beautiful essence

Your spirit lifts me upward

I no longer feel alone


You take my hand, by me you stand,

You’re my confidant, you’re so patient,

And my soul you’ll never disavow

Grows up like a child of light


From the first morning star,

till the moon rests its glow

I am protected, guided, and loved without fail

My beautiful Guardian Angel



Lorrie & Fre’de’ric


*photo Wikipedia