Stretched beyond imagination Strung so tightly Stress to the breaking point Plucked like a guitar string The highest pitch possible Hard to believe you could ever be normal again But suddenly the tide changes The hand wrapped around the tether that pulled so tight Loosens the grip ever so slightly And like a rubber band […]

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A tear from my heart Balanced so delicately Spoke truth from my soul   How hard you’ve fought to win the war To be able to just do the basic functions Had to be like pulling mud through a straw So many warning signs left ignored So many aches and pains That were easily attributed […]

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What’s the Worst Thing that Can Happen?


Q.  What’s the worst thing that can happen? A.  NOTHING! NOTHING! Nothing is the worst thing that can happen… Not Doing Not Trying Not BEING! Standing in the center of nothing and being swallowed whole As the vortex chokes And I sob with the memory of all my nothings When I look back over my […]

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A Haiku Sandwich ~ 5/17/15 From Fear to Love

    It screams from my mind crawls out of every pore fear paralyzes I know this feeling I have lived it before This kind of recognition is not warm and fuzzy Welcoming home a loved one after a long absence This is an unwanted traveler amongst the roads of life The hitchhiker with bad […]

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The Haze

  The haze makes it hard to see fog surrounds my brain mist occludes my sight the distance hurts my heart I know you are there but I am having trouble finding you the darkness surrounds the dreams that were meant to be it permeates the air and chokes the tired sobs that lay at […]

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Stripped Bare

Fear.  It possessed their souls.  Maybe it has always been there, but for sure it is magnified…wearing a gown…attached to wires…holes being poked in their arms…strangers walk in…modesty walks out…no idea who will touch them…who will hurt them…what are their rights? Nothing happens until everything does…and then they move with lightening speed and you can barely […]

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Lyrics of My Soul

There is a darkness that pervades the periphery of my mind I’ve tried to ignore it I’ve tried to pretend that it isn’t there I’ve tried to add light to erase it I never thought it would come to this or Perhaps deep down I always knew it would No matter It is here now […]

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