There he is…DRAGLIONI!  He is a 23″ long x 8″ wide x 2″ deep, decorative fused glass plate.  Draglioni was a labor of love, and in the end he represents so much about my life at this stage.

He started with an idea…a plan…a drawing.


Then an array of beautiful colored “Bullseye” glass was purchased (this time with the knowledge that “stryker” glass changes colors 😉 )


Next came the cutting…and cutting…and fitting…and grinding!


Once all the pieces were made to fit the next step was a fuse firing in the kiln.  The fuse firing does exactly what it sounds like…it fuses all of the different pieces of glass into one.


And then the piece is put on a mold and fired again…a “slump” fire.  It is so cool that the “flat” piece “falls” into the mold…and doesn’t change the design!

Next, for kicks you enter it into a “Glass as Art Competition,” not because you think he will win, but rather because Draglioni took about 60 hours to complete and he was made with love…so you enter him in the competition so people can see him, and feel his love!


And to your absolute surprise and delight, Draglioni wins 3rd place in his category! 

It was so nice to hear his name called at the artist’s reception.  But the best part of Draglioni was CREATING HIM!  Oh, and the bag of goodies for winning was nice too 🙂


I waited a long time to post about DRAGLIONI.  I thought that this was the start of something really special…a beautiful art form that I loved and the ability to create with a very dear friend.

But this is LIFE…and sometimes life has a mind of its own.  The ten year friendship came to an abrupt halt with no signs of being able to be repaired.  Along with the friendship, my ability to create in her studio has also ceased. 

It has been a time of great mourning.  All I can do is rejoice for the time we had together and be thankful for the experiences that were wonderful.  I don’t profess to understand WHY things happen, but I know they happen for a reason.

While I don’t know if I will ever work with glass in the distant future, I know it is not a part of my life now.  I am BLESSITUDE…”so blessed and full of gratitude” for this part of my life.  And DRAGLIONI will ALWAYS have a place in my heart…as will my friend.
Thank you so much my friends for being such a wonderful source of love and support.  Your words and thoughts mean more than you will know.

Wish you all a beautiful Sunday filled with love! ❤


Lorrie ❤



Let Me Introduce You…

I’m so excited to share two of my favorite people…both who’ve just published books!  My blogger friends use words that will touch you…I promise!

If you don’t already know them, please go visit their blogs, and if it feels right to you, invite their words into your home!

2016-06-07 18.23.13

Dennis Ference, at MERGING TRAFFIC, captured my soul with the first words I ever read by him.  There is a soothing “knowing” that he shares which can only come from a place of deep understanding.  I picture turning on a faucet of love, and the “water” that comes out is his words.

Dennis’ book, “From the Water’s Edge ~ Daily Offerings for the Wayfaring Soul,” is a compilation of 365 poems, one for each day of the year, and the poems are accompanied by photos taken by Lily (read a favorite story about Lily) his beautiful granddaughter.

You can purchase Dennis’ book at the following places:




Kimberly Harding, at SOUL HEALING ART, is a very gifted woman who pairs her beautiful art with words that deliver a dose of medicine to the soul!  I am amazed at the bounty of her creative prowess.

A long time fan of Kim’s, I have witnessed a very clear shift in her energy of late.  She is standing in her power and it is displayed so beautifully in the way she marries her blessed words with her art.

You can purchase Kim’s book at:


Thank you, my friends, for allowing me to share these incredible people with you.  I hope you all are swimming in Blessitude! ❤



Who Am I?


I have been many things,

held many jobs,

answered many questions,

and asked a million or two.

I have felt many feelings,

and tried not to feel,

made myself numb in ways I care to forget!

But through it all,

every step of the journey,

there has been a constant thread,

one discerning element that defines me…

I am an artist!

There…I said it…

and I mean it.

I am an artist!

I am a creator!!

As I contemplate the full power of this statement, I can feel a blossoming of beauty surge from the core of my being.  The years I spent wondering what I was supposed to be doing, I now realize I have been doing all along.

I have always been happiest when I am making things.  I scoffed at calling myself an artist, thinking that term was reserved for those who specialized in a medium.

I am attending a couple of glass art classes and they ask you introduce yourself in the beginning.  This introduction has been hard for me as my background has been a smorgasbord of artistic expression.

I don’t know if my reluctance to call myself an artist was a self-esteem issue or rather a lack of commitment on my part.  Possibly it was both.  Or maybe there were so many things I tried not to see, not to remember, that I lost my ability to see myself!

Either way, as I lift the veils that shroud my eyes I feel a certain power emanating, flowing, rising to the surface of my world.  I embrace it with open arms and welcome a lost lamb home.

Two very dear friends gave me the gift of their words recently.  One, an incredible artist, said, “You need to know your talent.”  And Dennis, from Merging Traffic, wrote, “Peace, graced artist/storyteller.”

And I said, “Ahhhhh!”  I took her advice and I slipped on his words like a new pair of shoes, dispelling any fear, and understanding there can be humility in the proclamation.  And I do feel “GRACED!’  And to be graced and not honor the gift would be a shame, indeed.

So many of you left me such heart warming comments on my last post where I displayed my first hand cut fused decorative glass plate.  I thank you all, for each and every comment washed over me and gave me understanding, and confidence to be able to say,

I am an Artist

I am a Creator


Lorrie ❤


The Finished Product ~ Thanks For Your Help!


Thank you to all who voted for their favorite formation of the glass plates back in November’s post where I asked for help!  You have no idea how crazy it made me to have the plates lying on the floor instead of hung on the wall for all this time.

The final version, like most art, developed itself due to a few mechanical issues and the sheer size of it on the wall.  The #2 photo got the most votes, which made me happy because I was leaning toward that one from the start.  The final product is #2 with one plate missing, and two plates switched places.


It is a very large piece of art…and a complete departure from anything I have ever had on a wall before.  But it is HAPPY!  It reminds me of beautiful flowers looking out over the room.  It took only about 5 minutes to completely fall in love with them.  (And took only 6.5 hours and an unexpected trip to Home Depot to install them!)

Thank you all who voted…I hope you like them.  It was fun to do that post and see what people thought.  I loved reading the comments…especially the ones where people explained WHY they liked the one they liked.  I am so grateful to all who responded ❤

I decided to include a photo of the coffee table below.  It was an art project of mine that took me quite a while to complete.  It is a mosaic under the glass.  I have done glass mosaics before and did not want to deal with cuts and shards so I tried to come up with a different medium that would look good but not hurt me!  One night I dreamt of “ribbons.”  When I woke, I thought it was a crazy idea…but then I thought I would give it a try.


The ribbons turned out kind of neat, I think.  It took FOREVER to complete though.  It is 2.5′ x 2.5′.  Each piece of the ribbon had to be cut off the roll and then glued on individually.  I, sometimes, choose projects without thinking it through completely!! 🙂

Thanks for looking!

❤ Lorrie




I Need Your Opinion…Please Vote for your Favorite

Hi everyone!  I need your help.  The following photos are groupings of decorative glass plates that will be hung on a wall.  They are quite large…approximately 6 feet wide by 4 feet high (the total grouping.)  I have moved these plates for a total of about 5 hours (and boy does my body know it!)

I have narrowed it down to the following four photos (down from the gazillion I looked at!) and would like to put it out there and see what grouping “talks” to you.  So…if you don’t mind…let me know which is your favorite.

And I can’t quite promise that I won’t put up the rest of the gazillion! 🙂

20141118_122827      Photo 1

20141118_123543      Photo 2

20141118_134548     Photo 3

20141118_140557     Photo 4

Thank you!!! ❤




From My Muse

2014-09-25 08.42.38

Beautiful Muse

where have you gone?

I’m scared and lonely

without you


I though you would never leave

I counted on that

I banked on it

I woke every morning

and just assumed you would

always be there


My journal sits

and it’s getting dusty

the words

seem to have disappeared

It makes me sad


Until I remember


How many hats

can a lovely Muse wear

Only one at a time


I look to my left

and surprise…surprise

There’s another journal

this one does not have lined paper

no this one has lines that I put

on the blank page

Lines that my beautiful Muse guided

lines that create in a different way

Read the words

and don’t forget

the message says it all

I’m always here

I’ll never leave

Have faith in me

I can’t create without you

And my need to create

is all that there is

It lives inside of you

and it must come

for I live inside

I live in the universe

I long to create

I long to express

Trust Me


Be There

I will never leave you

We will always work together!




The lesson I have learned over the past few weeks is that my Muse can change hats, but my Muse never leaves me!!  I have been inspired artistically lately by the art form called Zentangle.  When I looked at it I thought that I have been doing little pieces of this art my entire life.  I find an old envelope or scrap paper with “doodles” all the time.  My dear friend Melanie, from Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic, posted her Zentangle art and it gave me the courage to finally make one myself!

I find it a little “busy.”  But overall, I am happy with my first try 🙂  I was a little obsessed with completing it…and these days I “go with” whatever I “feel.”  I do find it funny that when I questioned where my Muse had gone…the answer was plainly written in my Zentangle Inspired art piece…and I also find it funny that my Muse had to “S-P-E-L-L  I-T  O-U-T” for me!  🙂

❤ Lorrie

P.S.  “I am inspired” is embedded in the art…I know it is there…but I thought it is a little busy and maybe not easily seen.