During these difficult times I have to purposefully concentrate on what is right…what is good. It is too easy to fall prey to the negativity that we are exposed to incessantly. We are more alike than we are different and we are connected!

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Happy 60th Birthday

In the blink of an eye I became 60 years old! I still think I am 32…haha. I have to believe that me posting this is a really good sign that I am healing ❤

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When Grief Sneaks Up On You

When grief comes on suddenly it can feel like you were hit by a freight train! This post is for all of you who have lost loved ones. May you work your way through the long jagged road called grief.

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Haiku ~ & “Merry Christmas”

In life and in death You can not deny the truth Spirit moves your Soul!   On this Sunday, one week before we celebrate the birthday of Christ, I am solemn… This week I learned of a birth, and a death, in a matter of hours.  One tiny little human embarking on the most miraculous […]

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“It Was Time For That To End”

He said. She said. They said. Everybody scrambles to put together their memories of how it all went down. Did I remember it all correctly? If you listen to the other version you wonder if you both shared the same time and space at all! And then there is a voice of reason. “It sounds […]

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The Things I Take For Granted

His eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning. Better than any wrapped present under a tree, the rolling ocean, on a gray day, looked thirteen shades of green against a back drop of deep purple clouds full of rain. * He was not child, perhaps a man in middle age and his excitement […]

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Have I Been Wrong?

Can it be that I have had it all wrong? Is it possible that the damaged soul I have been trying to HEAL Is not so damaged after all?   Perhaps it bends and flows with the life force I feed it   Maybe it adjusts illumination depending on how much light I allow in […]

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