Happy 60th Birthday


Whispers in the Wind

The silence gently caressed my mind
as butterflies flew in the field
The sound of everyday life was a distant memory
as I heard the voices
Not with my ears
But with my soul
Whispers in the wind
as the blue sky morphed
into pictures painted with clouds
And all that troubled me
simply vanished
like smoke rising in the air
The chords of life
connected with electric impulses
sent understanding deep
into the cells of my being
and all that I needed to know
was revealed in my mind

I am not a huge fan of my birthday. In fact for many years something bad would happen the day before my birthday. The more I expected it, the more the universe conspired to make it come true.

The older I get…and I can’t believe I am THIS OLD…the more I realize I want to celebrate my life. Partly because the alternative is, well…undesirable, and mostly because I LOVE MY LIFE!

When I look back on how it started I am amazed at how far I have come on this healing journey. There are ebbs and flows – times when I flashback and find myself locked in the well, and times when I am at complete peace in the moment and radiating perfect love.

On the continuum of healing I would say I am well past the middle (which is probably really good since I am well past middle age!) This also means that I am well past the middle in my journey towards self-love.

Join me today and witness me standing in my truth as I put myself out here on full display for all to see, and as I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (and I mean it!)

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Once a broken soul who only reacted to what life handed me, I am now in charge of my life. Garden of Blessitude is a safe space to explore a past filled with pain and abuse. Read my words and let the healing energy touch you as I shine a light on the possibility of healing. Claim your power! You have the ability to overcome your past and finally live the life of your dreams. Go to the ASK◇SEEK◇KNOCK page (above) on the blog (LorrieBowden.com) if you would like to go deeper in your own journey with me. Move from 'It's all wrong' toward 'It's all right,' and you will HEAL AND FREE YOUR SOUL!

43 thoughts on “HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY

  1. Happiest of 60 years to you, Lorrie!! May blessings fall upon your smiling spirit and your soul resonate with love from within as well as from all of us who wish you the same exponentially!


    1. Thanks, Brad 😊😊 I feel so good…and best part is that I now know that when we feel this way we really have to immerse ourselves in that energy…really GET IT!! Sending really good energy to you! 😊

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  2. Sixty years old? Oh no! You are MUCH older. I would say that you are at least a ONE BILLION YEARS old beautiful and wise Soul!
    Thank you for sharing your healing light and spiritual journey. And last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs Blessitude my dear and wonderful friend ❤❤❤


    1. And I thought 60 was old!!😉😉 One Billion feels pretty good!! Thank you, my dear, dear soul mate! I am Mrs. BLESSITUDE…because I am so very blessed and full of gratitude to have found you, my friend! Thank you for your beautiful art for me on Twitter. I am so lucky and proud to know you! 💙💜💙💜

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    1. Hi Louise😊 Thank you, thank you! I really feel the love and inner peace today…just beautiful 💜 I hope all is well in your part of the world and hopefully you are feeling good things too!


  3. Happy 60th Birthday, dear Lorrie! I’m so happy we’ve connected and I hope you continue to celebrate the amazing woman that you are with every passing year.
    This is really a new beginning for you and I’m so thrilled to share in your journey. I love the way you write and your poem above gave me chills. Thank you for your love, support and friendship!


    1. Hi Judy 😊 Giant smiles and a warm heart…that’s what you are and what you gave to me too!! I do feel so very blessed and I am a bit surprised. This feels a little like aging with grace and I thought I would fight it kicking and screaming.
      And…today in the pool was the very first time in my life that I actually felt like I was SWIMMING!! I was relaxed and felt my body gliding through the water…kind of like a metaphor for life right…all is wonderful and I am Blessitude 💜 Thank you, Judy!

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  4. Happy Birthday, Lorrie! I pray that your day was incredibly blessed and filled with joy. ❤️ Your writing is beautiful and you inspire many. Keep shining your light for all to see.


    1. Hi Holly 😊 Thank you so much! I had a wonderful birthday and yes, I am so blessed. It is so important to know that. I appreciate your kind words and hope that you, too, are blessed beyond imagination…many Sweet Blessings.

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  5. Oh Lorrie! I’m so sorry I missed this post and your big 60th birthday but a HUGE belated happy birthday from me. I hope you had a very special day. And I agree, it’s great to celebrate your birthday and how far you’ve come. Actually every day is a great day to celebrate being alive. Loved your poem too. Sending you big hugs and lots of love my friend. xx 💜🌼😊


    1. Hi Miriam 😊 Thank you – Thank you!! I had a wonderful birthday and was most surprised that I embraced turning 60 instead of fighting that mother nature continues to lay lines on my face!!
      Hope you are well my friend…all kinds of love and good thoughts your way!!💜🙏🌞

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  6. Don’t know how I missed this!! A belated Very Happy Birthday to you, Lorrie xx It is so inspiring to read your journey and I am motivated to embrace mine. I am yet to pass the half way mark and I’m sure I will. Healing is slow process for me and there more I read of your journeys, I am strengthened to take one more steps. Take care and continue sharing as your stories continue to bless many.


    1. Thank you, Georgina 💜 I feel so blessed…and humbled by your response. I won’t lie, there are times when I wonder if I should continue to share (especially the truly dark things) and then I get a response such as this from you…and I know the answer is simply YES. Thank you kind soul for touching my heart today. Many Sweet Blessings…and keep moving forward no matter what!!


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