A Deep Seated Faith and Abiding Love


  During this time of Thanksgiving, I sit alone and quiet and I think about the things in my life that are topsy-turvy right now. I have tried to figure out a reason for things that have no reason… and I realize that it is time to let go of trying to make sense out […]

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Silent Words


  Child of my child Do not dwell in fear and cast a shadow  on this auspicious time We all return from whence we came the journey can not reach a conclusion until certain conditions have been met Lying in the dark  with eyes that can not see a spark of grace melted the fear […]

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Erupt in Flames of Passion

The voice that speaks from the depths of my being The love from the connection to the eternal Resides in my soul and whispers sweet secrets And paints fire in the sky!   I have a burning desire deep inside, smoldering embers left alone to warm the dark places. It exists.  It has always been […]

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CONSEQUENCES ~ The Continuum of Light

If indeed there is a piece of softness that I can find A piece of softness that can foster movement of my thoughts To a place inside my soul Where perfect love resides It would be that I honor the rights of all people To be And think And act The way they need to […]

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Have I Been Wrong?

Can it be that I have had it all wrong? Is it possible that the damaged soul I have been trying to HEAL Is not so damaged after all?   Perhaps it bends and flows with the life force I feed it   Maybe it adjusts illumination depending on how much light I allow in […]

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BED OF NEEDLES Somewhere in the middle I created a bed of needles No matter how I turned I felt the stabbing pain   And all that was created in that energy resembled daggers made to not only hurt but to keep all good away   Life was so out of focus I found it […]

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