CONSEQUENCES ~ The Continuum of Light


If indeed there is a piece of softness that I can find

A piece of softness that can foster movement of my thoughts

To a place inside my soul

Where perfect love resides

It would be that I honor the rights of all people

To be

And think

And act

The way they need to

Just because what they do appears to affect me and the way I think and act and feel

Doesn’t negate their rights as an individual in this world

I can only control my little piece of real estate in the cosmic Universe

And if I find it too difficult to control my thoughts, feelings, and actions

Then all I need to do is to stay away from those

That I could NEVER come to a place of compromise

Because the way we think

And the things we believe

And the actions we take

Are at complete opposite ends

Of the Continuum of Light


Lorrie <3



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43 thoughts on “CONSEQUENCES ~ The Continuum of Light

    1. Hi Bernadette! Thank you so much! Appreciate your comments 🙂 The image is a photograph that I used different filters on…but it has been on my mind to paint one or two of them 😉 Hope all is well in your world!

    1. Hi Brad. Thanks for the comment. The images I used for this series is a photograph of mine that I manipulated with different filters. So the images are the same photo and it is amazing to me how different it can look…kind of mirrors life…eh. Art, in any form, has been an integral piece of my healing Brad. Always has been 😉
      Much live for a wonderful weekend ♡

    1. I went to your home to visit and to my great surprise I saw my post but I didn’t see a place to say “Thank You!” So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You for sharing my work!! ♡

  1. Beautiful … inside and out 💕
    If more peeps took time to self reflect on their thoughts, behavior and consequences of their actions, the world would be a very different place. Keep shining the light Lorrie. xo

    1. I’m shining, Val! Amidst the firestorm…it seems the Universe is giving me every opportunity to really, REALLY learn this lesson 😉 I won’t lie and say I haven’t thought, “enough is enough,” but I’m good…I am learning and reflecting…and yes…SHINING! Blessings to you, Val…I know tomorrow is a busy day for you! ♡

  2. Lorrie, the difference in your “vibration” is stunning! You are taking my breath away, to tell the truth! I KNOW you have walked through fires to be purified in order to convey this Message here. Powerful words, just powerful. Bless you for your continuum of radiating Light into this world. Our combined efforts and all those who choose Light has not gone unseen. Oh no! I am really beginning to see a “change” and it just makes my Heart dance with Joy! Yes, there is Light shining so brightly. And yours is no exception! Beautiful!! <3

    1. Your words touched me deeply, Amy. I know you know of what I speak and it is comforting to know that we are not alone in our struggles and subsequent healing. Thank you for your blessings and for your support…it truly means so much to me ♡ I am happy you are taking time and that you hear your soul so clearly!! That is exciting!! Much love to you ♡♡

  3. I really like to ponder over the “continuum of light” – a very interesting concept as it comes to how we shine individually and collectively. You, my friend, truly shine brightly <3

    1. Ah! Tiny…thank you so much for your super kind words! I like what you said and it made me think that I should be looking for the light in every one…for we all have light…yes? Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with oodles of light! ♡♡

  4. Practical and realistic as well as poetic! “I can only control my little piece of real estate in the cosmic Universe.” We do need to take care of ourselves. Shine on, my friend!

    1. Thanks, JoAnna 😉 Sometimes I think I have to control EVERYTHING…and that is a huge responsibility…and FALSE!! Hope you have a wonderfully creative weekend ♡

  5. Hi Lorrie, lovely post again, learning to accept people where they are and understanding no matter how hard we try to get along with them there is no way on this earth we can. Staying away or at a distance is best for us. Constantly drawing in other compatible people is my aim to be surrounded near or far with as I would put my own kind, my Soul type to create strength and friendship bonds.

    1. Thank you for lending your support here and your view on this topic. I used to be so stuck because I thought I HAD to stay involved with them because they are “family.” It is just a classic relationship between the abuser and the abused and even though I know I have a choice…it does not always feel like an easy one. But here’s to living in the energy of love and respect and building our relationships from that place! Oh, how beautiful it sounds 🙂 ♡

      1. Your wounds are similar to mine the ones I have been removing are to do with family also, We try to do what is expected but it does not work for us. Sometimes when we give love to others they turn it and return it in a horrible form. We have to put a stop on them so we can move into our place of love and God. It is beautiful and we are joining forces with those who know how to love. Blessings

        1. That is so key!! That there are many like us and I think maybe the shift I feel is partly a collective shift! I understand what you meant by how they return the love as something else. My problem in the past was feeling so much fornthem…and understanding how they got where they are. I can still do that…but I feel I’ve done all I can do…and now it’s time for them to do something…or not! It’s their karma now.
          Blessings to you for healing and rising in love ♡♡

  6. Loved your words and artwork too Lorrie..
    There will always be alternative ends of the spectrum to our thinking.. These opposites have to exist in our dualistic world of Light and dark.. The continuum of Light can only shine if it springs forth from the darkness.. A journey of which we are all travelling along in our various shades as we learn to merge with the Light..

    Love and blessings Lorrie and thank you for sharing your journey and the valuable teachings you are giving us as you take us through your experience.. <3 Love and warm Hugs and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.. xxx

    1. Ah! Thank you, dear Sue!! I am so grateful to share my experiences in the hopes that it may help someone who finds themselves in similar energy. I am so grateful to you and the support that you share! I totally get the continuum from dark to light and I know that it is necessary. May we shine brightly and add to the light <3 I am so grateful for the energy you add to my life…to my blog. The day we connected is one I have Thanksgiving for <3 <3

      1. Awww.. Blessings right on back Lorrie.. You are loved and it is so good to see you now nurturing your own heart… Your teachings and sharing here is often like looking in the mirror.. Sending huge Hugs your way and thank YOU.. <3

  7. Dear Lorrie, I found the artwork really set the stage beautifully for this piece. May we all find the softness in our soul to honour and respect the rights of all people, and may that fill the world with love so there is little room left for hate and toxicity. Beautiful work! Blessings, Harlon

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