When Love Walked In


When love walked in

I felt its presence

I heard its voice

And I wanted to be like it

When love walked in

My heart grew larger

My ego got smaller

And I felt happier than I ever had

When love walked in

I felt fear walk out

The constricting hands released my throat

And I drew a sigh of relief

When love walked in

I embraced it with open arms

I held it with sacred hands

And I offered it up to the Saintliest Angel

Thank you for lifting me higher

Than I’ve ever been lifted

Thank you for the abundance of Spirit

the likes of which I had not known

When love walked in

I got really comfortable living in my own skin





Haiku ~ 8/26/14


Pretty little thang

Barking orders on her bike

Brute in a TuTu!




The other day I saw a little girl wearing a pretty little TuTu.  I thought she was cute as a button…until she opened her mouth!!  She was the sweetest looking biggest little bully I had ever seen!!!!

The haiku was being written simultaneously…I knew the last line immediately “Brute in a TuTu!”

It made me wonder how many times things are not what they first appear to be!  So look with your heart and ears, as well as your eyes…and don’t judge a book by its cover!! 🙂

❤ Lorrie

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The Soul That Was Placed Inside This Body That I Wear




It lives

resurrected from the tombs

It flies

over mountains

through clouds made of love

It’s free

to break through barriers

that were placed on it

locking it down like a prisoner

in solitary confinement

It had so much time alone

it almost went insane

It stood on the sidelines

and watched my ego rock my world

So many vile, tasteless, useless events

things that drive the soul deeper

into a bottomless pit

the pit that swallows you whole

disallowing contact with spirit




shackles be gone!

The soul that was placed in this body I wear

is now in charge

Thank you for a body to move

But I will tend it with love

From now on the hard shell

of useless hatred is dissolved

And there is free transfer of love;



and given again.




Haiku ~ 8/23/14

2014-08-23 08.41.46

Gifts can touch your soul

Connected by your heart strings

They live forever!




This beautiful card was another gift I received this week.  The giver is one of the most beautiful pure hearts I know and she selflessly gave to me, something that she wished she had herself!  So I wanted to post it so she could see it again…and to say Thank you kind one!

❤ Lorrie

My Heart Was Touched



Every once in a while

Your heart can be touched

When you least expect it


The “old” you

might think that you are not

“worth it”


The “new” you

snuggles up to the wonderful souls

who went out of their way


To make you

feel beautiful!


And at days end,

I lay my head down

to dream beautiful images

like the ones you put in my heart!




I had such a beautiful week because many dear souls touched my heart.  I was showered with gifts; A beautiful Bouquet of words, a beautiful Bouquet delivered to my door, a wonderful card filled with angel love, and countless connections of spirit.  I thank you all because you make me “shine” brighter, float higher, love harder!

May you all experience the deep love that was planted in your soul!  Blessitude

❤ Lorrie