L’ETOILE DU BERGER (Shepherd’s Star)

Collaboration with my dear SoulMate, Fre’de’ric


L’ETOILE DU BERGER (Shepherd’s Star)
Looking for
my Sheperd’s Star
I noticed
there was one star
that appeared to shine brighter
than any other in the sky
that night
I walked
and each step brought me closer
to the light
that my soul was born of
out of time and space
pure sparkle
will ever dull
this brilliance
will be accessible
sublime to the touch
chime of Infinitude
transcendent and worldly
at the same time
as close
as you want it
to be
My journey cocooned
filled with a knowing
Celestial Grace
Lorrie & Fre’de’ric ❤

Haiku ~ 7/25/15 Ninja Crab


Happenstance meeting

Not sure who was more afraid

“Little Ninja Crab”



Lorrie ❤



I had my last injection in my knee on Tuesday.  I walked up to my door (sue me…I had my cell phone in my hand so I was not looking EXACTLY where I was going) and guess who I found at my front door?  Yes, Little Ninja Crab.  I screamed, much like my snake scream, mainly because I was startled (unlike my snake scream!)

Of course my first thought was, “I need a photo of him!”  He was content to oblige me, that is until I decided I needed to get a little closer…and WHAM!!  Ninja hands were up and ready with lightning fast speed.

I believe he is a “blue land crab.”  I think he is beautiful.  If you are interested, here is a Wikipedia link that will tell you more about him.

A friend shushed him away from the door.  I don’t know what I was thinking…I was still in the hallway (approximately a 12ft hallway).  Suddenly Ninja Crab started running right at me!!!  I turned on my newly injected knee, and ran down the hallway screaming!!  As luck would have it for my neighbor, he made a quick left turn just as she was coming around the corner.  Now all three of us were screaming!!  Well, I didn’t actually hear Ninja Crab, I just assume he was as frightened as the two of us! 😉

I looked on several sights for the meaning of being visited by a crab.  There were several interesting ideas:

The crab never takes a direct or forward path…most times it runs sideways…so it is a reminder that sometimes a problem can be solved by coming at it sideways as opposed to head on.  It is also a reminder that not all paths lead directly to a goal and that your inner voice may be trying to lead you in a different way.

And the meaning that seemed to make the most sense to me giving the events that ensued the following day, is that the crab reminds us we can wear our own protective armor when we need to.  You know the saying, “Hurt people hurt.”  I was the recipient of a loved one’s hurt, and it hurt really bad.  I visualized my pretty Ninja Crab and I duplicated an armor of blue, and I slid inside.  It didn’t take the hurt away, but it didn’t let any more in.  All in all, a very successful strategy I’d say!

I am grateful for my visit from the Blue Ninja Crab.  I am Blessitude! ❤

The Beauty in Nature Moves My Soul


Emotions erupted

Out of a clear blue sky

The beauty transformed in a moment

Touched by Spirit

A moment that would not be ignored

She unleashed a bellow

That echoed through time

Created a wind

That was swift and strong

A motion picture

That would stand the test of time

Stillness surrounded her

In gentle blue

Rays of light

Filtered the pain

And she surrendered

To the seed of Love

That was planted in the beginning


Last evening I went to the pool to do my daily exercise.  The sky was an incredible blue, and the air was hot and balmy.  I looked over the pool house, and I could see the beginning of a beautiful light show.  These clouds came out of nowhere, and Mother Nature orchestrated an intense show, with digital sound included!  I stopped to look in wonder, and a cacophonous explosion rocked the serenity, and saw me fly out of the pool!



Lorrie ❤


I Accept All That is Offered


There is a sadness that pervades my soul

A time of energy that sits in the balance

I can’t put my mind on the cause

There is no apparent reason for this feeling

Nothing that jumps to my thoughts

I know from past experiences

That I just need to ride it out

I need to sit with it and give it

As much honor as I can

Not every thing in life has to have a reason

Not every question has to be answered

So I sit and I breathe

And I let myself feel this feeling

Open arms I welcome the sadness

I sit with a cup of tea

And quietly

No pressure

I let it know that it has the time

And the opportunity

To be what it needs to be

I let it know

That I won’t try to control it

Or change it

Or question it

I will only allow it

And, somehow

In writing these words

And feeling these feelings

I can sense a shift

One corner of my mouth turns up

As my face adopts

A knowing glance

As my heart

Pours love





That is



Lorrie ❤


Photo credit:  My girlfriend M

EXQUISITE ~ Word Challenge from Brad


The time you spend in my heart

Sends shivers down my spine

Your exquisite beauty

Sends love through my pores

And I am grateful for this

The connection of love

And I wish to become a

A worker of light

A worker of beauty

To continue to send this energy out to the world

My mind becomes clear

My heart beats stronger

I walk through life on sturdy legs

Connected to the beauty of love

The most exquisite love

The most exquisite feeling

I am honored to pay this forward

I shall not disappoint


95 words


Lorrie ❤



My very dear friend, Brad, from writing to freedom invited me to play along in this word challenge.  Somehow, it took me over a week to see his post!!  His word gave me inspiration and I set my timer for 5 minutes.  My word was ‘exquisite’ and the above is what came out, unedited, uncut.  Thanks Brad!  Nothing moves me more than words flying from my pen 🙂

I am supposed to invite (it doesn’t say how many) others to join in the fun.  This is the part of challenges and awards that I find I don’t like very much.  So I am going to be a rule breaker…I send this word challenge out to every single person who reads this post…Yes…YOU!  If it speaks to your heart…TAG, YOU’RE IT!!! ❤


Here are the rules:

1) Open an MS word document (or any other editor).
2) Set a timer for 5-10 minutes.
3) Your word is at the bottom of this post.  DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH A TIMER.
4) Fill the word document with as many words as you want, once you start writing, don’t stop.
5) DO NOT go back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check (this is only meant for you to reflect on your control over sensible thought flow).
6) You may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals.
7) At the end of your post write down the number of words.
8) Do not forget to copy and paste the entire passage to your blog post with a new word for your invitees.





Haiku ~ 7/1/15 ~ First Firefly


Firefly in flight

Catches moonbeams on its tail

Sky lights up in kind


Lorrie ❤


This post is in honor of the first firefly of the summer!  Last year my backyard lit up like fireworks, there were so many.  Last night I wasn’t sure I saw him, the lone ‘lightening bug’ flying around, indiscriminately shining his light.  So I sat and kept my eyes open as long as I could, and BINGO…I saw him!

I thought about why I love these insects so.  And I realized the answer:  These wonderful bugs carry their light with them and proudly display it no matter what.  We could all take a lesson from these flying torches of light!!

Blessitude ❤


P.S.  I send a prayer for those braving the drought and wildfires out west ❤