L’ETOILE DU BERGER (Shepherd’s Star)

Collaboration with my dear SoulMate, Fre’de’ric


L’ETOILE DU BERGER (Shepherd’s Star)
Looking for
my Sheperd’s Star
I noticed
there was one star
that appeared to shine brighter
than any other in the sky
that night
I walked
and each step brought me closer
to the light
that my soul was born of
out of time and space
pure sparkle
will ever dull
this brilliance
will be accessible
sublime to the touch
chime of Infinitude
transcendent and worldly
at the same time
as close
as you want it
to be
My journey cocooned
filled with a knowing
Celestial Grace
Lorrie & Fre’de’ric ❤

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Once a broken soul who only reacted to what life handed me, I am now in charge of my life. Garden of Blessitude is a safe space to explore a past filled with pain and abuse. Read my words and let the healing energy touch you as I shine a light on the possibility of healing. Claim your power! You have the ability to overcome your past and finally live the life of your dreams. Go to the ASK◇SEEK◇KNOCK page (above) on the blog (LorrieBowden.com) if you would like to go deeper in your own journey with me. Move from 'It's all wrong' toward 'It's all right,' and you will HEAL AND FREE YOUR SOUL!

49 thoughts on “L’ETOILE DU BERGER (Shepherd’s Star)

  1. A beautiful collaboration, Lorrie and Frederic! I love the “transcendent and worldly”… that it’s close enough to touch even as it is the brightest light in the sky… You guys shine brightly!

    Much Love


      1. Hahaha. I guess I’m probably the only blogger living in Brazil that shows up in your stats eh. Hahaha. People always know when I enter their blog because of that. 🙂
        It was a lovely poem. And you know I really love Frederic’s poetry as well, so a collaboration between two amazing people like you and him, can’t be anything short of lovely (don’t you just love that word – lovely?)
        Many blessings and hugs to both you Lorrie, and Frederic.
        🙂 ❤


        1. Haha…no…I didn’t catch you because you are from Brazil…I caught you because I knew I didn’t do what I said I would do so I was very aware…and you liked an old post on Wednesday so I knew you were looking 🙂

          I LOVE the word “lovely”…I have a girlfriend who called someone ‘lovely’ and I said to her that she never called me lovely…to which she replied, “I didn’t know you were going for lovely!” It was very funny in the moment and we continue to have a good laugh whenever we hear the word 🙂

          Thanks Staci…I am sure Frédéric feels your praise. Your words mean a lot to me and I am sure to him as well!! Many blessings, friend ♡♡

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ohhhhh, hehe 🙂
            Yes, lovely has a very special ring to it. Like it’s much more than pretty or beautiful. It’s something that’s from within, or speaks of an aspect beyond the physical.
            Bless you Lorrie and have a wonderful rest of the week.
            🙂 ❤


    1. Thanks Steve…always appreciate your kind words! I am well…busy…but well. I don’t have the time I would love to devote to my blog and reaching out to others. But I am very grateful for the time I can spend here and that dear hearts like yourself stop by! Hope allnis n super in your world!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are a sweetheart, Lorrie! God bless you and your big heart, I know God does as much as we do here!!

        Stop by and let me know how you are as you have the time…

        Steve 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sue…Giant hugs right back 🙂 😉 Thank you so much for reading our poem and for commenting. It is such a pleasure to work with Fre’de’ric and I am delighted that what we create together is received so beautifully. I hope you are well and that you see light in all that surrounds you ♡♡

      Liked by 1 person

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