My Power Does Not Scare Me


I stand in my truth And I rock back and forth As I analyze the days  In between my journey of feeling a need And standing in my POWER And I say, “Wow! What a ride!” * The awareness was a long time coming As the landscape of my perception Born itself in minute increments […]

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The Sound of Ascension

I walk to the beat of the floating drummer suspended in air the drum beats dance clouds carry the sounds from one state of mind to another and reveal in the light the same steps I take steps over terrain clouded with obstacles placed just so which move me orchestrated beautifully to bring me to […]

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No Animosity…Just Curiosity

    Could my body be more broken? I am not sure… I have done everything I can think of to recover from the assault. The muscles are tight and tired, the tendons stretched beyond capacity. The bones are out of alignment and they hurt. And all of this after I was so completely balanced […]

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