The Sound of Ascension


I walk

to the beat of the floating drummer

suspended in air

the drum beats dance

clouds carry the sounds

from one state of mind to another

and reveal in the light

the same steps I take

steps over terrain

clouded with obstacles

placed just so

which move me

orchestrated beautifully

to bring me to

the next truth

the next layer

to be uncovered



I hear the rhythm

that plays a melody in my heart

and it feels right

every sound

mimics the reality

that is

and the words stack up

to create sentences

that speak from

an ephemeral timelessness

and create visions

of captivating beauty

which leave scars on my soul

and awareness for healing

the drum beats and I walk

each step has meaning

each event has purpose

every word is communicated with

knowing not sound

I feel the weightless noise

and I float with Angel guides

and I fly

to the beat


The Eternal Drummer


Lorrie <3


Photo credit:  (Adam Pretty/Getty Images) 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

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31 thoughts on “The Sound of Ascension

  1. I’m really moved by the power and depth in this poem which speaks to me of a healing through insight and awareness. I used to go to a drum circle, but it’s been a while. Still, I remember that feeling you have done such an excellent job of describing, and reminding me that the drum beat can be heard anywhere. We carry it with us in our hearts. Fascinating photo, too. Is it a drummer in the photo?

    1. Hi JoAnne…thank you so much for adding such beauty to this post. I have never experienced a drum circle (at least not in this life) but I was compelled to write this 🙂 The photo is of the opening ceremony at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, 2008. There were 2008 drummers all playing in unison…I will never forget it…it was so powerful! So maybe I did attend a drumming circle…the largest one ever 😉 When I thought about a photo to include with this post, this immediately came to mind. Many blessings to you <3

  2. As a fellow Drummer these words within your poem are excellent Lorrie..
    “every word is communicated with knowing not sound ,I feel the weightless noise”,,,,, Brilliant… May your soar skyward with the Angels through your day and beat that eternal message home.. The one that spells LOVE!…
    Hope your week brings you higher and Higher my friend.
    Sue <3

    1. Dear Sue,
      Thank you so much! I think that I am being led to drumming! I will have to follow this and find out more 🙂
      Your words are so beautiful, and I can feel the passion within them! It is all about LOVE, isn’t it? That message that is always on the brink of being exposed is simply….L O V E!!! Thank you for raising me up this morning. Many blessings friend! <3 <3

  3. Somewhere with you Lorrie, you are part of the drum circle of life! There is such a powerful symmetry to your words creating beautiful harmony all around. My heart beats in time, and I feel connected to you and the Eternal Drummer. Thank you! <3

    1. Ah! Louise…Thank you!! I love the word “harmony” it feels like what it is! And thank you for the beautiful words and most important, for your connection! Namaste, dear friend. Walk in love <3

  4. one really has to experience this great communication with the universal language of the drum, to understand the transformative power of drumming.

    1. I feel I am being drawn to this, and I appreciate your comment. I will seek this out, and as with all things in life I believe everything happens exactly as it is supposed to….exactly when it is supposed to. The trick is to understand what the messages are. I think it is undeniable that drumming is something I must explore. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you so much 🙂 I’m really happy I found that photo…because I can remember how deeply moved I was by the experience! It is hard to believe it was 7 years ago already! Many blessings to you….I hope your day is filled with light and love <3

    1. Hi Harlon! Thank you my friend 😉 Just got to the pool, in the shade of course. I get to walk in the pool for 15 minutes…not quite the exercise I am used to…or NEED for that fact…but I am GRATEFUL!! Hope you have a super blessed day ♡

  5. Beautiful rhythms Lorrie. You’ve reminded me of the power in drumming in a group. The entrainment and connection to heart, life and each other is a beautiful experience. I hope you get to experience a drumming circle, especially a sacred one.
    Hugs and blessings my friend. 🙂

    1. 🙂 Your lips to Spirits ears, Brad!! I feel such excitement at the prospect. Hope your weekend is going fabulously well…much love to you. Thank you for always lifting me up!

        1. Happy Birthday my beautiful friend!! I send you many blessings for a year filled with light, learning, and love!! Enjoy your day Brad…not too much partying 😉
          PS. I saw your BD on FB…I tried to write on your wall there…but as a FB newbie I wonder where it went 😉 ?

          1. Thank you dear Lorrie! Your FB post showed up. I appreciate you. Last night was the wild stuff. XD Today is a mellow patio party with friends to warm the heart. <3

            1. Oh you wild thing Brad!! Enjoy your wonderful party on the patio…that is more my speed nowadays 😉 and I’m happy th FB post showed up. Trying to branch out in this technological world is a bit of a challenge 🙂

  6. This piece had so much room in it for us to gather round and feel the wonder of it all, Lorrie. I love how you weave the rhythm of the floating, eternal drummer to the place of your foot steps around the obstacles of the earth walk– joining the worlds together. This is the essential human task, to hear the sky drummer and to carry the beat in our heart while we navigate the experience of form and presence.

    May the scars on your soul fade and disappear once the healing has completed.


  7. “to bring me to
    the next truth
    the next layer
    to be uncovered

    This met me today!
    On time; harmonious; resonating.
    Thank you!

    1. What a beautiful way to express that!! Thank you, there is no greater feeling than to know that something touched someone, Julia. I feel so blessed 🙂 Have a super wonderful day! <3

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