It Was Noticeable



The stillness was so noticeable.  There wasn’t a hint of breath, nor did a branch move.

My mind looked on in wonder as the thoughts darted in and out, moving effortlessly and raging to a screaming crescendo echoed by the piercing stream of internal sound accompanied by the one that was real.

It was noticeable.  The dichotomy of the scene before me, the one I could see with my eyes but not quite reach with my soul, and the one that has been a constant companion, stitched to my side, unable to break free and handcuffed to my spirit.

It was noticeable.  All I ever wanted was to feel the peace and tranquility, live in the place of trust and truth, and not let any other sound, real or manufactured, break the blessed reverie of the scene placed before my eyes, the scene I had seen before, the place I remembered, the place I loved, the place I felt safe, and the place I felt love.

It was noticeable.

The sound got louder.

And it was noticeable.


Lorrie ❤


I Have a Question…


Do you ever find that when you are “in the zone” spiritually, riding so high that you are connected to EVERYTHING and the love from your soul is shining, that you are suddenly attacked verbally for no good reason?

I know that my actions and reactions are the only thing I can control, but I have a really hard time controlling this.

This seems to contradict all I have learned about energy!

I am trying not to beat myself up for allowing my energy to go DOWN to match the attack, and trying not to be angry at the person who didn’t stop until I did.

I still have a lot to learn.


Hope that your energy is flying high and filled with LOVE!


Lorrie ❤



Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ The List


There was a strong look of concern on his face

as I read the list I decided to write

because my brain fog doesn’t allow me

to remember everything

and when I speak

I sound like an idiot

as I grapple for words

that are buried

deep in my brain

and hardly ever

get uncovered.

Being able to speak to anyone

about anything

and to think on my feet

used to be




it’s just a distant


but not the kind

I can’t remember ~

too bad.


The List.

His eyebrows went up in surprise

as I read it…

I noticed.

The list…

it was long.



Lorrie ❤


One of the things that happens with this disease is that my senses are heightened, sometimes to the point of exhaustion!  Sudden noises frighten me as I literally jump from the assault.  I hear things, loud, that other people have to stop and concentrate hard to hear.

Visually, I see…EVERYTHING!! It makes driving difficult as I can be distracted by a tiny bunny hopping on the side of the highway (the same highway that has 5 lanes and if you don’t drive at least 75 mph you are in danger of being assaulted by those who want to go 95!)

Forget about smell.  This one is super annoying as I find myself saying most of the day, “Do you smell that?”  Again, other people generally don’t, or they have to work really hard to get it.  But then again, my friends probably just say, “Yes, I do,” because they know the drill.

Touch is very strange because right now I have numbness that comes and goes from my waist down.  But let one piece of hair get loose and touch my body!!  You would think an army of ants were marching head to toe.  Being that the treatment makes my hair shed more, I cut my hair off (really…off!) so that I could stop the creepy crawly sensations.  It has helped…a little. 

As far as taste goes, there is a constant taste in my mouth and it reminds me of an episode of the TV show ‘Alone.’  One person decided to boil her socks in water to clean them after wearing them for about a month.  Yeah, you get the idea.

Then there is other people’s energy.  Yes…that assaults me too. It is hard to be in large groups of people as I pick up on every thought…every emotion! 

So when my doctor raised his eyebrows…it was subtle and probably would have been unnoticed by most people…but to me he may as well have screamed, “Holy Crap!”

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CONSEQUENCES ~ The Continuum of Light


If indeed there is a piece of softness that I can find

A piece of softness that can foster movement of my thoughts

To a place inside my soul

Where perfect love resides

It would be that I honor the rights of all people

To be

And think

And act

The way they need to

Just because what they do appears to affect me and the way I think and act and feel

Doesn’t negate their rights as an individual in this world

I can only control my little piece of real estate in the cosmic Universe

And if I find it too difficult to control my thoughts, feelings, and actions

Then all I need to do is to stay away from those

That I could NEVER come to a place of compromise

Because the way we think

And the things we believe

And the actions we take

Are at complete opposite ends

Of the Continuum of Light


Lorrie ❤



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I Am Able


Swimming against the tide

Turning, taking breath

Pushing hard against the strong current

No chance to swim parallel

A steady stroke

Water flows over my body

I try to think it is cleansing

Washing away the thoughts, events, patterns

The negative vibrations

That have been in control

Seem to fight the change


They thought they found a home

And do not leave willingly

One arm over the other

Feet kick in a synchronous dance

Water coming hard at me

I push harder knowing that

The opposing forces create a friction

That erases what was there

Cleanses my body

My soul

My mind

And leaves me refreshed


My energy field set at neutral

I am able to create the things I want

I am able to vibrate at the level that feels right

Feels good

I am able to see straight into my soul

Not with eyes

But with my heart

And while my used vibration

Tries to hold on to the one voice in my head

The last wave of crystal clear

Ice cold water

Washes it away

I am able to see



Lorrie ❤


Haiku ~ 6/24/14 & Standing in My Blue


My blue waits behind

the huge expanse of darkness

waiting to be freed



Standing in my blue

This is where my power is

People spend a lifetime looking for meaning

Looking for approval and trying so hard to matter

I thought if I could control everything around me I could make things happen my way and I wouldn’t be left to experience the mayhem that surrounded me

I wouldn’t have to live in fear

But the truth is, I now realize, that I truly controlled nothing

The harder I held on to things

The more I strangled myself

The more I tried to control every aspect of my life

Every circumstance in my life

The harder they swirled around me in a cyclone of destruction

I was a victim

A victim of life

Things happened to me and I wanted control

I wanted to be able to make it stop

I just didn’t know how

Now I find it ironic that I have learned that the true power is letting go

Open your hands and set the madness free

Now I stand in my blue with the realization that the elusive control I tried so hard to hold onto

Was within my power the whole time

The only thing in this lifetime that we truly have control over is the thoughts we think

Yes – into the blue expanse of my mind the thoughts that float by like clouds on a windy day are the only things that I can control

So standing in my blue I work very hard to notice the drifting clouds of thought and I know that I attract what I think

Standing in my blue I direct the passing clouds

I take responsibility for my life and I am content…free from the swirling forces that I created

Standing in my blue I create what I want to see

And I am who I want to be

Standing in my blue ~ I take back my power