This is the perfect time to make positive changes in your life. Eight months into a worldwide pandemic we have had time to assess what works for us…and what works against us. It can be hard to admit that sometimes we are our own worst enemies – but it is NEVER TOO LATE to make a change! And…IT IS NOT SELFISH TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

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The key is awareness

These are trying times, indeed! If you feel helpless when you look at the world that surrounds you…

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Where Is Your Power?…Self-Reliance

A stairway to...

It took me a while realize, and then to be comfortable with, my power. The lines between fear, safety, and responsibility were blurred for most of my life. But I am a strong-ass woman and it feels really good to stand in my own shoes…to recognize my power rests in self-reliance…with a faith in the Divine!

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The Monster Under the Bed

Most people suffer in silence and fear to ask for help. They Keep their secrets in the dark because the resultant shame cloaks them in a false sense of complicity. I don’t want people to feel alone. I want them to know that if they ASK for help they will always be supported. And I want them to know they are so much stronger than they think they are!

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Stretched beyond imagination Strung so tightly Stress to the breaking point Plucked like a guitar string The highest pitch possible Hard to believe you could ever be normal again But suddenly the tide changes The hand wrapped around the tether that pulled so tight Loosens the grip ever so slightly And like a rubber band […]

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