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When I was younger, I didn’t think much about where I was headed. My mindset at that time was more, “How do I get through this day?”

The first time I had an inkling that I must have something to do with the chaos in my life was in my early 20’s. I didn’t exactly know that I was a co-creator, but I knew that I had to remove myself from certain people and situations. At the very least, I knew that staying in the middle of the CRAZY, made me complicit. I may not have contributed to it, but by BEING there I gave my permission to be a part of it.

It’s never received well when one person tries to extricate themself from the dysfunction. I suppose it shines a spotlight on the fact that something is wrong. The group involved in the dysfunction needs all of its members to keep the status quo, because they all depend on one another to keep the secrets.

If you are successful and break (mostly) free, the group has to protect itself and will turn on you. You will be outcast and denigrated. You will begin to question yourself as they do a hard press character assassination.

The shining light at the end of the tunnel is that once you break free, the truth of your soul is able to finally come forth, and as you reacquaint yourself with this truth you finally know peace.

Know where you are going. You either lose yourself and stay in an abusive environment, or you get really clear about who you are and you leave.

Sending all Sweet Blessings that you shine the light of your authentic soul and break free from all things that don’t resonate with your truth!


Lorrie <3


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16 thoughts on “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

  1. I love your posts, Lorrie. Your encouragement to rid our lives of negativity is so empowering! I know you have honestly lived everything you share. That’s what makes it so inspiring – because you have made those courageous changes! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Awwww….thanks Judy! What kind and beautiful words 😊 I have lived them and I can’t say they were easy…but they were definitely worth it as all the experiences have made me who I am today. Moving in to the “older” stages of life has made me Blessitude for everything!!
      Hope all is well on your side, Judy. I’m so happy we connected! 💜😊

  2. It takes courage to step out of the norm and forge your own way. Lovely post Lorrie and a reminder of what’s truly important. Much love to you my friend. ❤️🙏

    1. Thanks, Miriam 🙂 You always bring a smile to my face! And it is so funny that you used the word “courage” here, as I just commented on your post how I think you have so much COURAGE!!! Okay…today’s word is courage!!
      Thank you, my friend <3 Much love right back!! Have a magnificent week 😉

        1. I really couldn’t believe it when I saw it…but I shouldn’t be surprised…we are so many times on the same wavelength! Great week, Miriam 😊💜

    1. Hi Julie 🙂 Thank you…and it is my pleasure to share. I saw you come up in my email and it made me smile. Hope life is treating you well!!

  3. Thank you for this clear and important message which can apply to many situations. Getting out can be hard when we’re addicted to the dysfunction which can happen to anyone, but it is possible to take care of ourselves and get help to move into a healthier life. I’m so glad you got out and are living well! Sending peace and hugs!

    1. Thanks, JoAnna💜 Your comment about being addicted is so true! And the message does relate to many situations (most of which I have lived!!) That is a problem…when we don’t even realize that we are a part of the problem and I have been there and done that! I see many people who don’t see it yet, and are therefore destined to repeat it over and over. Lots of prayers for them!! 🙏
      Thanks for adding your energy and thoughts…have a wonderful week!! 😊💜

  4. Very wise words, Lorrie! We really do have a choice to get out of those situations and relationships that don’t allow us to be our true selves. It takes courage, but we can do it!

    1. Hi Ann…so funny…that word “courage” keeps coming up over the last couple days! We do have have choices, it is just a shame that we don’t always realize it. It’s one of those things that is maybe simple…but not always so easy.
      Hope you are well and enjoying summer. I will be over to catch up soon. 😊💜

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