And sometimes
with pure blind faith
you take a leap
where it looks to the naked eye
like nothing is there
but you see the beauty
and a voice inside says YES
“take the shot”
and the universe moves
in ways…to show you the way
and when you look a little closer
something so unexpected appears!

That’s what I’m talking about!

A little dose of inspiration on this beautiful Sunday morning.


I just “KNEW” there would be something in this shot. So, I aimed the cellphone into the crystal-clear water and took the shot. When I got home I zoomed in and looked closely. I love the abstract look the slight waves of the crystal clear water create over the rocks.


And as I scrolled, I saw him! A Sergeant major fish in all his glory!


And as I prepared this post and took another look – I saw so much more!

I see three more Sergeant Majors…plus another larger fish…can you find them?

Sometimes we need to have pure blind faith and take a leap. If we get really quiet and listen to our soul, it will never steer us wrong!


Sweet Blessings my friends! I hope you hear everything you need to hear…and then I hope you ACT ON IT!!


Lorrie <3


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18 thoughts on “PURE BLIND FAITH

  1. That leap of faith is all it takes to open so many new opportunities, Lorrie, it’s just the taking it that tends to be the stumbling block! 🙄
    Love your photos with the fish… they blend into their surroundings and then really stand out!
    Have a good Sunday.

    1. Hi Tom…couldn’t agree more 😊 Feeling pretty powerful taking those steps…believing…and listening! I was so happy when I saw the fish…I even found another one in the abstract photo!
      Hope all is well in your world!!

  2. Yes I SEE them all Lorrie… 🙂
    Listening to one’s inner intuition and taking that leap of blind faith often shows us the hidden miracles that we don’t always see clearly until we take a closer look into the depths 🙂
    Your blind faith paid off dear Lorrie…
    Such is LIFE…
    May we keep making those leaps…. and finding those hidden words within worlds.. <3

    Much love your way dear friend… <3 Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sue! I’m so happy you saw them! I even found another one in the “abstract” looking photo 🙂
      It takes movement and faith on our part, doesn’t it? It seems we can stay stuck and not take the chance or we can leap and then watch as the Universe conspires to make things HAPPEN!
      Hope all is well in your world, Sue. I will be over to see what you have been up to…all good things I’m sure!! Much love right back <3 <3

      1. Not been doing a great deal in the blog land on my blog.. But doing a great deal on the garden front in the allotments… Nature has called to me much stronger this year LOL…
        Trusting in the Universal Plan…. and yes just going with the flow.. All is Well in my world Lorrie, Many thanks my friend and Much love <3

        1. You have to go where the energy leads!! I get it! I also have not been as present, even though I love blogging. I have been called to a big creative project and it takes time. I will still drop over because I am sure I will find a tasty little morsel at your blog…as I ALWAYS do!
          EnJOY your garden, Sue… I know how much work you put into it 🙂
          Sweet Blessings Friend! <3

    1. Hi Simone 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your footprint! It’s amazing what you SEE when you are looking for something!
      Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Brad 😊 The water was so crystal clear! It is cool the effect the little waves had in the photos. It’s the gift that keeps giving…I keep finding more in the photos…but the life lessons are there too.
      I know I missed your birthday…so here’s a very Happy Belated Birthday, Brad! 🎂 I hope it was a great one and that the year ahead is filled with wonderful life!!

  3. How beautiful! Looking deeply into the details of life, trusting the energy of the Universe and all these signs that are often right under our noses are what makes magic happen. I saw all the fish! Thanks for these gorgeous pictures Lorrie and your lovely words of faith and hope. Sending you much love and blessings for a great week ahead. 💙 xx

    1. Hi Miriam 😊 I love when the magic happens!! Yes…trusting is easier when we “let go.” So many wonderful things happen when you get in tune with the balance and rhythm of nature.
      I’m happy you saw the fish!! We didn’t get to snorkle so to capture those pretty babies with a cellphone camera was quite the thrill!
      Hope all is super in your world, Miriam! All good things back to you 😊💜

  4. Lorrie, I just love this post so much!!! I often use this concept to help explain how I made it through deep grief. Just because my loved one was “out of sight” – didn’t mean they weren’t beside me, helping me to stay positive.
    Your photos are amazing! I’m so glad you had faith that something was out there to inspire you, Lorrie. The more you look for something, the more you find it!

    1. Amen, Judy! And I love that you slanted it to the positive because it works the opposite as well…and don’t I know it because for too many years the things I looked for were not positive! I am so Blessitude that I have been able to change that to looking for the positive!
      And what you said is absolutely true…your loved ones who have passed as ALWAYS with you…I know it!!
      I’m happy you liked this post. It was a fun day, and it was made even better by finding those surprise fish!
      Sending all good thoughts of love and light <3

  5. Wow! That is so cool how more life appeared with a closer look. I love how the water plays with light. I may have written about the dream I had years ago and will never forget. In the dream, I was walking on stepping stones that led into murky water but I could not turn back though the path of stones seemed to end. I couldn’t see which way to go. But when I just lifted my foot and moved it forward, another stone rose up from the water, then another and so on. I don’t know where I went in the dream, but it doesn’t matter. I learned the lesson – that the path will become clearer when we need it to. Keep on enjoying your beautiful part of the planet.

    1. Oh my gosh…I LOVE that dream, JoAnna!!! What an incredible message it delivered and obviously such a powerful one as you still remember it!! I am guilty of looking out further than I need to…trying to figure things out. Lately I have been trying to keep those circles in a little tighter, and do what is right in front of me. I have to admit I like it so much better!!
      Thanks for sharing, JoAnna…you enJOY also!! 💜

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