Dance Into Eternity

Life. Death. A thin line. I’ve walked for years, Straddling, One leg firmly planted on the side of life. The other in the air, crossing the center, balanced like a gymnast on the beam. Life. Death. One is here, where my foot is planted firmly, and there are times that it feels darker, than being […]

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Be Not the Darkness

Wicked Sunset with Bird

Lonely Souls I sit not in judgment of the wounded heart that bled its pain in the destruction of others for many times this is how humans behave * But there is another way a way that serves humanity in the light of which we were created in the light of all true meaning and […]

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A Bag of Bones

Her pain is so raw as she tries to hold on to the life she controlled with such precision. For what is left when there is nothing left that she feels can be manipulated? She lashes out and makes rude comments. She tries to push me away as she wishes to show me the pain […]

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