Spirit Paints Rainbows ~ Haiku 11/23/15


 Spirit paints rainbows

Missed by those who would not see

With eyes of their heart


I would have missed it had I not looked around and taken the whole of the experience in with all of my senses.  To the south the sky was crystal blue and the sun shone brightly.  But over my shoulder, I felt the faintest drop of rain.  I turned to the east and large puffy clouds were gathering – a convention in the sky.  My eyes wandered north and I could see more rain, and then I caught a glimpse of color.

I was not sure I had seen anything, so I studied the canvas in the sky and to my delight Spirit painted perfection before my very eyes.  In all her glory my surprise rainbow appeared and the depth of her beauty radiated out to those who would see her.  It was almost as if she was painted just for me, as no one else seemed to notice her. 

I wanted to share this beauty so I told the 30 or so people who were all facing south, “Look!  There’s a rainbow!”  They started to turn as I got my camera ready and took aim.  I watched her disintegrate into the ether of the sky.  I pressed the button on my camera as the crowd moaned and groaned, somewhat annoyed I had disturbed them.

I couldn’t tell what my photo looked like in the outdoor sun and had completely forgotten about it until today.  I opened my photo gallery and there she was!  Just before she exited the canvas in the sky, she let me capture a portion of her beauty.

It made me think about how excited I get when I am touched by Spirit and I learn a lesson based in the love of Creation.  I run around and jump for joy and try to get everyone to “see” it.  But many times I am met with the same blank stares as when my surprise rainbow appeared to shine only for me.

I am reminded that I don’t need confirmation of the way my soul is touched, and that I can’t force another soul to feel, or think, or see what I do.  While we are all on this journey, and we are all connected, we all walk at our own pace and this is not a race!

I can’t walk the walk for another, this walk is mine.  And while I am thrilled to come upon another soul who is walking the same pace, I can’t force anyone to walk at mine.

But, knowing myself as I do, I’ve a feeling that I will always get excited when Spirit paints rainbows, and I will always jump for joy and try to get others to look!


Lorrie <3



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45 thoughts on “Spirit Paints Rainbows ~ Haiku 11/23/15

  1. I’m glad you saw it, Lorrie, and that it brought you so much joy. Or, it reflected the joy in your heart. I love when Spirit shows us these random acts of beauty! Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Ah! Mary…Thank you!! “Random Acts of Beauty,” I LOVE IT!!! And you know what, Mary? I believe they surround us constantly…we just have to be willing to look with the eyes of our heart and soul!! Thank you dear heart…Blessitude ♡

  2. Lorrie, you have a child-like heart of wonder and amazement. Too bad more of are not more discerning or open to the Wonders of Nature. I Love reading your blog posts. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. That is so wonderful for you to say, DeBorah!! (And I can’t say that I haven’t been accused of acting like a child!! 🙂 Oh…but to view the world with child’s eyes…to banish fear…and see and feel only love….YES!! That is what I’m talking about!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful brother!! ♡

  3. May you see rainbows everywhere dear Lorrie, for after all, a rainbow appears in space only because of a certain visual perspective. Your wonderful photograph and prose made me think of a video I chanced upon recently and which, with your permission, I thought I might share with you:


    Hariod <3

    1. Ahhhhhh! Where to begin? First…it is one of…if not my FAVORITE…songs! It was amazing…what talented people…their tone was so clear…harmony so perfect…not to mention the cup drumming!! 😉 I just love when creative souls come together and the outcome is pure bliss!!

      Thank you, my friend, for the beautiful wish! I long to ALWAYS have this ‘certain visual perspective’ and I wish it for you also!!! ♡♡

  4. I loved the rainbow poem. I have my sewing machine at the window and the other day I looked up to see one across the sky with no rain in our area. Just clouds. I called my son to come look but it was gone just as quickly as it came. He went for his camera and headed out to the front porch when a double rainbow appeared. The rain followed shortly but I loved that I was able to witness it. I have all the places I sit facing outside. I need to see the world at every possible moment. Rainbows and anything to do with nature just inspires us and says life is good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. I love it, Marlene!! You saw a disappearing rainbow also!! One that was painted just for you…and then to see the double rainbow! Ah! I think it is great that you love and respect nature so. I think many people just go from one thing to the next and never really LOOK at where they are! There is so much wonder and beauty that surrounds us. I have a very heightened sense of sight with very good peripheral awareness. I SEE so much around me. While I am driving my passengers sometimes can’t believe what I spot…I am very in tune with driving but if something moves in my periphery I notice it immediately.

      I wish the many blessings during this holiday week ♡♡

      1. It’s wonderful that you see so much and so well. I look because my vision is so compromised that I take nothing for granted. I wouldn’t say this to anyone else but you might get it. God and I have a special connection so I get special favors just for me. My kids are aware of it and I always smile and say, God really loves me. Maybe I just tune in better than most. :)) My lack of vision doesn’t mean I’m loved less, just directed to pay attention more. Have a terrific week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

        1. Oh…my dear Marlene!! I know God loves you!! 😉 and so do I!! And please, I did not mean to be insensitive about how much I see :/
          My Mom was an avid reader and I shared the love of written words with her…and now she is completely blind in one eye and only sees shadows in the other. For many years when she first started to lose her sight, I could not read ANYTHING…it felt like a betrayal to her. And it hurt like it was my own loss. So I think maybe I am super sensitive to sight because of this…and like you, take nothing for granted about it.

          I “get” you…and nd I am grateful for you!! Oodles of love to you my friend…and keep looking for rainbows!! ♡

  5. “We all walk at our own pace…” Lorrie- there is so much truth to this beautiful post!! How beautiful that you were able to see that rainbow! Our perspective changes as we grow in our walk…and we cannot make others see what we see. Love your picture, your words, and just you, my friend 🙂

    1. Ah! Thank you sweet Julie!! I think I get so excited because it feels so right…and then I see people I love and I want them to feel that good!! But I am getting it…and I love where I am. I wish you and your family so much love and wonder during this Thanksgiving holiday!! <3 <3

  6. The promise and anticipation of rainbows is so enticing and exciting in our thinking! And yet, it is just another phenomenon of nature …. There is so much here 💛

  7. I’ve had this same experience with blank stares. A couple of rainbows have appeared at times when I was really down and I felt as it God, the angels, spirit, were telling me, Look! It’s going to be okay. Once a rainbow appeared dramatically arched over my work place just as I was headed to the building on an awful morning. I shouted and pointed to people in the parking lot. They looked at me quizzically. I think I repeated myself, “It’s a RAINBOW!” They didn’t get it. But it’s okay. I join in your joy, Lorrie, for your rainbow. 🙂

    1. Isn’t it amazing that there are people who don’t get excited over a rainbow??? It is astounding to me!
      Joining in joy….I like it JoAnna! Sending you many blessings and wishes for a beautiful holiday! ♡

  8. Such a wonderful painting in the sky Lorrie.. and your words were a rainbow of delight also…. Even as I type to you now, the Sun has come out and is shining through my window upon several hung crystals I have suspended in the Light.. A rainbow of colour is now cascading around the room as the crystal spins slightly from the small draft of the open window..
    Spirit do paint rainbows, and they surround us with colour every day.. I am pleased you shouted out your joy, and I hope others shared in your delight.. I did.. and I thank you for sharing it with us Lorrie.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my beautiful friend..
    Take care as I send you Love and Light xxx <3 Sue

    1. Yes, Sue!!! I super love that you have crystals hanging to catch the light…I must confess I even have one hanging from my rear view mirror in my car!!
      I was once involved in the clean up of a very gross home…inside and out. I had reached my limit where I sat and just started crying because I didn’t think I could do it anymore. There was an old icky lamp with strands of brown (I didn’t know what they were) hanging. I had a paper towel with windex on it and it touched the strand…and my little miracle was revealed …they were antique crystals but you couldn’t tell because they had been in a room where someone smoked for 40+ years!! I took a strand and dropped it into a bowl of windex and they were instantly BEAUTIFUL! !! I took the time right then…and I cleaned them all and I took all of the wire off of them. I put them in a glass bowl and they became my symbol that I can do anything I need to do!! And that Spirit truly watches over me!! They sit in my living room and every afternoon the sun comes in and the whole room sparkles!!!! They will always be a symbol of strength and fortitude for me.
      Much love my dear…dear friend. And so many blessings to you ♡♡♡

      1. What a beautiful story Lorrie, I actually saw you, in tears, as you reached out and cleaned them. and could visualise them sparkling their rainbows at you.. Yes, we are never alone, and those from Spirit will always try to make us see the ‘Rainbows’ Have a beautiful Day dear friend.. Sending so so much love your way 🙂 <3

  9. Did those people really murmur over you calling their attention to beauty. Hmmmmm… I wouldn’t have murmured. I would have turned and looked and joined you. 🙂
    The sky really is a great and vast canvas, isn’t it. And rainbows are spectacular.
    And you are so right Lorrie. No one can live this life for you, but you yourself. We are all responsible for our own actions and decisions. We are all individuals.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    🙂 <3

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