Be Not the Darkness

Wicked Sunset with Bird

Lonely Souls

I sit not in judgment

of the wounded heart that bled its pain

in the destruction of others

for many times

this is how humans behave


But there is another way

a way that serves humanity

in the light of which we were created

in the light of all true meaning

and that light is



Nothing is gained

when we retaliate

with our own pain and destruction

delivered by fear that we too,

are capable of such atrocities

All that is gained

is more of the same energy

and it proves that we are indeed capable


But we are capable of many things

and I beg you to replace your fear

before it is too late!


Be Not the Darkness

of the Wounded Soul


Rise up to the

Brilliant Light that

Created Us All

The Brilliant Light

that Shines a Path

Rise Up




Lorrie <3


I feel such sadness in my soul in light of the recent terror attacks in Paris.  It doesn’t make sense to me that people think these kinds of acts are holy.  But I will try not to judge their pain and add more negativity to the world.

Instead, I will think more clearly the next time I have a perceived hurt by someone.  I will try to work it out WITH them, and if that is not possible, then I will just send them love.  Nothing is gained when we add negativity…EVERYTHING IS GAINED WHEN WE ADD LOVE!  <3

Jump into the future and read DRASTICALLY OPPOSED TO LOVE here, and see how I deal with the darkness…almost three years later!

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52 thoughts on “Be Not the Darkness

  1. The brilliant light that shines a path. If only people who live in fear, anger and revenge could see that brilliant light through the lens of their wounds. All we can do for them is hold them in that Brilliant Light. Beautiful words, Lorrie. Thank you.

    1. Yes, Mary!! We can hold them there until all they can see is the light!!! I am so happy we have connected…I can feel your Light!!! Have a beautiful day, Mary!! Blessitude <3

      1. Wow, I just saw this reply. Thanks!! Me too – happy to have connected. You have a beautiful day today Lorrie! <3

  2. Such a beautiful and heartfelt poem in tribute to Paris and this atrocity.. I agree… There is nothing Holy in these Killings, Its base is pure evil intent.. But we can not take an eye for an eye.. Or else the whole world will be blind.. We have to rise up against such acts, with LOVE.. LOVE holds far FAR more Power in its heart than any evil intent..
    I am standing shoulder to shoulder with you dear Lorrie.. xxx <3

    1. Oh…you beautiful soul!!! Yes! Let’s stand together…and let us shine the light of love no matter what!! We will not be blinded, Sue…no…we will SEE with the beautiful light of love!!! <3 <3
      Thank you my friend!

  3. Amen, Lorrie. We can only respond with love and prayer, not more hate and revenge. We must be light shining in the darkness, or the darkness will win. Bless you, sweet sister. <3

    1. Oh! And bless you too, dear Susan!! ♡♡ We have to change this energy…this kind of thinking! It hurts my heart that it is so backwards!! Sending you lots of love energy 🙂

  4. Well said, Lorrie. My question is always if we have a child who is broken in their mind and heart and continues to do harm to everyone around them, do we continue to allow them to do that? I do not believe in vengeance or hatred, just bringing that unruly child into check. I would never allow my child to hurt others and turn away from it. Love is always the answer but loving intervention is sometimes necessary. Just my take on it.

    1. It just makes me wonder how we can ever stop this kind of thinking. I understand what you mean, and I’m not saying that nothing should be done to those responsible. It just seems like a vicious cycle that has no chance of ending…and it appears to be escalating. In my little bubble of the world that I am trying to heal…LOVE really is the answer. I know it seems unlikely that this could be the pervading answer…but I have to believe it! And I have to do my part in it!! Have a super week!! 😉

      1. I’m with you on sending lots of love. I just want to find a better way than bombing to stop these bad boys who are still living in the dark ages from continuing harm. A lot of our leaders are encouraging this kind of behavior because it’s financially beneficial and helps them to get a stronger grip on our freedom. It’s a sad state indeed. I certainly don’t want more violence, just for this kind to cease. I’m doubtful since never in history has it been done. We can ask for miracles though and I do daily.

  5. Synchronicity yet again (our posts today), though I venture to guess that many will be feeling and speaking of the same subject. What I’m enjoying most about the synchronicity of so many today, is that no matter how different we are all approaching the subject, how differently we are all expressing it, we all seem to be drawing the same conclusion and solution. It warms my heart and further solidifies how strong and vast the amount of love that exists in our world … and that if only we could combine it into “one love” as I wrote about today, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, heart or spirit that love would be the victor over any ounce of darkness. Just loved this, thank you Lorrie. xoxox

    1. Kimba…yes!!! I feel your passion dear heart…and I will leave here to read your post as soon as I am done!! I have to believe in the good…I have to believe, as you say, that we can connect this power.. this truly beautiful power of LOVE into ONE LOVE!!! Yes!!

      Honestly…the power of the light will always out shine the darkness. The more we band together, the more powerful we are!!!

      And yes, yes, yes to synchronicity!! 😉 ♡♡ Have a super week!

  6. I wish the holy light be there in everybody’s heart, making them bright and beautiful. But it looks that some hearts are full of hatred, biased and they are driven by certain thoughts that are detrimental to humankind 🙁
    Don’t know how and when it will end…or will it ever end?

    Anyway, Lorrie…hope you are doing fine…:-) Thanks for sharing the beautiful lines….

    1. Oh…Maniparna…you were just in my thoughts when I saw this comment!!! 🙂 How are you my friend? I will be over to catch up on your words.
      Yes…I agree that it is a very sad condition we are facing…and I don’t know how or if it will ever end! I think the only thing we can do is believe the way we do and try to impart a different kind of thinking into the world…thinking that is bathed in…and that comes from LOVE!!
      And I send you so much of it ♡♡♡
      Thank you for your caring heart!

      1. Oh! Lorrie…I’m feeling so good with this comment. Isn’t that the most important part of blogging? Thinking of each other when we are miles apart 🙂

        Hope the world understands the language of love… we need it…very much… 🙂 <3

  7. Lorrie, These are indeed painful times. I wonder what goes on in hte minds of those who imagine that fighting terrorists with bombs will actually work. We are reaping the rewards of that strategy now. Difficult to know how to proceed.

    1. Agreed, Michael! The one thing I do know that needs to be done is to make more people aware of the power of love! Thanks for stopping by. I hope all is well in your world! 🙂

  8. It is painful to watch evil deeds happen. But as you so beautifully say, Lorrie, we must not add to the negativity, but raise above it to light and love. Wonderful post <3

  9. Tears are in my eyes, Lorrie. What an exceptional post! And yes the answer is LOVE, always! What happened in Paris is beyond my understanding, it truly is, yet I will not be filled with terror, nor hate, nor anger! I will continue to walk in LOVE and with Intention, I send those people LOVE whose Hearts are black as night. I just recently experienced my “dark side” and know the truth that if I allow my dark side to rule, I am truly capable of evil as is every single one of us. It comes down to a choice … either Light or dark. It’s easy to act from our ego, our own pain, and that is sometimes our first knee jerk reaction. Yet in practicing LOVE and Peace, we can and do overcome those knee jerk reactions and instead, truly walk in Love even in the midst of darkness. Bless you for this post and Bless you for being who you are!!! With LOVE, Amy <3

    1. Your soul is so beautiful and it inspires me to be a better person, dear Amy!! Thank you for adding here…I completely understand the “dark side” and had a glimpse of her yesterday. The fear has to be replaced by love and I know that the “light” workers in the world make a huge difference!! Thank you again…I am so thrilled that we have connected here and I send you beautiful healing energy. I know you have had a tough time this year…but your beautiful soul continues to live in faith…and I love that about you!!! Much love, friend! <3 <3 <3

      1. Oh, Lorrie, please you are giving me far too much credit. I’m as human as the next one, believe me. I just refuse to bend my knee to darkness no matter how high the temptation. Whenever I have fallen, I get up immediately, forgive myself, and try again. You have got the tears going. Bless you for your kindness to me and what you have just said, has touched me in more ways then I can possibly explain. I Love you, Lorrie!!! <3

        1. Now there are tears in my eyes, Amy!!! I love you too!!! Your words are a testament to life…we try…we fall…we FORGIVE…and we try again…beautiful!! That is the best any of us can do. And just this morning I read something that said if you never fail…then you are not challenging yourself enough!! Much love beautiful soul…have a splendid day!! ♡♡♡

  10. Encouragement and love are always better than negativity. Thank you for reminding us. We can all do our part. I feel the ripples of love spreading out into the world.

  11. Oh yes, the terrorist attacks on Paris. And now Mali. So devastating. It is difficult to understand how people can think that this is actually the will of God. Being specifically because God is love. Love doesn’t kill. I know there are many in fear now. One blogger friend (she is a refugee herself) is so hurt by the attitude and reaction of many Americans right now. So many wanting to close the doors to refugees because of the terrorist attacks. People are fearful so they don’t want to help others. It’s sad, and difficult, and such a sticky issue…
    I hope you are well Lorrie.
    Hugs 🙂 <3

    1. It is all thoughts that are based in fear, dear Staci. You can literally feel the fear from people. But I do believe it brings many together also…the light workers must unite and send that energy into the world!!!


  12. So very many ” lonely souls ” to love dear Lorrie ….thankyou for this most beautiful poetic meditation ….blessings , hugs and always love , megxxx

  13. Great set of verses I dare say!

    What jumped out for me were these lines, and I quote,

    .”…..Nothing is gained
    when we retaliate
    with our own pain and destruction
    delivered by fear that we too…..”

    Interestingly, even though we remain logically aware that retaliation doesn’t work, confronted by a situation we tend to allow out emotions to take over and react. The question that needs to be answered is, ” What could be done to control one’s emotions and rage in the heat of the moment?”


    1. Shakti…Welcome!! And thank you so much for adding your thoughts here! Your words are truth…though I would guess that many wish it weren’t so!! Just the other day I felt myself readying to retaliate to someone I considered rude and out of place…and even though I knew it was not how I wanted to respond…I watched as I told her how rude she was!! She was shocked …and I was unhappy. It just proved everything I wrote about, albeit on a much smaller level…but the energy is the same!!

      Thank you again…and have a wonderful week!! 🙂

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