Be Not the Darkness


Lonely Souls

I sit not in judgment

of the wounded heart that bled its pain

in the destruction of others

for many times

this is how humans behave


But there is another way

a way that serves humanity

in the light of which we were created

in the light of all true meaning

and that light is



Nothing is gained

when we retaliate

with our own pain and destruction

delivered by fear that we too,

are capable of such atrocities

All that is gained

is more of the same energy

and it proves that we are indeed capable


But we are capable of many things

and I beg you to replace your fear

before it is too late!


Be Not the Darkness

of the Wounded Soul


Rise up to the

Brilliant Light that

Created Us All

The Brilliant Light

that Shines a Path

Rise Up




Lorrie ❤


I feel such sadness in my soul in light of the recent terror attacks in Paris.  It doesn’t make sense to me that people think these kinds of acts are holy.  But I will try not to judge their pain and add more negativity to the world.

Instead, I will think more clearly the next time I have a perceived hurt by someone.  I will try to work it out WITH them, and if that is not possible, then I will just send them love.  Nothing is gained when we add negativity…EVERYTHING IS GAINED WHEN WE ADD LOVE!  ❤

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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

51 thoughts on “Be Not the Darkness

  1. Oh yes, the terrorist attacks on Paris. And now Mali. So devastating. It is difficult to understand how people can think that this is actually the will of God. Being specifically because God is love. Love doesn’t kill. I know there are many in fear now. One blogger friend (she is a refugee herself) is so hurt by the attitude and reaction of many Americans right now. So many wanting to close the doors to refugees because of the terrorist attacks. People are fearful so they don’t want to help others. It’s sad, and difficult, and such a sticky issue…
    I hope you are well Lorrie.
    Hugs 🙂 ❤


    1. It is all thoughts that are based in fear, dear Staci. You can literally feel the fear from people. But I do believe it brings many together also…the light workers must unite and send that energy into the world!!!



  2. Great set of verses I dare say!

    What jumped out for me were these lines, and I quote,

    .”…..Nothing is gained
    when we retaliate
    with our own pain and destruction
    delivered by fear that we too…..”

    Interestingly, even though we remain logically aware that retaliation doesn’t work, confronted by a situation we tend to allow out emotions to take over and react. The question that needs to be answered is, ” What could be done to control one’s emotions and rage in the heat of the moment?”



    1. Shakti…Welcome!! And thank you so much for adding your thoughts here! Your words are truth…though I would guess that many wish it weren’t so!! Just the other day I felt myself readying to retaliate to someone I considered rude and out of place…and even though I knew it was not how I wanted to respond…I watched as I told her how rude she was!! She was shocked …and I was unhappy. It just proved everything I wrote about, albeit on a much smaller level…but the energy is the same!!

      Thank you again…and have a wonderful week!! 🙂


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