Providence…and Hurricane Matthew

I’ve felt this fear before. It’s hard to tell if it is the fear of the people, or the voice of my soul forewarning of impending disaster. The force of the storm grows in intensity and the level of fear rises right along with it. Cars stacked along the highway waiting for pumps… that no […]

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LONELY CHAIRS backdrop of summer days gone by the lonely heart grieves days gone by a man in a tie we point and laugh I gasp in disbelief swim to the last barrel a member of the club fear the size of the surf 7th avenue it WAS heaven a slice of my life times […]

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Be Not the Darkness

Wicked Sunset with Bird

Lonely Souls I sit not in judgment of the wounded heart that bled its pain in the destruction of others for many times this is how humans behave * But there is another way a way that serves humanity in the light of which we were created in the light of all true meaning and […]

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