Making Waves


It was the flattest, calm ocean I remember seeing in a very long time.  It was crystal clear and I could see fish swimming in the shallow edge.  The day was hot and humid, the mercury rising into the low 90’s.

The stillness was reflected in our mood as we walked and talked.  The beach was full of people walking, dogs jumping into the still waters, a fisherman or two casting lines in hopes of catching something big.

My girlfriend suddenly changed the topic to a very emotionally charged subject.  Before I knew it, we were both raising our voices, the prior reverie was broken.  It happened in an instant.  At the same moment I realized our energy had changed, I also noticed there were waves lapping at our feet.

I told my girlfriend, “Look at these waves.  We changed our energy and we changed the ocean!”

She said, “Don’t be silly.  A boat had to have gone by and made these waves.”  We both stopped and looked.  There was not a boat within miles of where we were standing.  And there was no movement in the ocean in any place other than right in front of us!!

I know.  It sounds a little crazy to think that we have the ability to “make waves.”  But I saw it with my own two eyes. 

The beach had been so serene.  The ocean and the beachgoers all shared a beautiful peaceful energy.  We disrupted that delicate balance with our energy and waves appeared…only in front of us.  Maybe it was a coincidence.  Maybe it was not.

Either way, it makes me think about how our energy can affect our environment and the people around us.  And it makes me want to work really hard every day to be aware of the energy I release to the world!

In these times of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and riots,  I send a healing prayer and beautiful white healing energy out to those souls who are in need.  I pray that we can band together and create peaceful waters.

P.S.  My Father’s biopsy was last week.  Much to the confusion of his doctors, and the delight of our family, the mass in his lung is NOT cancer!!  🙂 

The Momma is doing so well 🙂  She told me yesterday she had to hang up because she had to go to yoga!!!  God Bless her!! ❤

I am scheduled for knee surgery in two weeks 😦  I put off going to the doctor because I thought it was Lyme’s raising its ugly head, but it turns out I have a torn meniscus.  This is another bad effect of this disease…when something is wrong you automatically assume it is caused by the Lyme’s.  You are conditioned this way because of all the times you went to a doctor and were told they don’t know what is wrong with you 😦

No worries…I am working hard on my swimming strokes (instead of my tennis strokes) and I am working hard on my energy and positive thoughts…”I’ll be fine!”

❤ Lorrie 




Haiku ~ 4/20/15 & Confirmation


Sun rises in morn

A brand new day to explore

All that is good here


Lorrie ❤


As I wake to this new day, starting a new week, I ponder the choices I have to make.  It is clear that the first choice is always, “How am I thinking!”  The rest of the day is shaped, molded, by these beginning thoughts.

Ernest Holmes, in ‘Science of Mind’ said that doctors should never ask their patients, “How do you feel?”  They should always ask, “How are you thinking?”

This was a basic tenet for me the first time I was able to put my disease into remission.  Instead of waking and examining the physical body for pain, stiffness, or lack, I would wake and set my “thoughts” on good, beautiful, positive beliefs.

A few weeks ago I shared this with an 80 year old man who lives in my community.  The other day he almost tripped trying to get to me.  He told me that he really thought about what I said and that he realized that his thoughts are very negative.  He said he always expects bad things to happen.

For the past two weeks he has really been trying to be aware of his thoughts and to change them from negative to positive.  He said, “Lorrie, it is so amazing!!  Within 15 minutes I can completely feel a difference!”  His excitement was so wonderful to witness!

Imagine that!  An 80 year old man who never thought about how he thinks.  It speaks to my belief that most people have no idea how negative they are!

So this post is dedicated to being aware of HOW we think.  I believe that we can change our world and in the process change THE world!

Every day I wake and my first thought is, “How are you thinking?”

How are YOU thinking?

Lorrie ❤

I Remember…An Odyssey ~ Emancipation

This post is a part of a series of writings during a time of deep healing and transformation.  The following are links to the other writings in the series in chronological order:  Introduction & Haiku, The Funny Thing About Truth, The Journey To…, He Said I Have Anger, The Long Sleepless Night, Broken Arrow, Safe, Alone, On The Verge, Shred, The Thread, Vindication, Another Inch…Perhaps a Mile, Emancipation, Forgiveness

*Disclaimer:  Some of this subject matter is sensitive in nature.  Please read and explore in safety.



When all the pieces are there and the dust has settled

I am able to separate





Yes, I am able to extract the layer of lies

That were told to me

And came from me

And I see the woman who thought it was better to hide

Who felt shame and guilt for something that was not her fault

No…not her fault at all

She was caught up in someone else’s sickness

In a mind that spent many years




I feel that I have connected

I have connected




Like a lightning bolt

It all connected

From the pull

Of a tiny



And the fear that kept me in the dark for so long has dissipated

Into thin air

The child who couldn’t handle the memories

Doesn’t have to

Because the adult she’s become

Loves her

And will take all of the memories from here

And while I couldn’t be there to protect her THEN

I am here NOW

And I AM strong

And truth dispels fear when surrounded by love




Poetic Challenge ~ “Love in Ten Sentences”


My dear friend over at Psychopathsgetbored28 tagged me in a challenge about LOVE!  Almost impossible to resist…yes?  Please check out Psychopathsgetbored’s poem…it is fantastic (in fact check out the WHOLE blog while you are there…you won’t be disappointed!) 🙂

The challenge is to write a poem about love and title it “Love in Ten Sentences.” It must have 10 lines, each 4 words long. Every line must contain the word “love.” At the end of the poem, you must include a favorite quote about love. Then challenge ten other bloggers.

“Love in Ten Sentences”

In ‘love’s‘ tender moment

my soul vibrated ‘love

love‘ for all people

love‘ for all things

love‘ so deeply ingrained

love‘ so all encompassing

love‘ that radiates out

I know this ‘love

I need this ‘love

I AM this ‘love‘!




As forgiveness allows love to return to my awareness, I will see a world of peace, safety and joy.  ~ A Course in Miracles

And my nominees for the challenge are:

Should you decide to take on the challenge…have fun!!  If not…no worries 🙂  Have an awesome Wednesday full of love….Blessitude!

Haiku ~ 10/1/14

2014-09-30 07.54.16

Pouring out the back

with a shadow from the sun

Rainbow in the front


20140929_173639 (1)




It was raining cats and dogs the other day.  The drops were so huge I thought the camera might pick them up.  So I ran to the back to get the photo of the rain splashing in the pond.  Then the sun came out…it was beautiful.  Being an eternal rainbow seeker I determined where the rainbow “should” be and ran out the front door (I was not completely appropriately dressed, but rainbows can be fleeting!)

No…no rainbow.  Shucks!  I went back inside and looked out the back again.  It was pouring…and the sun was shining.  I said, “There HAS to be a rainbow!”  I ran out the front door again, and there she was…in all her glory!  I KNEW she had to be there!!

So, the moral to that story is trifold:

1).  If you know something in your heart…don’t give up on it

2).  It can be raining out the back door…but there’s a rainbow out the front…be grateful for both…for one cannot exist without the other

3).  There are sacrifices one must make for the sake of art  (The man who rounded the corner and saw me flying back into my condo clad only in a T-shirt and underwear!!)

❤ Lorrie