I Accept this Love


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It seems I am overflowing with love!

My heart is attached to the tears of joyfulness

The love that rebounds and comes back to me

strikes a chord on the harp of my heart

which sets tear flowing from my eyes

They are not tears of sadness…no…

they are tears of so much joy and happiness

the tears of truth

the truth of eternity that lives in our soul

the truth that mystics have talked about

the truth they have seen

the truth of the heart

singing the song of love

Love is the one factor that means EVERYTHING!

My joyful state is blessed by the people who radiate this energy

up from their souls

they give it so openly

so freely

and I accept it

I accept this love

this beautiful energy surrounded in white

radiating rainbow colors to the edges

I accept it

I honor it

I AM it

Thank you for this

the gift of gifts

for me to know that I am capable of going to this worshipped place

for me to know that I am accepted there

for me to know that I deserve this love

My world is so full of beauty and I am so grateful

I honor the divineness

I shower in the droplets of dew

and I bask in the rippling waters where the sun shines

and hearts are free

I am Blessitude!





I was responding to a comment by Amy, at Her Lady Pink Rose, and in the middle of my response to her this poem came flying out of my pen!  She is such a dear Angel and she is truly beautiful.  Her words to me always spark a light in my heart.  This particular response hit me hard and the inspiration just flew.  So dear, dear, Amy…this one’s for you! <3 <3

(And now I am jumping in the shower and high tailing it to our friend’s house for dinner….I’m late!!!  So I won’t respond till later 🙂 )

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27 thoughts on “I Accept this Love

  1. What a wonderful outpouring of love and inspiration. I’m delighted that you have friends like Amy who support and touch you on such a deep level. You deserve it Lorrie! And we all benefit in these circles of love. XD blessings to you and Amy.

    1. Oh…not of this earth for sure!! All I can say is that I am so blessed and full of gratitude!!! Thank you for your wonderful words and for stopping by!! 🙂

    1. Hi Val! Yes…I spent the evening with friends who are oh, so dear! Truly some of the best human beings that I know!!! As I am leaving them for the winter (& Fall) I will miss them very much. These are friends who you KNOW have your back…As I have theirs. But they will never be far from my heart!! Thank you dear Val…for always being such a wonderful source of support!! <3 <3

  2. You are all that and more! 😉 If that’s possible, Lorrie.
    I don’t think anything was left out of your panoramic vision as you wrote this.
    We all thank you! And we all feel welcome in your receptive blessitudedness. Luvz and hugz! <3 Uncle Tree

    1. UT!!! Thank you!!! “Panoramic vision”…oh, how I love this!!! It was like that, you know….it was like I saw everything, felt everything, heard everything…I WAS everything!!! My day has just blown me away with such a sacred love….THIS is IT…UT! This is all that there is 🙂 p.s. I LOVE Blessitude dness 😉 ) <3 <3

  3. Oh my! This just lifted me up and set me floating on the clouds of Love that are always there — in the harp of my heart (such a beautiful image!)

    Blessings and blessitude to you Lorrie.

    1. Oh dear Louise…I am ever so grateful that it lifted you too! This is so the way I want to live my life…This is the vibration that I want to be at!! Thank you so much for being here…I am so grateful for you!! <3 <3

  4. “the truth of eternity that lives in our soul
    the truth that mystics have talked about
    the truth they have seen
    the truth of the heart”

    Another Song, Prayer or Hymn of Truth! Thank you for gift!
    You spiritual enthusiasm is a blessing Lorrie!

    “I shower in the droplets of dew
    and I bask in the rippling waters where the sun shines
    and hearts are free
    I am Blessitude!”

    Your poems a like the bells of a church that would chime and would say “wake up! wake up, Love is great! Hurry up! Life is beautiful” 🙂

    You’re the vicar of Blessitude!

    Have a wonderful week-end :-)♥♥

    1. Oh dearest Frédéric!! I love your words…you make me smile…always 🙂 The vicar!! 🙂 Thank you for being a part of my world. You are so kind and loving. Your energy comes through your words and I appreciate our bond!! I know you are working hard on your rehab…and I am sending you beautiful healing energy. ..and you will be better than new in no time!! <3 <3. Enjoy this blessed day 🙂

  5. OH. MY. GOSH. Lorrie, I read your poem outloud several times and I felt the Wings of Angels upon their Songs of Joy. How incredible that these glorious words came from a conversation with me. I don’t even realize I radiate as you say, yet all I know I Live from the Heart. So many fear me in 3D but here I have finally found HOME with friends in Eternity. You, Lorrie, are an answer to prayer, and I hope one day we can actually meet. Can you imagine the huge explosion of LIGHT that would occur blinding everyone to the ways of fear, bringing them face to face with LOVE? Blessitude is truly who you are. I am honored, my friend, so very honored. With Love, and (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. Oh, Amy!! Yes…I love the explosion that would blind people to fear!!! All they would see was sweet…wonderful. ..beautiful. ..LOVE!! Yes my friend. ..you radiate that love through every post you publish…every comment you make. I am very grateful for you…and I thank you for inspiring me always…but especially for these words of yesterday. Much love send many blessings to you…dear, dear, Amy! I shall make an intention that we will one day meet 🙂 <3 <3

    1. 🙂 Maybe not always 🙂 (I can be a bit of a beast on the court!! 😉 ) But when it is pouring it feels like a gift! Feels like how I always want to feel!! <3

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