The Sound of Ascension


I walk

to the beat of the floating drummer

suspended in air

the drum beats dance

clouds carry the sounds

from one state of mind to another

and reveal in the light

the same steps I take

steps over terrain

clouded with obstacles

placed just so

which move me

orchestrated beautifully

to bring me to

the next truth

the next layer

to be uncovered



I hear the rhythm

that plays a melody in my heart

and it feels right

every sound

mimics the reality

that is

and the words stack up

to create sentences

that speak from

an ephemeral timelessness

and create visions

of captivating beauty

which leave scars on my soul

and awareness for healing

the drum beats and I walk

each step has meaning

each event has purpose

every word is communicated with

knowing not sound

I feel the weightless noise

and I float with Angel guides

and I fly

to the beat


The Eternal Drummer


Lorrie ❤


Photo credit:  (Adam Pretty/Getty Images) 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

Haiku ~ 5/23/15 ~ We All Return Home

Day of reckoning

unexpected visitor

comfort provided


I thought he was lost

but he was on a mission

sent to remind me


There’s nothing to fear

It’s all made up in my mind

time to release it


He carries his truth

Just like the shell on his back

and then returns home




Lorrie ❤


Ah!  Hello my friends.  I just read a post by my dear friend, Michael, from Embracing ForeverSo many times his writing is an arrow that goes directly to my heart. 

This post just capped off a beautiful week for me, one of trust, love and healing.  It reminded me of an encounter I had at my pool, the day prior to my surgery.  I was reminded I took photos of my visitor and of the feeling of peace and comfort my little friend provided.

When I read Michael’s post it all felt so synergistic!  I was inspired to write this multiple haiku and to share it all with you.  Do, please, check out Michael’s home if you have not already.  Enjoy!! 🙂

Much love…Namaste

Lorrie ❤




In the realm of my existence

I am peaceful in my being

Washed in love that shines out of my soul

I live from my heart

And I listen to the voice of creation

that consumes my being

I honor that which gives me…me

which makes me a small part

of the whole of being in the universe

Today I honor that

which comes forth from Spirit

the collective voice of all

who have gone before…

all who are present…

and the future of the all in creation

Filled with gratitude for being

I open my soul

with light

with love

and I marvel

at the


of Life


Lorrie ❤


Hello dear friends!  I am doing so well after my surgery Wednesday morning!  A GIANT THANK YOU to you all for your love and support.  I am so grateful to be a part of this family.  Your love helped me turn my fear into love, and I am Blessitude!!

A GIANT SHOUT OUT to my AWESOME doctor, who also happens to be an incredible soul!!  I am so grateful you are a part of my life!

I am off to physical therapy!  And I can’t believe I am going to say this: “I can’t wait until I can get back in the pool!!”

Lorrie ❤

A Haiku Sandwich ~ 5/17/15 From Fear to Love




It screams from my mind

crawls out of every pore

fear paralyzes

I know this feeling

I have lived it before

This kind of recognition is not warm and fuzzy

Welcoming home a loved one after a long absence

This is an unwanted traveler amongst the roads of life

The hitchhiker with bad intentions


I will be having surgery this week with general anesthesia.  It is not my first…but it is the first time I have felt fear prior to the surgery.

And fear is not good in any situation.  Then my fear escalated to a full blown panic attack when someone told me a story about how the same operation completely ruined a person’s knee!!  I know she didn’t mean to frighten me…so I had to wonder why it happened.

I realized it was a reality check for me.  I had been waffling between love and fear and I knew this happened so that I could get myself in the perfect loving energy I needed before the surgery.



I completely trust my surgeon and I know that I will have the best possible outcome.  I know this feeling too.  It’s called love and it’s called knowing.  And it’s beautiful!!

Clarity of mind

full of trust, loving kindness

ready to go forth 



Lorrie ❤


Homage to the Prophet ~ Collaboration with Fre’de’ric G. Martin

“When love beckons to you, follow him,

Though his ways are hard and steep”  (Khalil Gibran, “The Prophet”)




He stood on the mountain, exalted

And he wished for an audience to rhapsodize

About all he had seen

All he had learned


Grasping harmony in cacophony

Fighting for peace as wars dehumanize

And pushing for a truce

Between silence and tumult


He wore the tattered vestiges of pain

So delicately on his psyche

As his cloak of love and brilliance

Billowed from his soul


And even winter rains fell under his spell

For he was a maker of rainbows

Who had to teach the bright colors of wisdom

Passion, Mindfulness and Freedom


And they gathered

And they listened

This giant amongst them

Answered every question


And the people rose as one…

As a pregnant woman smiled to him, he said:

The Soul and her baby look alike

Children of Love only have to get ready


To be born



Lorrie & Fre’de’ric G. Martin ❤


AH!  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have been able to write with my very dearest friend, Fre’de’ric, from Poems & Poemes He is such a wonderful man, and he has been such a great friend to me!  He inspires me on a daily basis.  I hope you enjoy!!  ❤

This Tiny Moment of Non-Intrusion


In this space

this tiny moment of non-intrusion

I AM connected

connected to the power of the Divine

the power of Creation

the seed that is planted

In each and every one of us

the seed that connects us

not only to creation

but to each other

this space

this tiny moment of non-intrusion

allows me to see everything

I no longer need the questions

I no longer seek the answers







Making Waves


It was the flattest, calm ocean I remember seeing in a very long time.  It was crystal clear and I could see fish swimming in the shallow edge.  The day was hot and humid, the mercury rising into the low 90’s.

The stillness was reflected in our mood as we walked and talked.  The beach was full of people walking, dogs jumping into the still waters, a fisherman or two casting lines in hopes of catching something big.

My girlfriend suddenly changed the topic to a very emotionally charged subject.  Before I knew it, we were both raising our voices, the prior reverie was broken.  It happened in an instant.  At the same moment I realized our energy had changed, I also noticed there were waves lapping at our feet.

I told my girlfriend, “Look at these waves.  We changed our energy and we changed the ocean!”

She said, “Don’t be silly.  A boat had to have gone by and made these waves.”  We both stopped and looked.  There was not a boat within miles of where we were standing.  And there was no movement in the ocean in any place other than right in front of us!!

I know.  It sounds a little crazy to think that we have the ability to “make waves.”  But I saw it with my own two eyes. 

The beach had been so serene.  The ocean and the beachgoers all shared a beautiful peaceful energy.  We disrupted that delicate balance with our energy and waves appeared…only in front of us.  Maybe it was a coincidence.  Maybe it was not.

Either way, it makes me think about how our energy can affect our environment and the people around us.  And it makes me want to work really hard every day to be aware of the energy I release to the world!

In these times of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and riots,  I send a healing prayer and beautiful white healing energy out to those souls who are in need.  I pray that we can band together and create peaceful waters.

P.S.  My Father’s biopsy was last week.  Much to the confusion of his doctors, and the delight of our family, the mass in his lung is NOT cancer!!  🙂 

The Momma is doing so well 🙂  She told me yesterday she had to hang up because she had to go to yoga!!!  God Bless her!! ❤

I am scheduled for knee surgery in two weeks 😦  I put off going to the doctor because I thought it was Lyme’s raising its ugly head, but it turns out I have a torn meniscus.  This is another bad effect of this disease…when something is wrong you automatically assume it is caused by the Lyme’s.  You are conditioned this way because of all the times you went to a doctor and were told they don’t know what is wrong with you 😦

No worries…I am working hard on my swimming strokes (instead of my tennis strokes) and I am working hard on my energy and positive thoughts…”I’ll be fine!”

❤ Lorrie