A Haiku Sandwich ~ 5/17/15 From Fear to Love




It screams from my mind

crawls out of every pore

fear paralyzes

I know this feeling

I have lived it before

This kind of recognition is not warm and fuzzy

Welcoming home a loved one after a long absence

This is an unwanted traveler amongst the roads of life

The hitchhiker with bad intentions


I will be having surgery this week with general anesthesia.  It is not my first…but it is the first time I have felt fear prior to the surgery.

And fear is not good in any situation.  Then my fear escalated to a full blown panic attack when someone told me a story about how the same operation completely ruined a person’s knee!!  I know she didn’t mean to frighten me…so I had to wonder why it happened.

I realized it was a reality check for me.  I had been waffling between love and fear and I knew this happened so that I could get myself in the perfect loving energy I needed before the surgery.



I completely trust my surgeon and I know that I will have the best possible outcome.  I know this feeling too.  It’s called love and it’s called knowing.  And it’s beautiful!!

Clarity of mind

full of trust, loving kindness

ready to go forth 



Lorrie ❤


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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

75 thoughts on “A Haiku Sandwich ~ 5/17/15 From Fear to Love

  1. My goodness, you are blessed with so many followers! I am proud to be one of them. I hope you will accept my nomination for the newest WordPress Family Award. You are certainly as close as a sister with your encouragement and support over these many months. I appreciate you and you can check out the requirements on my new post. Blessings,


    1. Hi Ellie…I am proud to have you for a sister:) and I thank you for this nomination which means a whole lot to me. I have suspended participating in awards for the time being for lack of time to do the awards justice. Please know I am grateful for your thoughts. I hope all is super in your world ♡

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  2. Ooooooo, I’m so sorry to hear about the feat Lorrie. It sounds like you’re much better though. Glad to hear it. I hope and pray that all goes well. And beautiful photos, btw.
    Love and blessings.
    🙂 ❤

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  3. That knowing is wonderful, and we can trust it. But we’re in the human form, so fearful thoughts may cross our mind from time to time. We can just let them pass, let them run across the screen, or sit them down in the passenger seat and belt them down as Val says. They have no power when we’re filled with love, and trust the knowing. You’ll do well, Lorrie! Love, Tiny


  4. I’m happy to know that everything turned out okay for you, Lorrie. I get panic attacks triggered by health stuff, too, so I totally know what you were going through. The anxiety is often worse than the problem itself, isn’t it…Warnest wishes – Julie


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