Somewhere in the middle

I created a bed of needles

No matter how I turned

I felt the stabbing pain



And all that was created in that energy

resembled daggers

made to not only hurt

but to keep all good away



Life was so out of focus

I found it hard to see what was really there

or what was a figment

of my imagination



Slowly, some of the daggers

lost their shape and grew soft edges

Meaning was expressed

with images that came from my heart



And before I knew it

the message of love multiplied

and a garden of beautiful flowers

was created



And I understood the significance

of the bed of needles

and can even see their beauty now.



Lorrie ❤




Ever tread so lightly

In the landscape of my soul

So that I may walk among flowers

And smell their thoughts


Ever tread so lightly

That I may hear a secret

That is whispered in the wind

That the melody of my desires

Come back to me again


Ever tread so lightly

That all is not lost

That everything plays a role

In the story that unfolds


Ever tread so lightly

That I remember who I am

That I remember who you are

That I remember the connection

To the symphony of colors

That which created the story

In the first place


Ever tread so lightly

Move without sound

Hear with my heart

See with my soul

And know no bounds


As you read these words may you have a memory of the Divine Spirit that you are.  In light of the turmoil that erupts in our midst, may the light of our love and our peace radiate to the injured parts of our world, and let there be healing.


Lorrie ❤


Where the Beautiful Flowers Live


This, a day that used to cause me great fear,

Is met today with love!

My world has grown into a beautiful garden,

fertile with all the ingredients necessary

to foster beautiful flowers,

the flowers of love, grace, kindness, compassion

They grow with such beauty

that people can’t take their eyes off them

they grow and they spread out to other gardens

and soon, the world is full of these wonderful delights

Every garden exists because the beautiful flowers

fill the luscious landscape

for where the flowers of love, grace, kindness and compassion grow

there is no room for the weeds….

the weeds of fear, doubt, hate, prejudice, anger, and violence

can not grow

Where the beautiful flowers live!





For many years, August 19th turned out to be a very bad day for me.  It was probably just a coincidence at first, but when I started to think that bad things would happen…guess what??…. Bad things happened!!!

I am happy to say that I fully expected today to be “magnificent!” ….and guess what??….IT WAS!!!

Our thoughts are things….and they manifest into our reality.  So…BE AWARE of your thoughts….change your thoughts if you need to….TAKE CONTROL!!!  It works! 🙂

❤ Lorrie

Walk Through the Pain

20131122_071940 (1)

Walk through the pain

one tip toe over the line

you are safe

you are loved

Walk through the pain

you will see how nice it is to be on the other side

it’s light and it’s pretty

Walk through the pain

there’s no need for fear

this is the place of great love and joy

the place where your heart can heal and feel it’s self-worth once again

Walk through the pain

and see beauty

the world is full of flowers and rainbows and wonderful creatures

Walk through the pain

there are many who have walked through before

and they are here for guidance if you need them

they are here to offer a hand

offer a heart

offer a blessing

Walk through the pain

and honor the true essence of your soul

you are beauty

you are love

you have the capacity to live the life of your desires

to do

to be

whatever you can imagine

Walk through the pain

and decide that you are a miracle

and you will live up to it!



written 6/8/14

My Heart Blossoms

20140524_113018       20140524_113108

Directly to my heart

the arrow of love pierces my being

the feeling is strong and overwhelming

due to its long absence

but I accept it

I caress it

I honor it


Gone are the dark days

where my first thought was one of guilt

look back on a life

and be responsible for everyone


and the funny thing is that I WAS responsible

just not in the way I thought I was


Now it’s hard to believe the way I berated myself

mistreated myself

mistreated God

for how could I dishonor one of his children

it ran deep

deep in the veins of my soul

I did not even recognize the person who took over

the tyrant with a stick

to beat down anything that was beautiful

anything that was true


I can cry now

and see the wrongness of it all

and I can rejoice now

for all that is right

my heart blossoms

like a beautiful spring flower

bubbles over with love for all

with love for myself


It is new


but it is nice

and I want to hold on to it

and I want to grab it with both arms

in a death grip

with fear

so that it can never leave me again

panic rises in my throat

at the thought of losing it

at the thought of going back to the ugliness

the vile desecration





let it go



no fear

I look at the flower that closed so tightly

and I poke it

tap it gently

tap my heart

it’s okay

you are safe

you don’t have to protect yourself

for the act of protection is what closes you off from God


One by one

the petals of my heart loosen

and it is spring all over again

the beautiful flower blossoms

and the love flows freely

and this is where I want to be

this is where I want to stay

this is where I am meant to be







Two Dozen Long-Stemmed Roses!

Happy Mother'sDay!
Happy Mother’s Day!


There was knock at my door this afternoon.  I peeped through the hole and saw a giant box with a little lady standing behind it.  It was my neighbor who said she got my delivery by accident.

I ripped the box out of her hands…as politely as I could.  I thanked her brusquely…as politely as I could.  It was flowers…and I can’t remember the last time I got flowers delivered to me.

My baby boy remembered his Mommy and sent me two dozen long-stemmed roses!  What a delightful surprise.  He is so busy this weekend with a large event that I had just hoped he would remember to call on Sunday.  I can’t tell you how happy this made me 😀

The only thing that makes it better is that I put them in my Mother’s crystal vase.  She gave it to me this year because she said she wanted me to enjoy it while she is still alive.  And right now neither one could look better…and nothing could make me feel better!

Happy Mother’s day to you all!  I wish for you all to feel as good as I do right now!