Two Dozen Long-Stemmed Roses!

Happy Mother'sDay!
Happy Mother’s Day!


There was knock at my door this afternoon.  I peeped through the hole and saw a giant box with a little lady standing behind it.  It was my neighbor who said she got my delivery by accident.

I ripped the box out of her hands…as politely as I could.  I thanked her brusquely…as politely as I could.  It was flowers…and I can’t remember the last time I got flowers delivered to me.

My baby boy remembered his Mommy and sent me two dozen long-stemmed roses!  What a delightful surprise.  He is so busy this weekend with a large event that I had just hoped he would remember to call on Sunday.  I can’t tell you how happy this made me 😀

The only thing that makes it better is that I put them in my Mother’s crystal vase.  She gave it to me this year because she said she wanted me to enjoy it while she is still alive.  And right now neither one could look better…and nothing could make me feel better!

Happy Mother’s day to you all!  I wish for you all to feel as good as I do right now!




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9 thoughts on “Two Dozen Long-Stemmed Roses!

      1. Flowers for “The Flower!” I’m happy that you seem to be doing better. That “head explosion” thing seemed to be awful!

        As for me, well I’m starting to get back to the normal “grind.”

        Talk to you later, Lorrie,


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