Maybe…Just Maybe


Now at a time of great vulnerability I can see you lying there defenseless

Just as I once did as a child

One might think that I would wish you harm, or at least exact a toll that was once paid to me

But I do not

I wish for you to be well, for you to fully recover and resume your life

A life that I wonder – has it ever been examined at all?

I won’t sit in judgment, for I have forgiven you

And I have also forgiven myself

Our souls were put together on this plane to learn and grow and I have done both

There were times that you wanted to tell me what you learned but fear gripped me so hard I could barely breathe

I wish now that I had been able to listen to you

Because when I was ready the fear jumped to you and you wouldn’t let me speak

You left me to carry the burden of my lost soul once again, with no direction from the elder

I suppose if you wake that maybe the time will be right for us to have the conversation

Or maybe it won’t

Maybe, just maybe, our souls have said all they need to say to one another

Maybe, just maybe, we have learned all that we were meant to learn

And, maybe, just maybe, words are not necessary between a father and a daughter

You lay there fighting to live and I know you can hear me…even if I don’t speak

I forgive you…I love you…get well

-Blessitude  2/26/14

I Rest Assured – I Rest Secure – I am Confident

Amazing colors
Amazing colors

“I rest assured in the knowledge that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I rest secure in the knowledge that I don’t always know what is best for me, even when I really, really think I do. I am confident that even though I may be disappointed, I know that everything happens for a reason and that everything I need will be presented to me in the time that it is supposed to.”

I just received disappointing news that something I worked very hard for did not come to fruition. I really believed that it would. When it did not, it was almost a shock. But shock gave way to reality and there was a moment that all the old negative thoughts tried to resurface.

I stopped those thoughts dead in their tracks.  I replaced them with the absolute knowledge that I know, as I have always known, that everything happens the way it is supposed to.

I had a few moments throughout that day where tears suddenly came to my eyes.  I really did not want to cry.  I let a few fall, and then I got back on course.

Here are a few things I know to be true:

1).  I am positive that what I am doing is my absolute purpose.

2). I am certain that if you really believe something, it will happen

just maybe not exactly the way you thought it would!

3). I have always been protected and my greater good has always been provided.

4). I have learned great lessons in times of hardship.

5). I am so blessed and full of gratitude!  BLESSITUDE!

So, for me it is pick myself up by my bootstraps, dust off any negativity, and get right back on the horse!

It is a beautiful feeling to rest assured and secure in the knowledge that everything is going to be fine!

I wish you all the same feeling during times of trouble or disappointment.








I Walk With Love in my Cells


I have just come out of a time where I was bombarded with negative energy.  It is really amazing how when it starts to go downhill, you are on a slippery slope and your energy slips right along with the negative energy that surrounds you.

The trick is to recognize that this is what is happening.

The other trick is to be able to keep your energy light and white once you recognize it.

I am a child of love and I was put on this earth to spread the message of hope and peace.  I shall come in contact with souls who are lost on their journey and it is my responsibility to be a shining beacon so that they may walk to the light.

I accept my responsibility with open arms and I will always try my best in every situation to come from a place of love.

I slipped a little the past few days.  And I forgive myself.  I am righted and I feel the beautiful light of love in my heart.  My wish is that I can show it to everyone, including the people who tried to derail me.

In Blessitude I walk, with love in my cells.  I know where I am going, in fact, I have never been more sure.

Love and peace to you all on this beautiful Sunday morning.


Take My Hand


The sun is shining so brightly

Take my hand and walk to the beauty

Dance to the music that lives in your heart

Life is here for the taking

Take my hand and we can explore all that you are meant to be

Take your dreams and make them reality

Your reality – your wishes – your secret desires

Take my hand and listen to your heart

It is there – it speaks to you – it always tells you what is true and kind

Take my hand and dare to believe

Believe in your shining soul –  a beautiful magnificent creature of the universe

Take my hand – I will travel with you

To the light – to the sacred – to your destiny.

Blessitude 2/21/14

I Swim Like a Manatee – Well…Almost!

You Can Do It!
You Can Do It!

I am not a swimmer. That is what I have said my entire life…and so; I AM NOT A SWIMMER. But I want to be a swimmer. So much of what I do is really hard on my body and the older I get the more I know I need an activity that that is gentler, kinder. That is not the case if you are choking down half the pool water!

I am pretty sure that I am making a commitment to really swim…this time. I know it doesn’t sound like I am completely on board and I’m pretty sure I know why. I just drank a gallon of pool water trying to learn that whole breathing thing. I got the turn my head and look back part, but I think I was still exhaling and then when I put my face back in the water I sucked it all in! Much to the amusement of the eight retired ladies doing their aerobic workout (bad timing on my part) I proceeded to choke and flap my way back to the side with the aid of my girlfriend who is also my teacher. (This happened more than once if you get my drift.)

Well everything happens for a reason. I am sure I brought much joy to the little ladies, and watching their little gray heads bob in and out of the water also brought a smile to my face. (An especially big shout out to my friend who had a heart attack last year…she was one of those lovely heads-so proud that she is taking control of her life!)

So here I go…I AM A SWIMMER! I understand the importance of the words we place after I AM. I have also come to understand that our thoughts create our reality. And, I am very aware of how fear can interrupt us from creating and becoming all that we can imagine.

So I am going to dip my toe in the pool one step at a time. I see myself gliding across the pool in beautiful harmony and I BELIEVE that I am a swimmer. Beautiful!

Next I will work on swimming along the shore of the beautiful aqua Atlantic ocean…that is after I can get rid of the idea of the shark that is sure to bite me! I am a work in progress 🙂

Look Around Look Inside

Look inside
Look inside


Look around…it’s there

In a smile, perhaps a tear

Look around…it’s here

Hard to find, but well worth the wait

Look around…look inside

Everything you ever wanted is within your grasp

You just have to have the courage to reach for it

Look around…I’ll be there

On every side, front & back, up & down

I am also inside you

Look inside…you’ll find me yes, but guess what? You will also find yourself

Look inside…dig deeper

Pull up the layer, peel the onion, expose the nasty and demand it leave, expose the light, the love, the way

Look inside…see the gem, the oracle, the shining light, the truth

Look inside…and know that you are the creator of your world…it’s up to you, you choose

Look…just look

Around, up, down, side to side, inside, BACK,

see with your heart’s mind and eye…see with your soul, see me, I see you

Blessitude  9/4/12


I Paid for these Choppers – so I’m Going to Use Them!

This isn't my smile!
This isn’t my smile!

Yes, you hear me. I paid for my teeth. I traded the teeth I was born with for what I thought was going to be a big beautiful smile that I could show to the world. The problem was I didn’t have anything to smile about at the time. And in actuality, the teeth God gave me weren’t all that bad.

I was so self conscious that I found myself smiling with my lips closed. And that would have been fine if I hadn’t most of my life smiled like a horse, teeth exposed to the last molar.

I thought the fix was to “buy” pretty teeth that would make me want to smile again. The dentist handed me the mirror and I gasped in disbelief. It seems the prophecy of a horse smile had come true…my teeth were so big they looked like the horses I had grown up with!

I then spent my time not only smiling with my lips closed, but trying to talk with them closed as well. It didn’t turn out so well. If you wanted to read symbolism into it, it would go hand in hand with the fact that I had lost my VOICE.

I am so blessed and full of gratitude – Blessitude, because I have come to realize that my reticence to smile had nothing to do with how my teeth looked. It had to do with my lonely heart that had forgotten how to love. It seems appropriate to write this on Valentine’s Day. I have spent the last two and a half years reestablishing the relationship with myself in which I extend love not only to me, but to all beings on the planet.

And guess what? I own the giant horse teeth and I use them every chance I get! Some people are shocked when a stranger flashes a smile at them. On my walk the other day I flashed a big ol’ Mister Ed smile and the lady stopped walking because she thought she knew me. Then she looked embarrassed when she couldn’t come up with a name and wanted to scurry on out of there. I flashed another one to say, “It’s okay…because you really do know me.” She seemed content with that and continued on.

I went with a group of 8 girlfriends to lunch at the bagel store yesterday. They were laughing and carrying on. I was the only one who noticed a middle aged woman who was on the line holding a teenage girl who was crying. They were locked in an embrace for more than a minute. The woman was facing me and we caught eyes. I smiled at her, not the giant horse smile but a knowing smile that said, “I feel the pain of that embrace and I am so happy that you can give her comfort.” She smiled back and it said, “Thank you for your support. Thank you for noticing. We are doing the best that we can.”

There is always a dialogue in a smile if you listen for it. So on this Valentine’s Day, the day we use to symbolize LOVE, go out of your comfort zone and smile – use your choppers – to as many people that you can. Watch how good you feel when people smile back, because they usually do. And my take is the people who don’t smile back are the ones who need your smile the most, so don’t be discouraged – I know you helped them.