Look Around Look Inside

Look inside
Look inside


Look around…it’s there

In a smile, perhaps a tear

Look around…it’s here

Hard to find, but well worth the wait

Look around…look inside

Everything you ever wanted is within your grasp

You just have to have the courage to reach for it

Look around…I’ll be there

On every side, front & back, up & down

I am also inside you

Look inside…you’ll find me yes, but guess what? You will also find yourself

Look inside…dig deeper

Pull up the layer, peel the onion, expose the nasty and demand it leave, expose the light, the love, the way

Look inside…see the gem, the oracle, the shining light, the truth

Look inside…and know that you are the creator of your world…it’s up to you, you choose

Look…just look

Around, up, down, side to side, inside, BACK,

see with your heart’s mind and eye…see with your soul, see me, I see you

Blessitude  9/4/12


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