I’ve been wearing my authentic self for close to six years now.  It feels more comfortable than it did in the beginning of my journey.

I won’t lie, there have been times that I questioned the authenticity of the person I was uncovering.  Unfortunately, this stems from a past filled with self-abuse that had been ingrained for many years.

Doubt.  I too easily allowed myself to jump into that rabbit hole, following others, or worse jumping right in of my own accord.  When I get real clear and listen to the voice of my soul, I am rock steady and there is nothing that can permeate the shell that is “ME.”

As I continue this walk, I am presented with multiple opportunities to practice and with each one I can feel the strength that comes from my center; the truest expression of “ME!”

I know that each step I take is sure and firmly planted.

I honor my truth and I recognize the power of that.

I am focused on what I want to do, and how I want to do it.

Gone are the days I can be talked out of my purpose.

Most importantly, gone are the days “I” doubt who I AM.

I am Lorrie Bowden.  I am full of light and love.  I am living my life on purpose.  I am touching other souls in the process.  I am human and make mistakes.  I am able to forgive myself for said mistakes.  I am strong and resilient.  I am making a difference.  I am love.  And through it all…


(So blessed and full of gratitude!)


And I like hanging out in The Garden of Blessitude!

Hope you find a nice slice of peace here. ❤



(The following is my “old” about page and my “younger” photo!  My how things have changed!)



I am a middle aged woman who taught myself how to love again. I traded illness and depression for authenticity and vibrancy. I learned forgiveness is the key that allows love to blossom and I have never loved myself more than I do in this moment. My opened heart allows unconditional love to flow to every organism on earth; as we are all connected – shall we all be loved.

Life was happening to me. I gave away my true authentic self and I believed that I had no control over my circumstances in life. I turned my back on the voice that speaks from the center of my chest and listened to the voice inside my head. One voice is truth, the other is lie.

I found myself waging battles externally as well as internally. The fighting exacted a toll on my psyche and my body. I allowed an environment where a life threatening disease was able to take hold of my body and I engaged in the biggest battle of my lifetime.

I have walked a thousand miles and I have met incredible people along the way. I have learned that I am responsible for the way my life looks and that I have the power to change what I do not like. I have healed my sick body and my sick life.

I am so blessed and full of gratitude – BLESSITUDE. Walk with me in truth, and may you find your self through love.



My journey is real
Full of things that are touchable…palpable
My journey started when I couldn’t walk
Didn’t take a step
Yet I moved so effortlessly
So beautifully
My journey was a long time coming
Like an arrow that goes off course
I pierced the sky
Submerged in pillow clouds
I found my soul
I stopped to listen
I felt her heart and I knew her
I went home and it is the most miraculous place
I do not dwell there alone
I am a part of something bigger
And something stronger is inside me
Gone are the days that I used to fight the war
Gone are the days there is a need for a battle
I rest in my secure cocoon
My place of love that permeates eternity
I have learned much on my journey
I recognize the connection that we have to all of life
A link in a chain
Where even the weakest is integral to the whole
A part of something larger
Something to be celebrated
Something to be remembered
Something to be loved
My journey is deserving of my attention
And I know her


Photograph in blue shirt by Michael J. Milchanowski

225 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Lorrie. You recently contributed a poem to the #PoetsforPeace collaboration. An online magazine liked the spirit of the collaboration, and asked to publish it. We need your permission to include your poem.
    To give permission, please email: mzanemcclellan@outlook.com your name, and general location (city/state/country) and the ok. You can also leave it in comments on my blog, or tweet me @InZanesBrain or comment on ForgottenMeadows.com where the collaboration was compiled
    Thank you. Peace,

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  2. I am so glad I came across you. I am also a survivor of long term depression of 15 years. Yes I am like a soldier of war now in disbelief of what I went through and looking back I don’t know how I survived. I am writing my story so that others can have Hope and be Encouraged to know they too can overcome or learn to keep under control to live a Better and Happier life in Dignity. Thank you for following My Path. I wish you All the Best. Love Light and Healing Energies coming your way 🙂 ❤

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    1. Hello dear soul! Thank you so much for your kind words and for following your soul’s purpose!! I have been on a healing journey and this blog and my connections with the people here have been such a source of wonderful support. I wish to help people also with the things I write and when that happens the healing also touches me. It truly is a miracle in my life!! So welcome 😃 Have a wonderful day! Blessitude ☀

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