Health and Well-being is a Decision


Health and well-being is a decision.  I see now the ways I contribute to my dis-ease and dysfunction. I understand that the basic tenet of self-love is at the core of our emotional and physical pain, and I strive every day to shift this energy. I would like to dedicate this post to my father.  […]

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With Grace & Ease


  Oh…to move through life With Grace & Ease.  To understand there will be peaks and valleys and to move effortlessly whether we have resistance walking uphill, or have momentum walking down. A few years ago I took a course called, “Beyond Limits,” which was based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes’, Science of Mind.  […]

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This is the last post in the series titled, “Consequences.”  The following list depicts the other postings with links in chronological order: 1). Consequences ~ The Fishing Expedition 2). Consequences ~ The Fallout 3). Consequences ~ The Bottom Line 4). Consequences ~ The Continuum of Light 5). Consequences ~ I Am Not Completely Unscathed 6). […]

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    THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY   There is a sadness in the air.  Even the birds can sense that humanity is hurting, suffering.   I look and I see mourning, and if not mourning I see fear disguised as anger and prejudice.   The coming together eases it a bit, but I wish in […]

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I Feel the Need to Create!!!

  I feel the need to create! A wave so strong my every waking moment recognizes and understands the capabilities that lie within. My hands and heart and mind and soul are connected. Connected in Peace to the one eternal flame the very thing that we came from the thing we all go back to […]

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No Border

Photo courtesy of yann arthus bertrand Seashores in the sun, gardens behind a wall, Imagination will take its run-up everywhere, Dreams under the moon and blue prayers enthral Nothing is impossible for there is no border   I walk along my shore, you seem so far away, With miles of surging water in between, It’s […]

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