You Are Stronger Than You Know

You have a strength inside that you only find when you face life’s most difficult challenges. I know this place and I have the utmost faith that no matter the circumstances you are facing, you will go deep and find the strength you need to not only survive during this time…but to THRIVE during this time! Blessitude <3

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Stretched beyond imagination Strung so tightly Stress to the breaking point Plucked like a guitar string The highest pitch possible Hard to believe you could ever be normal again But suddenly the tide changes The hand wrapped around the tether that pulled so tight Loosens the grip ever so slightly And like a rubber band […]

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With Grace & Ease


  Oh…to move through life With Grace & Ease.  To understand there will be peaks and valleys and to move effortlessly whether we have resistance walking uphill, or have momentum walking down. A few years ago I took a course called, “Beyond Limits,” which was based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes’, Science of Mind.  […]

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A Loud Booming Bellow

In the darkness I sit alone Quiet No sounds No movement Just a direct connection to my spirit…to my soul A time to take solace A time to examine Look hard at the questions Sit still and wait for enlightenment Realization Actualization * I come away with the idea that the break was needed That […]

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So Vulnerable

Thoughts on a page Words from my heart Fear trembles when life is in the balance Should I stay or should I leave Go where I am loved or loved more Watch over me while I sleep Eyes move rapidly, thoughts behind your mind What is it you see in the movie that plays You […]

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