10 Rolls of Toilet Paper, A Box of Kleenex, and Two Airplane Bottles of Fireball!


These are crazy, scary, times where you would think people would turn inward and only worry about themselves. I was the happy recipient of an outpouring of kindness and generosity during these trying times. And I don’t have to look for toilet paper any time soon!! Be safe my friends <3

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Layers of Love ~ Haiku 8/28/17

layers of yellow flowers

  Layers of my love Surround the injured places Heal my broken heart   The center of my soul vibrates a love that is so strong so connected to Spirit that it doesn’t matter how many hardships how many betrayals how many thorns pierce my bleeding heart This love fills itself over the layers of […]

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This is the last post in the series titled, “Consequences.”  The following list depicts the other postings with links in chronological order: 1). Consequences ~ The Fishing Expedition 2). Consequences ~ The Fallout 3). Consequences ~ The Bottom Line 4). Consequences ~ The Continuum of Light 5). Consequences ~ I Am Not Completely Unscathed 6). […]

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Fleeting Moments of Truth

All that is here in this moment Shapes my world into all that won’t be here tomorrow It was never here, actually It is only fleeting moments of truth Bound to timeless Angel wings Ether in the mist Rise up from the valley of hope Into the depths of the deepest ocean of compassion I […]

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Where the Beautiful Flowers Live

This, a day that used to cause me great fear, Is met today with love! My world has grown into a beautiful garden, fertile with all the ingredients necessary to foster beautiful flowers, the flowers of love, grace, kindness, compassion They grow with such beauty that people can’t take their eyes off them they grow […]

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My Fairy Tale

Shower my heart with love It reigns down on me For once I was lost Now I am created To be the person I want to be.   My destiny is in my control I am the one who writes the plans I am the architect of my dreams I decide where the foundation of […]

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