Layers of Love ~ Haiku 8/28/17

layers of yellow flowers


Layers of my love

Surround the injured places

Heal my broken heart


The center of my soul vibrates a love that is so strong

so connected to Spirit that it doesn’t matter how many hardships

how many betrayals

how many thorns pierce my bleeding heart

This love fills itself over the layers of hurt

and blankets each one with kindness and compassion

massages the pain with grace and hope

and holds my soul in the hands of faith

And as my broken places relax

and receive the layers of love

that fill the empty spaces

the joy of healing light surrounds me

and I Am whole


Lorrie <3


I wish you ALL Layers of Love to heal the broken places, dear friends!

Sweet Blessings

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31 thoughts on “Layers of Love ~ Haiku 8/28/17

  1. That Love…sure is powerful!!! I love your poem and photo!!
    Much Love!!

    1. Hi Mary! I’m so happy you can FEEL IT!! It is powerful…and I am so grateful. So many things seem to be spinning out of control, and yet if I can quiet my mind and feel this love I just know that everything is going to be okay!
      Sending lots of this rich, beautiful love your way <3

  2. “layers of love” is a beautiful phrase, haiku, and metaphor for the healing journey. I’m glad you’re allowing layers of love to heal and soothe you. This is a lovely reminder for me too. Thanks Lorrie!

    1. Thanks so much, Brad! There is so much healing to be done…I really believe when we heal individually we also offer that healing to the whole!
      Sending lots of love and peace <3

  3. Love skips over some people. Received your message. Due to worsening health and money issues I will be leaving the Blogging world sometime after Sept. Not everyone is Loved or receives Love. I will be in survival mode for the next several months.

    Thanks for your friendship.

  4. How much I can relate to this right now, Lorrie, as I am subjected to family members I have not associated with in years. OUCH! I have to keep on stepping back in allowing the other to bring voice to their pain so that I can remind myself often not to be pulled into the drama, not to be caught up in what the other is talking about. And I do my best to bring the subject back to LOVE (NOT appreciated!) and to stay neutral (again NOT appreciated). So much hurt, so much betrayal, so many hard feelings, and so much talking about the other behind the others’ back. OUCH. Shine on, Lorrie. Shine on!!!
    And please what camera did you use? The colors just blew me away!!! 🌹

    1. Ah!! Amy…it was so hard and I had so much fear being in that company….but I kept praying and “expecting” that it would be okay…and we were able to be together for two weeks and it was great! I wish the same for you dear Amy. This is a very hard time…may you have the strength and the patience 💜💜💜

      1. Lorrie, I won’t be around my family and I’m so relieved. Not sure if you saw my question … What camera did you take this picture with? The clarity and color are stunning!

    2. Oh…and the camera is my phone!!! (Think about getting a real one sometimes…but remember what it was like to lug it all around) It is a Samsung galaxy note 5…and does a pretty decent job 😉 Thanks 💜

      1. Just wow! I mean it. I have a Samsung too but it is a Galaxy 6, I believe. I just cannot get over the colors. And that lugging … I know only too well. 😘

        1. I know you do…but gosh…the beautiful shots you capture!!!! I can hardly believe sometimes the clarity of these phone cameras…I originally chose the note series because of the cameras…but then luckily I got the 5 just be for the 6 came out and started blowing up on everyone!
          I send lots of love…and LIGHT!! We must do our best to stay away from the dark energies!

          1. Hmmmm …. I’m due for a new phone in October. I will definitely check on the note series. My Samsung Galaxy does not take pictures as your notebook does. Sending lots of LOVE to you, Lorrie. I’ve custom made my life to stay away from dark energies as best I can. The longer you walk Love and the cleaner your energy becomes the harder it gets to be around heavy energies. BIG HUGS! 💖💖💖

    1. Just love how you pick up the deeper meaning of my writings and can tell exactly where my vibrational energy is!! Yes…whole! It has been a very long time since I have felt that…but I think I am standing in the power of truly being ME!! Thanks so much, Sue. Your beautiful guidance, gentle soul felt love has been an incredible source of support and love to me…I am Blessitude 💜💜

      1. big smiles dearest Lorrie.. Keep being gentle with yourself.. For I have found only recently those layers will from time to time keep popping up to be peeled back to allow more tears to flow.. All good thought.. All part of who we are.. And in finding the I AM in ME.. 🙂

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