May the truth of your soul

rise to the surface 

through the injured layers of your past


Express itself in full adornment

on Angel’s wings

forming in the sky


And speak of love for humanity

So that we may

Recognize our oneness



Lorrie ❤


I was so excited to see these beautiful clouds in the sky yesterday!  It looked like Angels were flying around and they were so happy to show their beauty.  Maybe it is necessary for the Angels to remind us that we are all connected.  We are all ONE.  We all share this wonderful life, incredible planet, and the air that we breathe.

May humanity recognize the truth of our existence.  In Peace, I Pray…

Lorrie ❤ 

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48 thoughts on “OUR ONENESS

    1. Thank you, dear. wonderful Hariod!! I just have to tell you that you touched me deeply with your beautiful words and sentiment. When I read your letter you softened my heart to something and I took an action that had been avoiding because it was fearful to me. I am happy I did, and I thank you!
      I’m happy you enjoyed this post! And I hope you have been watching our ‘old’ friends at the US Open!! 😉
      Sweet blessings to you ❤ ❤

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    1. Hi John! You are most welcome! I had to stop to snap the photos yesterday and they have been on my mind ever since! Then the words just came out… and poof…I had to share! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! ❤


  1. The clouds take on a natural angelic abstract form as this is how the angels are. No, definition. They seem to be flying through the skies encouraging us and give hope. They hope we will notice and those who are sensitive will see.


  2. You write so well… Thank you for the message you spread here, dear Lorrie.
    I have been thinking what you told me on Twitter: that we don’t always know why things happen but that they often tell us something… And I think I could clear out my mind as to what those things could be showing me. It is probably a process, I’ll need to process it. But your words were important guidelines to me and very much appreciated … Much love 😘


    1. Thanks you…SO MUCH for telling me this. I wasn’t sure if I overstepped a boundary…most people would not want to hear that kind of thing following what you have been going through. I strongly felt the need to say it…and as I have been trying so hard to follow the advice I hear from my soul I wrote those words to you. I am very happy that they have landed softly and you are open to the idea. I send beautiful white healing light to aid you in your discovery!! 💞
      And thank you also for your kind words about my writing 😉
      Sweet blessings!!

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  3. Wonderful Signs, Wonderful Words and so appropriate at this time.. May Love and ONEness surround many who wish to pull us apart my friend..
    Love and Blessings..
    And there.. ALL caught up again.. ❤ 🙂


    1. Dear, beautiful JoAnna!! Thank you so much for sharing my post…it is such a wonderful feature and I really appreciate It! Here’s to the Angels…i have been feeling them…noticing them…so much lately. Sweet blessings 💜

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  4. Can I give this an amen and an hallelujah (southern accent included for free as part of the bonus pack)>
    You are lovely and loving as always, your friend Harlon


    1. Hehe…butofcourse!!! (Answered in the same accent 😉) Sending good energy my friend. Hope things are good in the north…they’re not so great in the south…prevented our trip back but I’m so happy we are not there. Please send good energy…Florida needs all the help she can get!!! Lots of love💜💜


  5. Beautiful and inspiring words Lorrie ~ there is a “oneness” in this world that always brings pause and makes me grateful for the many good people out there. Wishing you are well ~


    1. *sorry…i tried to edit something and my thumb hit ‘send!’
      What I was trying to say is during these times where there is so much division it is important to feel this connection as much as possible.
      Many blessings to uou…have a beautiful day!


    1. Oh how nice it is to find an old friend!!😁 I hope you are well…i have been inconsistent with my blogging…which makes it harder to keep track of people. It is so nice to see you…and thank you!! 💜

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