Garden of Blessitude


A magical place

and you know when you are there

because you feel good!




Welcome to the Garden of Blessitude!  I have to believe that you landed here for a reason, because there is always a reason.

Maybe you need encouragement.  That’s great because there will be plenty of inspiration.  Maybe you need to be cheered up.  That’s great too, because you will find a whole bunch of reasons to smile.

Maybe you need to see that you are not alone.  I got you covered on this one because I promise you whatever you are feeling, someone, somewhere, is feeling the same exact thing. Maybe you are in pain and you need to heal.  Do not fear, this is the safest most fertile environment to explore the pathways to wellbeing.

Maybe you need to feel love.  This one is easy because the Garden is watered with love and everything is touched by it.  And maybe you just want to enter because the Divine spirit is shining from YOUR soul…and the flowers do need light, don’t they?

Whatever you seek, know that you have entered a sanctuary governed by truth and love.  Once touched by the peace and tranquility, you radiate in the light of Blessitude, “So blessed and full of gratitude.”

The only temptation in this Garden, is to feel good!  Come back, again and again, because your beauty amplifies the love and truth in the Garden.  Thank you for sharing your gift!


During my journey of uncovering my soul

I noticed there were times

that my faith, love, and understanding

were so heightened there was no chance

that negativity could permeate the boundaries of my being.

There was no way that negativity could

enter the inner sanctum of my thinking, feeling mind.

In fact the truth is that in the beginning

I did not notice this place

until I had left it!

Then, the cold harsh reality of life took the place

of the warm, kind, brightly lit, peaceful, beautiful garden,

fertile with peace, tranquility, love, and healing.

I knew which place I preferred to exist

and I worked hard to find a passage back

to the place that I connect to my soul,

the place where I embrace truth,

the place where my inner light shines

as bright as the golden sun.

I gave it a name; The Garden of Blessitude.

And I made it a point to recognize when I was there.

And the more I visited this magical place,

the more I wanted to be there.

I will not lie and tell you that I exist there only,

for I am human and life’s trials and tribulations affect my energy.

But I will tell you that as each day unfolds

I have more tools that make entrance to the Garden…


I have more understanding that makes this destination…


And I have more love that makes my life…


My wish for you is that you find the inner peace that exists inside,

and that you touch your essence

and become empowered by your truth…

In The Garden of Blessitude!


With beauty from the depths of creation…

Lorrie ❤

Twitter ~ Garden of Blessitude

Twitter ~ Lorrie Bowden

Instagram ~ Garden of Blessitude

Instagram ~ Lorrie Bowden

10 thoughts on “Garden of Blessitude

  1. I love the words, feeling and resonance of your “Garden of Blessitude” Lorrie! I’m going to borrow the phrase and create my own garden of blessitude. I’m so happy to hear the truth and purpose of your new focus. The website looks good, I love your new header image, about page, and feeling of you standing in power and clarity. Kudos my friend. You are most deserving. May your garden nourish you and many others. Hugs and blessings, Brad ❤


    1. Hi Brad! So good to see you my friend…and I hope that life is treating you with love!!! I am so happy and grateful for all that I am learning…and it is great that you can feel my power and clarity!
      And by all means, Brad! Please do create your own Garden of Blessitude!!! I know how much you love to garden…but this is a garden we can enter any time…any place…and feel the love from the Divine!!
      Much love to you…thank you! ❤


  2. Sweet Lorrie what a wonderful place you have created here. Your new blog look is amazing and you look so beautiful. You have been a blessing to me ever since we first met on the web. You truly do bless and help others and although you may not think so you have been doing that all along. I cannot begin to imagine how many more will be helped and blessed now from all of your changes. Love, hugs and blessings dear friend.


    1. Oh, dear beautiful Maggie!! Thank you for sharing the warm, gentle, spirit I have come to know, that IS YOU!! I am humbled by your words and see them as a blessing that you have spoken over my purpose…over my life…Thank you! I have such a wonderdul feeling from our connection that I truly treasure, and I hope that life is surrounding you in light and love 💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Lorrie, I don’t really know what to say – and it’s quite unusual for me to be speechless! You have a lovely garden and I know I will enjoy visiting this peaceful place for a long time to come.
    Thank you so much
    Twitter: @joansenio1

    Liked by 1 person

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