Garden of Blessitude


I created this space – The Garden of Blessitude – as a safe place to explore the dark entities of my past so that I could get on with the business of healing.

I offer this space to you with open arms, and an open heart. Come explore articles that contain thoughts, prayers, pain, and triumphs to help YOU on your healing journey.

I promise you safety as you peel back the layer of your pain to reveal the beautiful truth of your authentic soul.

Take what you need…share what you can…and always feel –

BLESSITUDE…So blessed and full of gratitude!

Lorrie <3


If you need help all you have to do is ASK!

10 thoughts on “Garden of Blessitude

  1. I love the words, feeling and resonance of your “Garden of Blessitude” Lorrie! I’m going to borrow the phrase and create my own garden of blessitude. I’m so happy to hear the truth and purpose of your new focus. The website looks good, I love your new header image, about page, and feeling of you standing in power and clarity. Kudos my friend. You are most deserving. May your garden nourish you and many others. Hugs and blessings, Brad <3

    1. Hi Brad! So good to see you my friend…and I hope that life is treating you with love!!! I am so happy and grateful for all that I am learning…and it is great that you can feel my power and clarity!
      And by all means, Brad! Please do create your own Garden of Blessitude!!! I know how much you love to garden…but this is a garden we can enter any time…any place…and feel the love from the Divine!!
      Much love to you…thank you! <3

  2. Sweet Lorrie what a wonderful place you have created here. Your new blog look is amazing and you look so beautiful. You have been a blessing to me ever since we first met on the web. You truly do bless and help others and although you may not think so you have been doing that all along. I cannot begin to imagine how many more will be helped and blessed now from all of your changes. Love, hugs and blessings dear friend.

    1. Oh, dear beautiful Maggie!! Thank you for sharing the warm, gentle, spirit I have come to know, that IS YOU!! I am humbled by your words and see them as a blessing that you have spoken over my purpose…over my life…Thank you! I have such a wonderdul feeling from our connection that I truly treasure, and I hope that life is surrounding you in light and love 💜💜

  3. Hi Lorrie, I don’t really know what to say – and it’s quite unusual for me to be speechless! You have a lovely garden and I know I will enjoy visiting this peaceful place for a long time to come.
    Thank you so much
    Twitter: @joansenio1

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